用于为 Configuration Manager 安装更新 1906 的清单Checklist for installing update 1906 for Configuration Manager

适用范围: Configuration Manager (Current Branch)Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

使用 Configuration Manager 的 Current Branch 时,可安装版本为 1906 的控制台内部更新,从之前的版本更新层次结构。When you use the current branch of Configuration Manager, you can install the in-console update for version 1906 to update your hierarchy from a previous version.

若要获取版本 1906 的更新,必须在层次结构的顶级站点上使用服务连接点。To get the update for version 1906, you must use a service connection point at the top-level site of your hierarchy. 站点系统角色可处于任一模式(联机或脱机)。This site system role can be in online or offline mode. 层次结构从 Microsoft 下载更新包之后,可在控制台中找到它。After your hierarchy downloads the update package from Microsoft, find it in the console. 在“管理”工作区中,选择“更新和维护服务”节点 。In the Administration workspace, select the Updates and Servicing node.

  • 当更新列为“可用” 时,此更新即可准备安装。When the update is listed as Available, the update is ready to install. 安装版本 1906 之前,请查看以下关于安装更新 1906清单的信息,了解在开始更新之前要进行的配置。Before installing version 1906, review the following information about installing update 1906 and the checklist for configurations to make before starting the update.

  • 如果更新显示为“正在下载”且未更改,请查看 hman.log 和 dmpdownloader.log 是否有误 。If the update displays as Downloading and doesn't change, review the hman.log and dmpdownloader.log for errors.

    • dmpdownloader.log 可能指示 dmpdownloader 进程要等待一段时间之后才检查更新。The dmpdownloader.log may indicate that the dmpdownloader process is waiting for an interval before checking for updates. 若要重启更新的重分发文件的下载,请在站点服务器上重启 SMS_Executive 服务 。To restart the download of the update's redistribution files, restart the SMS_Executive service on the site server.

    • 当代理服务器设置阻止从 silverlight.dlservice.microsoft.comdownload.microsoft.comgo.microsoft.com 下载时,会出现另一个常见下载问题。Another common download issue occurs when proxy server settings prevent downloads from silverlight.dlservice.microsoft.com, download.microsoft.com, and go.microsoft.com.

有关安装更新的详细信息,请参阅控制台内部的更新和维护服务For more information about installing updates, see In-console updates and servicing.

有关 Current Branch 版本的详细信息,请参阅基线和更新版本For more information about current branch versions, see Baseline and update versions.

关于安装更新 1906About installing update 1906


在层次结构的顶级站点上安装更新 1906。Install update 1906 at the top-level site of your hierarchy. 从管理中心站点 (CAS) 或从独立主站点启动安装。Start the installation from your central administration site (CAS) or from your stand-alone primary site. 在顶级站点安装更新后,子站点具有以下更新行为:After the update is installed at the top-level site, child sites have the following update behavior:

  • CAS 完成更新安装之后,子主站点会自动安装更新。Child primary sites install the update automatically after the CAS finishes the installation of the update. 可以使用服务时段控制站点安装更新的时间。You can use service windows to control when a site installs the update. 有关详细信息,请参阅站点服务器的服务时段For more information, see Service windows for site servers.

  • 在主父站点完成更新安装之后,从 Configuration Manager 控制台中手动更新每个辅助站点。Manually update each secondary site from within the Configuration Manager console after the primary parent site finishes the update installation. 不支持辅助站点服务器的自动更新。Automatic update of secondary site servers isn't supported.

站点系统角色Site system roles

站点服务器安装更新时,会自动更新所有站点系统角色。When a site server installs the update, it automatically updates all of the site system roles. 这些角色处于站点服务器上或安装在远程服务器上。These roles are on the site server or installed on remote servers. 安装更新之前,请确保每个站点系统服务器满足新更新版本的当前先决条件。Before installing the update, make sure that each site system server meets the current prerequisites for the new update version.

