Configuration Manager Current Branch 版本 1910 中的新增功能What's new in version 1910 of Configuration Manager current branch

适用范围:Configuration Manager (Current Branch)Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

Configuration Manager Current Branch 的更新 1910 作为控制台内更新提供。Update 1910 for Configuration Manager current branch is available as an in-console update. 将此更新应用于运行版本 1806 或更高版本的站点。Apply this update on sites that run version 1806 or later. 本文汇总了 Configuration Manager 版本 1910 中的更改和新增功能。This article summarizes the changes and new features in Configuration Manager, version 1910.

始终查看安装此更新的最新清单。Always review the latest checklist for installing this update. 有关详细信息,请参阅用于安装更新 1910 的清单For more information, see Checklist for installing update 1910. 更新站点后,还可以查看更新后清单After you update a site, also review the Post-update checklist.

若要利用 Configuration Manager 的新功能,更新站点后,还请将客户端更新到最新版本。To take full advantage of new Configuration Manager features, after you update the site, also update clients to the latest version. 尽管在更新站点和控制台时 Configuration Manager 控制台中会显示新功能,但只有在客户端版本也是最新版本之后,完整方案才能正常运行。While new functionality appears in the Configuration Manager console when you update the site and console, the complete scenario isn't functional until the client version is also the latest.


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Microsoft Endpoint Configuration ManagerMicrosoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager 现在是 Microsoft Endpoint Manager 的一部分。Configuration Manager is now part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

Microsoft Endpoint Manager 是用于管理所有设备的集成解决方案。Microsoft Endpoint Manager is an integrated solution for managing all of your devices. 只通过简化授权 Microsoft 就可以将 Configuration Manager 和 Intune 组合在一起。Microsoft brings together Configuration Manager and Intune with simplified licensing. 继续利用现有的 Configuration Manager 投资,同时按照自己的进度获取 Microsoft 云的优势。Continue to make use of your existing Configuration Manager investments while you take advantage of the power of the Microsoft cloud at your own pace.

以下 Microsoft 管理解决方案现已成为 Microsoft Endpoint Manager 品牌的一部分:The following Microsoft management solutions are all now part of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager brand:

有关详细信息,请参阅以下 Microsoft 公司副总裁 Brad Anderson 发布的关于 Microsoft 365 的帖子:For more information, see the following posts from Brad Anderson, Microsoft corporate vice president for Microsoft 365:

使用 Microsoft Endpoint Manager 在 Configuration Manager 中有什么变化?What things change in Configuration Manager with Microsoft Endpoint Manager?

在版本 1910 中,除了名称更改之外,Configuration Manager 的功能仍然相同。In version 1910, aside from the name change, Configuration Manager still functions the same. 某些名称更改可能会影响以下组件的使用:Some of the name changes might impact your use of the following components:

  • Configuration Manager 控制台:在“Microsoft Endpoint Manager”文件夹中的 Windows“开始”菜单下,找到控制台和“远程控制查看器”的快捷方式 。Configuration Manager console: Find shortcuts to the console and the Remote Control Viewer under the Windows Start menu in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager folder.

  • 软件中心:在“Microsoft Endpoint Manager”文件夹中的 Windows“开始”菜单下,找到软件中心快捷方式。Software Center: Find the Software Center shortcut under the Windows Start menu in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager folder.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager“开始”菜单图标

确保更新你维护的任何内部文档,以包括这些新位置。Make sure to update any internal documentation that you maintain to include these new locations.


在 Windows 10 中,打开“开始”菜单时,键入名称即可找到图标。In Windows 10, when you open the Start menu, type the name to find the icon. 例如,输入 Configuration ManagerSoftware CenterFor example, enter Configuration Manager or Software Center.

站点基础结构Site infrastructure

回收 SEDO 锁定Reclaim SEDO lock

当前分支版本 1906 开始,可以清除对任务序列的锁定。Starting in current branch version 1906, you could clear your lock on a task sequence. 现在可以清除对 Configuration Manager 控制台中任何对象的锁定。Now you can clear your lock on any object in the Configuration Manager console.

有关详细信息,请参阅使用 Configuration Manager 控制台For more information, see Using the Configuration Manager console.

