Configuration Manager 中电源管理的安全和隐私Security and privacy for power management in Configuration Manager

适用范围: Configuration Manager (Current Branch)Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

本部分包含 Configuration Manager 中电源管理的安全和隐私信息。This section contains security and privacy information for power management in Configuration Manager.

电源管理的最佳安全方案Security best practices for power management

电源管理没有相关的最佳安全方案。There are no security-related best practices for power management.

电源管理的隐私信息Privacy information for power management

电源管理使用内置于 Windows 监视电源使用情况和在营业时间和非工作时间期间将电源设置应用于计算机的功能。Power management uses features that are built into Windows to monitor power usage and to apply power settings to computers during business hours and nonbusiness hours. Configuration Manager 收集计算机的电源使用情况信息,其中包括用户使用计算机时间的相关数据。Configuration Manager collects power usage information from computers, which includes data about when a user is using a computer. 虽然 Configuration Manager 监视集合而不是每台计算机的电源使用情况,但集合可以只包含一台计算机。Although Configuration Manager monitors power usage for a collection rather than for each computer, a collection can contain just one computer. 默认情况下不启用电源管理,必须由管理员配置。Power management is not enabled by default and must be configured by an administrator.

电源使用情况信息存储在 Configuration Manager 数据库中,不会发送给 Microsoft。The power usage information is stored in the Configuration Manager database and is not sent to Microsoft. 详细信息在数据库中保留 31 天,摘要信息保留 13 个月。Detailed information is retained in the database for 31 days and summarized information is retained for 13 months. 不能配置删除时间间隔。You cannot configure the deletion interval.

在配置电源管理之前,请考虑隐私要求。Before you configure power management, consider your privacy requirements.