Configuration Manager 控制台Configuration Manager consoles

更新完成后首次使用 Configuration Manager 控制台时,系统会提示更新该控制台。The first time you use a Configuration Manager console after the update has finished, you're prompted to update that console. 还可以在托管该控制台的计算机上运行 Configuration Manager 安装程序,并选择用于更新该控制台的选项。You can also run the Configuration Manager setup on the computer that hosts the console, and choose the option to update the console. 请尽快将更新安装到控制台。Install the update to the console as soon as possible. 有关详细信息,请参阅安装 Configuration Manager 控制台For more information, see Install the Configuration Manager console.


在 CAS 上安装更新时,应注意以下限制和延迟存在,直到所有子主站点也完成了更新安装:When you install an update at the CAS, be aware of the following limitations and delays that exist until all child primary sites also complete the update installation:

  • 客户端升级不会启动。Client upgrades don't start. 这包括客户端和预生产客户端的自动更新。This includes automatic updates of clients and pre-production clients. 此外,不能将预生产客户端提升至生产,直到最后一个站点完成更新安装。Additionally, you can't promote pre-production clients to production until the last site completes the update installation. 最后一个站点完成更新安装后,客户端更新将根据你的配置选择启动。After the last site completes the update installation, client updates begin based on your configuration choices.
  • 更新启用的新功能 将不可用。New features you enable with the update aren't available. 此行为是为了防止 CAS 将与该功能有关的数据复制到尚未安装针对该功能的支持的站点。This behavior is to prevent the CAS replicating data related to that feature to a site that hasn't yet installed support for that feature. 所有主站点安装更新后,此功能将可供使用。After all primary sites install the update, the feature is available for use.
  • CAS 和子主站点之间的复制链接 显示为未升级。Replication links between the CAS and child primary sites display as not upgraded. 此状态会在更新安装状态中显示为“完成” 状态,并带有监视复制初始化的警告。This state displays in the update installation status as Completed with warning for monitoring replication initialization. 在控制台的“监视”工作区中,此状态将显示为“正在配置链接” 。In the Monitoring workspace of the console, this state displays as Link is being configured.

早期更新圈Early update ring

自 2019 年 8 月 16 日起,版本 1906 公开发布,可供所有用户安装。As of August 16, 2019, version 1906 is globally available for all customers to install. 如果以前选择了早期更新通道,请注意此 Current Branch 版本的更新。If you previously opted in to the early update ring, watch for an update to this current branch version.


所有站点都运行 Configuration Manager 的支持版本All sites run a supported version of Configuration Manager

层次结构中的每个站点服务器都必须运行相同的 Configuration Manager 版本,然后才能开始安装更新 1906。Each site server in the hierarchy must run the same version of Configuration Manager before you can start the installation of update 1906. 若要更新到 1906,必须使用版本 1802 或更高版本。To update to 1906, you must use version 1802 or later.

查看产品许可的状态Review the status of your product licensing

必须拥有有效的软件保障 (SA) 协议或等效的订阅权利才能安装此更新。You must have an active Software Assurance (SA) agreement or equivalent subscription rights to install this update. 更新站点时,“许可”页将出现确认“软件保障到期日期”的选项 。When you update the site, the Licensing page presents the option to confirm your Software Assurance expiration date.

此值是可选的。This value is optional. 可将其指定为许可证到期日期的方便提示。You can specify as a convenient reminder of your license expiration date. 该日期在安装未来更新时可见。This date is visible when you install future updates. 你可能已在先前设置或安装更新期间指定了此值。You might have previously specified this value during setup or installation of an update. 也可以在 Configuration Manager 控制台中指定此值。You can also specify this value in the Configuration Manager console. 在“管理”工作区中,展开“站点配置”,并选择“站点” 。In the Administration workspace, expand Site Configuration, and select Sites. 单击功能区中的“层次结构设置”,并切换到“许可”选项卡 。Select Hierarchy Settings in the ribbon, and switch to the Licensing tab.

有关详细信息,请参阅许可和分支For more information, see Licensing and branches.