将本地站点扩展并迁移到 Microsoft AzureExtend and migrate on-premises site to Microsoft Azure

此新工具可帮助你以编程方式为 Configuration Manager 创建 Azure 虚拟机 (VM)。This new tool helps you to programmatically create Azure virtual machines (VMs) for Configuration Manager. 它可以使用默认设置站点角色(如被动站点服务器、管理点和分发点)进行安装。It can install with default settings site roles like a passive site server, management points, and distribution points. 验证新角色后,将其用作其他站点系统以实现高可用性。After you validate the new roles, use them as additional site systems for high availability. 你还可以删除本地站点系统角色,仅保留 Azure VM 角色。You can also remove the on-premises site system role and only keep the Azure VM role.

有关详细信息,请参阅将本地站点扩展并迁移到 Microsoft AzureFor more information, see Extend and migrate on-premises site to Microsoft Azure.

桌面分析Desktop Analytics

有关桌面分析云服务每月更改的详细信息,请参阅桌面分析中的新增功能For more information on the monthly changes to the Desktop Analytics cloud service, see What's new in Desktop Analytics.

实时管理Real-time management

对 CMPivot 引擎的优化Optimizations to the CMPivot engine

我们新增了对 CMPivot 引擎的一些重要优化。We've added some significant optimizations to the CMPivot engine. 现在可以将更多处理内容推送到 ConfigMgr 客户端。Now you can push more of the processing to the ConfigMgr client. 这些优化大大减少了运行 CMPivot 查询所需的网络和服务器 CPU 负载。The optimizations drastically reduce the network and server CPU load needed to run CMPivot queries. 通过这些优化,现在可以实时筛选千兆字节的客户端数据。With these optimizations, you can now sift through gigabytes of client data in real time.

有关详细信息,请参阅 CMPivot 引擎的优化For more information, see Optimizations to the CMPivot engine.

其他 CMPivot 实体和增强功能Additional CMPivot entities and enhancements

我们添加了一些新的 CMPivot 实体和实体增强功能,以帮助进行故障排除和搜寻。We've added a number of new CMPivot entities and entity enhancements to aid in troubleshooting and hunting. 我们包含了以下要查询的实体:We've included the following entities to query:

此版本还包括 CMPivot 的多个其他增强功能This release also includes several other enhancements to CMPivot. 有关详细信息,请参阅从版本 1910 开始的 CMPivotFor more information, see CMPivot starting in version 1910.

内容管理Content management

支持 Intune Win32 应用的 Microsoft Connected CacheMicrosoft Connected Cache support for Intune Win32 apps

在 Configuration Manager 分发点上启用 Microsoft 互联缓存后,现在可以为共同管理的客户端提供 Microsoft Intune Win32 应用。When you enable Microsoft Connected Cache on your Configuration Manager distribution points, they can now serve Microsoft Intune Win32 apps to co-managed clients.

有关详细信息,请参阅 Configuration Manager 中的 Microsoft Connected CacheFor more information, see Microsoft Connected Cache in Configuration Manager.


Configuration Manager Current Branch 版本 1906 包括传递优化网络内缓存,它是一项安装于 Windows Server 的应用程序,目前仍在开发中。Configuration Manager current branch version 1906 included Delivery Optimization In-Network Cache, an application installed on Windows Server that's still in development. 从 Current Branch 版本 1910 开始,此功能现在称为“Microsoft Connected Cache”。Starting in current branch version 1910, this feature is now called Microsoft Connected Cache.

在 Configuration Manager 分发点上安装互联缓存后,会将传递优化服务流量卸载到本地源。When you install Connected Cache on a Configuration Manager distribution point, it offloads Delivery Optimization service traffic to local sources. 互联缓存通过有效地在字节范围级别缓存内容来实现此行为。Connected Cache does this behavior by efficiently caching content at the byte-range level.

客户端管理Client management

将自定义配置基线包含在合规性策略评估中Include custom configuration baselines as part of compliance policy assessment

现在可以将自定义配置基线评估添加为合规性策略评估规则。You can now add evaluation of custom configuration baselines as a compliance policy assessment rule. 创建或编辑配置基线时,现在可以使用“将此基线作为合规性策略的一部分进行评估”严格。When you create or edit a configuration baseline, you can now use the Evaluate this baseline as part of compliance policy assessment option. 添加或编辑合规性策略规则时,有一个名为“在合规性策略评估中包含配置的基线”的条件。When you add or edit a compliance policy rule, you have a condition called Include configured baselines in compliance policy assessment.

