Lync Server 2013 中的媒体旁路和中介服务器Media bypass and Mediation Server in Lync Server 2013


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媒体旁路是一种 Lync Server 功能,它使管理员能够将呼叫路由配置为直接在用户终结点和公用电话交换网 (PSTN) 网关之间流动,而无需遍历中介服务器。Media bypass is a Lync Server capability that enables an administrator to configure call routing to flow directly between the user endpoint and the public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateway without traversing the Mediation Server. 媒体旁路通过减少延迟、不必要的转换、数据包丢失的可能性以及潜在的故障点数来提高呼叫质量。Media bypass improves call quality by reducing latency, unnecessary translation, possibility of packet loss, and the number of potential points of failure. 如果没有中介服务器的远程站点通过受限制带宽的一个或多个 WAN 链路连接到中央站点,则媒体旁路降低了带宽需求,因为它允许来自远程站点的客户端的媒体直接流向本地网关,而无需先跨 WAN 链接传递到中央站点的中介服务器和背面。媒体处理的缩减还补充了中介服务器控制多个网关的能力。Where a remote site without a Mediation Server is connected to a central site by one or more WAN links with constrained bandwidth, media bypass lowers the bandwidth requirement by enabling media from a client at a remote site to flow directly to its local gateway without first having to flow across the WAN link to a Mediation Server at the central site and back.This reduction in media processing also complements the Mediation Server’s ability to control multiple gateways.

媒体旁路功能和呼叫允许控制 (CAC) 相互排斥。如果某次呼叫使用媒体旁路功能,则不会为此次呼叫执行 CAC。假定前提是此次呼叫不涉及具有限定带宽的链接。Media bypass and call admission control (CAC) are mutually exclusive. If media bypass is employed for a call, CAC is not performed for that call. The assumption is that there are no links with constrained bandwidth involved in the call.