Lync Server 2013 中的 Windows Phone 要求的 lyncLync for Windows Phone requirements in Lync Server 2013


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Microsoft Lync 2013 for Windows Phone 为组织中从智能手机或 Windows 专业移动设备连接的用户提供即时消息 (IM) 、增强状态和电话服务。Microsoft Lync 2013 for Windows Phone provides instant messaging (IM), enhanced presence, and telephony for users in your organization who are connecting from a smartphone or a Windows Professional mobile device. 移动设备使用户能够扩展 Lync 2013 的范围。Mobile devices enable users to extend the reach of Lync 2013. 本主题介绍了适用于 Windows Phone 的 Lync 2013 规划注意事项,其中包括确定先决条件和技术要求、必需的组件以及部署指南。This topic describes planning considerations for Lync 2013 for Windows Phone that include identifying prerequisites and technical requirements, required components, and deployment guidance.

适用于 Windows Phone 的 Lync 先决条件Lync for Windows Phone Prerequisites

以下是适用于 Windows Phone 必备组件的 Lync 2013。Following are the Lync 2013 for Windows Phone prerequisites.

  • Windows Phone 8、codenamed "Apollo" 或最新版本。Windows Phone 8, codenamed "Apollo," or the latest version.

  • Windows Phone 设备必须具有 Microsoft 提供的最新更新。The Windows Phone device must have the latest updates available from Microsoft. 有关详细信息,请参阅中的 Windows Phone 8 更新历史记录 details, see Windows Phone 8 update history at

  • 设备必须具有 12 MB 的可用磁盘空间。The device must have 12 MB of available disk space.

  • 用户必须具有来自运营商的语音和数据计划。The user must have a voice and data plan from a carrier.