对于共同管理的设备,当你配置 Intune 以将 Configuration Manager 合规性评估结果作为总体合规性状态的一部分时,此信息将发送到 Azure Active Directory。For co-managed devices, and when you configure Intune to take Configuration Manager compliance assessment results as part of the overall compliance status, this information is sent to Azure Active Directory. 然后,可以使用它对 Microsoft 365 资源进行条件访问。You can then use it for conditional access to your Microsoft 365 resources.

有关详细信息,请参阅将自定义配置基线包含在合规性策略评估中For more information, see Include custom configuration baselines as part of compliance policy assessment.

为 Windows 10 企业版多会话启用用户策略Enable user policy for Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session

Configuration Manager 当前分支版本 1906 引入了对 Windows 虚拟桌面的支持。Configuration Manager current branch version 1906 introduced support for Windows Virtual Desktop. 此 Microsoft Azure 环境支持多个操作系统版本,其中一些版本允许多个并发活动用户会话。This Microsoft Azure environment supports several OS versions, some of which allow multiple concurrent active user sessions. 例如,Windows 10 企业版多会话是其中一个操作系统版本。For example, Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session is one of these OS versions.

如果这些多会话设备中需要用户策略,并且接受任何潜在的性能影响,则可以立即配置客户端设置以启用用户策略。If you require user policy on these multi-session devices and accept any potential performance impact, you can now configure a client setting to enable user policy. 在“客户端策略”组中,配置“为多个用户会话启用用户策略”设置 。In the Client Policy group, configure the Enable user policy for multiple user sessions setting.

有关详细信息,请参阅如何配置客户端设置For more information, see How to configure client settings.

应用程序管理Application management

部署 Microsoft Edge 版本 77 及更高版本Deploy Microsoft Edge, version 77 and later

全新的 Microsoft Edge 已准备好应用于业务。The all-new Microsoft Edge is ready for business. 现在即可为你的用户部署 Microsoft Edge 版本 77 及更高版本。You can now deploy Microsoft Edge, version 77 and later, to your users. 管理员可以选择 Beta、Dev 或 Stable 通道,以及要部署的 Microsoft Edge 客户端版本。Admins can pick the Beta, Dev, or Stable channel, along with a version of the Microsoft Edge client to deploy.

有关更多详细信息,请参阅部署 Microsoft Edge 版本 77 及更高版本For more information, see Deploy Microsoft Edge, version 77 and later.

对应用程序组的改进Improvements to application groups

从当前分支版本 1906 开始,可以创建一组可以作为单个部署发送到设备集合的应用程序。Starting in current branch version 1906, you can create a group of applications to send to a device collection as a single deployment. 此版本改进了以下功能:This release improves upon this feature:

  • 用户可以在软件中心选择“卸载”应用组。Users can select Uninstall for the app group in Software Center.
  • 可以将应用组部署到用户集合。You can deploy an app group to a user collection.

有关更多一般信息,请参阅创建应用程序组For more general information, see Create application groups.

OS 部署OS deployment

对运行任务序列编辑器的改进Improvements to the task sequence editor

任务序列编辑器包括以下改进:The task sequence editor includes the following improvements:

  • 搜索任务序列编辑器:Search the task sequence editor: 如果拥有包含许多组和步骤的大型任务序列,则很难找到具体步骤。If you have a large task sequence with many groups and steps, it can be difficult to find specific steps. 现在可以在任务序列编辑器中搜索。You can now search in the task sequence editor. 通过此操作,可更快速地找到任务序列中的步骤。This action lets you more quickly locate steps in the task sequence.
  • 复制和粘贴任务序列条件:Copy and paste task sequence conditions: 如果想要将条件从一个任务序列步骤重复用于另一个任务序列步骤,则现在可以在任务序列编辑器中复制和粘贴条件。If you want to reuse the conditions from one task sequence step to another, you can now copy and paste conditions in the task sequence editor.

有关详细信息,请参阅关于如何使用任务序列编辑器的新文章。For more information, see the new article on how to use the task sequence editor.

任务序列性能改进:电源计划Task sequence performance improvements: Power plans

现在可以使用高性能电源计划运行任务序列。You can now run a task sequence with the high-performance power plan. 此选项可提高任务序列的总体速度。This option improves the overall speed of the task sequence. 它将 Windows 配置为使用其内置的高性能电源计划,该计划提供最高性能,但电源消耗会变高。It configures Windows to use its built-in high-performance power plan, which delivers maximum performance at the expense of higher power consumption.

有关详细信息,请参阅电源计划的性能改进For more information, see Performance improvements for power plans.

通过 Internet 按需进行任务序列下载Task sequence download on demand over the internet

你可以使用任务序列通过云管理网关 (CMG) 部署 Windows 10 就地升级。You can use the task sequence to deploy a Windows 10 in-place upgrade via the cloud management gateway (CMG). 但是,在启动任务序列之前,该部署要求在本地下载所有内容。However, it requires the deployment to download all content locally before starting the task sequence.

从此版本开始,任务序列引擎可以按需从启用内容的 CMG 或云分发点下载包。Starting in this release, the task sequence engine can download packages on-demand from a content-enabled CMG or a cloud distribution point. 此更改为基于 Internet 的设备的 Windows 10 就地升级部署提供了更大的灵活性。This change provides additional flexibility with your Windows 10 in-place upgrade deployments to internet-based devices.

有关详细信息,请参阅通过 CMG 部署 Windows 10 就地升级For more information, see Deploy Windows 10 in-place upgrade via CMG.

对 OS 部署的改进Improvements to OS deployment

此版本包括对 OS 部署的以下改进。This release includes the following improvements to OS deployment.

启动映像键盘布局Boot image keyboard layout

为启动映像配置默认键盘布局。Configure the default keyboard layout for a boot image. 在启动映像的“自定义”选项卡上,使用“在 WinPE 中设置默认键盘布局”新选项 。On the Customization tab of a boot image, use the new Set default keyboard layout in WinPE option. 如果选择 zh-cn 以外的其他语言,Configuration Manager 仍会在可用输入区域设置中包含 zh-cn。If you select a language other than en-us, Configuration Manager still includes en-us in the available input locales. 在设备上,初始键盘布局为选定的区域设置,但用户可以将设备切换为 zh-cn(如果需要)。On the device, the initial keyboard layout is the selected locale, but the user can switch the device to en-us if needed.

有关详细信息,请参阅管理启动映像For more information, see Manage boot images.

导入 OS 升级包的单个索引Import a single index of an OS upgrade package

导入 OS 升级包时,可以使用“从所选升级包的 install.wim 文件中提取特定映像索引”选项。When you import an OS upgrade package, you can use the Extract a specific image index from install.wim file of selected upgrade package option. 此行为类似于 OS 映像,但它会覆盖 OS 升级包中的现有 install.wim。This behavior is similar as with OS images, except that it overwrites the existing install.wim in the OS upgrade package. 它会将映像索引提取到临时位置,然后将其移动到原始源目录。It extracts the image index to a temporary location and then moves it into the original source directory.

有关详细信息,请参阅管理 OS 升级包For more information, see Manage OS upgrade packages.

在任务序列期间将运行命令行步骤的结果输出到变量Output the results of a Run Command Line step to a variable during a task sequence

“运行命令行”步骤现在包含“输出到任务序列变量”选项 。The Run Command Line step now includes an Output to task sequence variable option. 启用此选项时,任务序列会将命令的输出保存到你指定的自定义任务序列变量。When you enable this option, the task sequence saves the output from the command to a custom task sequence variable that you specify.

有关详细信息,请参阅运行命令行For more information, see Run Command Line.

任务序列调试程序的改进Improvements to task sequence debugger

此版本包括对任务序列调试程序的以下改进:This release includes the following improvements to the task sequence debugger:

  • 使用新的任务序列变量 TSDebugOnError,以便在任务序列返回错误时自动启动调试程序。Use the new task sequence variable TSDebugOnError to automatically start the debugger when the task sequence returns an error.
  • 如果你在调试程序中创建断点,随后任务序列重新启动计算机,则调试程序将在重新启动后保留断点。If you create a breakpoint in the debugger and then the task sequence restarts the computer, the debugger keeps the breakpoints after restart.

有关详细信息,请参阅任务序列调试器任务序列变量 - TSDebugOnErrorFor more information, see Task sequence debugger and Task sequence variables - TSDebugOnError.

任务序列中语言支持改进Improved language support in task sequence

此版本添加了 OS 部署期间对语言配置的控制。This release adds control over language configuration during OS deployment. 如果已应用这些语言设置,则此更改可帮助简化 OS 部署任务序列。If you're already applying these language settings, this change can help you simplify your OS deployment task sequence. 无需对每种语言使用多个步骤或单独的脚本,只需对内置“应用 Windows 设置”步骤且具有该语言条件的每种语言使用一个实例。Instead of using multiple steps per language or separate scripts, use one instance per language of the built-in Apply Windows Settings step with a condition for that language.

使用“应用 Windows 设置”任务序列步骤配置以下新设置:Use the Apply Windows Settings task sequence step to configure the following new settings:

  • 输入区域设置(默认键盘布局)Input locale (default keyboard layout)
  • 系统区域设置System locale
  • UI 语言UI language
  • UI 语言回退UI language fallback
  • 用户区域设置User locale

有关详细信息,请参阅 应用 Windows 设置For more information, see Apply Windows Settings.

用于 Windows 10 就地升级的新变量New variable for Windows 10 in-place upgrade

若要在 Windows 安装完成时解决高性能设备上 Windows 10 就地升级任务序列的计时问题,现在可以设置新的任务序列变量“SetupCompletePause”。To address timing issues with the Window 10 in-place upgrade task sequence on high-performance devices when Windows setup is complete, you can now set a new task sequence variable, SetupCompletePause. 在将以秒为单位的值分配给此变量时,Windows 安装过程会在启动任务序列之前延迟该时长。When you assign a value in seconds to this variable, the Windows setup process delays that amount of time before it starts the task sequence. 此超时向 Configuration Manager 客户端提供了额外的时间来进行初始化。This timeout provides the Configuration Manager client additional time to initialize.

有关详细信息,请参阅任务序列变量 - SetupCompletePauseFor more information, see Task sequence variables - SetupCompletePause.

软件更新Software updates

针对第三方更新目录的其他选项Additional options for third-party update catalogs

现在,你可以更精细地控制第三方更新目录的同步。You now have more granular controls over synchronization of third-party updates catalogs. 从 Configuration Manager 版本 1910 开始,你可以单独配置每个目录的同步计划。Starting in Configuration Manager version 1910, you can configure the synchronization schedule for each catalog independently. 使用包含已分类更新的目录时,可以将同步配置为仅包含特定类别的更新,以免同步整个目录。When you use catalogs that include categorized updates, you can configure synchronization to include only specific categories of updates to avoid synchronizing the entire catalog. 使用已分类目录,当你确信将部署类别时,可以将其配置为自动下载并发布到 Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)。With categorized catalogs, when you're confident you'll deploy a category, you can configure it to automatically download and publish to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

有关详细信息,请参阅启用第三方更新For more information, see Enable third-party updates.

对所有 Windows 更新使用传递优化Use Delivery Optimization for all Windows updates

以前,只能对快速更新使用传递优化。Previously, you could use Delivery Optimization only for express updates. 使用 Configuration Manager 版本 1910,现在可以使用传递优化为运行 Windows 10 版本 1709 或更高版本的客户端分发所有 Windows 更新内容。With Configuration Manager version 1910, it's now possible to use Delivery Optimization for the distribution of all Windows Update content for clients running Windows 10 version 1709 or later.

有关详情,请参阅:For more information, see:

ADR 的附加软件更新筛选器Additional software update filter for ADRs

现在可以将“已部署”用作自动部署规则的更新筛选器 (ADR)。You can now use Deployed as an update filter for your automatic deployment rules (ADRs). 此筛选器可帮助确定可能需要部署到试点或测试集合的新更新。This filter helps identify new updates that might need to be deployed to your pilot or test collections.

有关详细信息,请参阅自动部署软件更新For more information, see Automatically deploy software updates.

Office 管理Office management

Office 365 专业增强版试点和运行状况仪表板Office 365 ProPlus Pilot and Health Dashboard

“Office 365 专业增强版试点和运行状况仪表板”有助于你计划、引导和部署 Office 365 专业增强版。The Office 365 ProPlus Pilot and Health Dashboard helps you plan, pilot, and deploy Office 365 ProPlus. 仪表板为具有 Office 365 专业增强版的设备提供运行状况见解,以帮助找出可能影响部署计划的问题。The dashboard provides health insights for devices with Office 365 ProPlus to help identify possible issues that might affect your deployment plans. Office 365 专业增强版试点和运行状况仪表板根据加载项清单提供了试点设备建议。The Office 365 ProPlus Pilot and Health Dashboard provides a recommendation for pilot devices based on add-in inventory.

有关详细信息,请参阅 Office 365 专业增强版试点和运行状况仪表板For more information, see Office 365 ProPlus pilot and health dashboard.


BitLocker 管理BitLocker management

Configuration Manager 现在为 BitLocker 驱动器加密提供以下管理功能:Configuration Manager now provides the following management capabilities for BitLocker Drive Encryption:

  • 将 BitLocker 客户端部署到托管 Windows 设备。Deploy the BitLocker client to managed Windows devices.
  • 管理设备加密策略。Manage device encryption policies.
  • 生成相容性报告。Generate compliance reports.
  • 使用管理和监视网站进行密钥恢复。Use an administration and monitoring website for key recovery.
  • 访问用户自助服务门户。Access a user self-service portal.

有关详细信息,请参阅规划 BitLocker 管理For more information, see Plan for BitLocker management.

Configuration Manager 控制台Configuration Manager console

通过控制台连接查看活动控制台和消息管理员View active consoles and message administrators through Console Connections

我们对控制台连接进行了以下改进:We've made the following improvements to Console Connections:

  • 能够通过 Configuration Manager Microsoft Teams 向其他管理员发送消息。The ability to message other Configuration Manager administrators through Microsoft Teams.
  • “上次控制台检测信号”列已替换“上次连接时间”列 。The Last Console Heartbeat column has replaced the Last Connected Time column.
    • 前台打开的控制台每 10 分钟发送一次检测信号,以帮助确定当前哪些控制台连接处于活动状态。An open console in the foreground sends a heartbeat every 10 minutes to help determine which console connections are currently active.

有关详细信息,请参阅查看最近连接的控制台消息管理员For more information, see View recently connected consoles and Message administrators.

客户端诊断操作Client diagnostics actions

Configuration Manager 控制台中提供了“客户端诊断”的新设备操作:There are new device actions for Client Diagnostics in the Configuration Manager console:

  • 启用详细日志记录: 将 CCM 组件的全局日志级别更改为详细,并启用调试日志记录。Enable verbose logging: Change the global log level for the CCM component to verbose, and enable debug logging.
  • 禁用详细日志记录: 将全局日志级别更改为默认值,并禁用调试日志记录。Disable verbose logging: Change the global log level to default, and disable debug logging.

有关详细信息,请参阅客户端诊断For more information, see Client diagnostics.

此版本包括对 Configuration Manager 控制台搜索的以下改进:This release includes the following improvements to search in the Configuration Manager console:

  • 现在可以使用“驱动程序包”和“查询”节点中的“所有子文件夹”搜索选项 。You can now use the All Subfolders search option from the Driver Packages and Queries nodes.
  • 如果搜索返回的结果超过 1,000 个,请选择通知栏上的“确定”以查看更多结果。When a search returns more than 1,000 results, select OK on the notice bar to view more results.

其他更新Other updates

有关 Configuration Manager 的 Windows PowerShell cmdlet 更改的详细信息,请参阅 PowerShell 版本 1910 发行说明For more information on changes to the Windows PowerShell cmdlets for Configuration Manager, see PowerShell version 1910 release notes.

有关对管理服务 REST API 的更改的详细信息,请参阅管理服务发行说明For more information on changes to the administration service REST API, see Administration service release notes.

除了新增功能外,这一版还有其他变化(如缺陷修复)。Aside from new features, this release also includes additional changes such as bug fixes. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Configuration Manager Current Branch(版本 1910)的更改摘要For more information, see Summary of changes in Configuration Manager current branch, version 1910.

以下更新汇总 (4537079) 于 2020 年 2 月 18 日起在控制台中提供:Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Current Branch(版本 1910)的更新汇总The following update rollup (4537079) is available in the console starting on February 18, 2020: Update Rollup for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager current branch, version 1910.

后续步骤Next steps

自 2019 年 12 月 20 日起,版本 1910 公开发布,可供所有用户安装。As of December 20, 2019, version 1910 is globally available for all customers to install.

准备好安装此版本时,请参阅安装 Configuration Manager 的更新用于安装更新 1910 的清单When you're ready to install this version, see Installing updates for Configuration Manager and Checklist for installing update 1910.


若要安装新站点,请使用 Configuration Manager 的基准版本。To install a new site, use a baseline version of Configuration Manager.

了解详细信息:Learn more about:

关于已知的重要问题,请参阅发行说明For known significant issues, see the Release notes.

更新站点后,还可以查看更新后清单After you update a site, also review the Post-update checklist.