查看 Microsoft.NET 版本Review Microsoft .NET versions

站点安装此更新后,如果未安装所需的最低版本 .NET Framework 4.5,Configuration Manager 将自动安装 .NET Framework 4.5.2。When a site installs this update, if the minimum requirement of .NET Framework 4.5 isn't installed, Configuration Manager automatically installs .NET Framework 4.5.2. 如果尚未安装此必备组件,站点会将其安装在托管以下站点系统角色之一的每个服务器上:When this prerequisite isn't already installed, the site installs it on each server that hosts one of the following site system roles:

  • 管理点Management point
  • 服务连接点Service connection point
  • 注册代理点Enrollment proxy point
  • 注册点Enrollment point

此安装可以将站点系统服务器置于重启挂起状态,并向 Configuration Manager 组件状态查看器报告错误。This installation can put the site system server into a reboot pending state and report errors to the Configuration Manager component status viewer. 此外,服务器上的 .NET 应用程序可能会遇到随机故障,直到重新启动服务器。Additionally, .NET applications on the server might experience random failures until you restart the server.

有关详细信息,请参阅 站点和站点系统先决条件For more information, see Site and site system prerequisites.

查看适用于 Windows 10 的 Windows ADK 版本Review the version of the Windows ADK for Windows 10

Windows 10 评估和部署工具包 (ADK) 的版本应受到 Configuration Manager 版本 1906 的支持。The version of the Windows 10 Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) should be supported for Configuration Manager version 1906. 有关受支持的 Windows ADK 版本的详细信息,请参阅 Windows 10 ADKFor more information on supported Windows ADK versions, see Windows 10 ADK. 如果需要更新 Windows ADK,请在开始更新 Configuration Manager 前进行此操作。If you need to update the Windows ADK, do so before you begin the update of Configuration Manager. 此顺序可确保默认启动映像自动更新为最新版本的 Windows PE。This order makes sure the default boot images are automatically updated to the latest version of Windows PE. 更新站点后手动更新任何自定义启动映像。Manually update any custom boot images after updating the site.

如果先更新站点,再更新 Windows ADK,请参阅利用启动映像更新分发点If you update the site before you update the Windows ADK, see Update distribution points with the boot image.

查看 SQL Server Native Client 版本Review SQL Server Native Client version

安装 SQL Server 2012 Native Client 的最低版本,其中包括对 TLS 1.2 的支持。Install a minimum version of SQL Server 2012 Native Client, which includes support for TLS 1.2. 有关详细信息,请参阅先决条件检查列表For more information, see the List of prerequisite checks.

查看站点和层次结构状态以寻找未解决的问题Review the site and hierarchy status for unresolved issues

由于现有的操作问题,站点更新可能会失败。A site update can fail because of existing operational problems. 在更新站点前,请解决以下系统的所有操作问题:Before you update a site, resolve all operational issues for the following systems:

  • 站点服务器The site server
  • 站点数据库服务器The site database server
  • 其他服务器上的远程站点系统角色Remote site system roles on other servers

有关详细信息,请参阅 使用警报和状态系统For more information, see Use alerts and the status system.

查看站点之间的文件和数据复制Review file and data replication between sites

确保站点之间的文件和数据库复制正常运行并处于最新状态。Make sure that file and database replication between sites is operational and current. 延迟或积压工作可能会阻止成功更新。Delays or backlogs in either can prevent a successful update.

数据库复制Database replication

对于数据库复制,在开始更新之前,使用复制链接分析器 (RLA) 来帮助解决问题。For database replication, to help resolve issues before you start the update, use the Replication Link Analyzer (RLA). 有关详细信息,请参阅监视数据库复制For more information, see Monitor database replication.

使用 RLA 回答下列问题:Use RLA to answer the following questions:

  • 每个组的复制是否处于良好状态?Is replication per group in a good state?
  • 是否有任何链接降级?Are any links degraded?
  • 是否有任何错误?Are there any errors?

如果存在积压工作 (backlog),请稍候,直到清除这些积压工作。如果积压工作 (backlog) 非常多,如数百万条记录,则该链接处于错误状态。If there's a backlog, wait until it clears out. If the backlog is large, such as millions of records, then the link is in a bad state. 在更新站点前,请解决复制问题。Before updating the site, solve the replication issue. 如果需要进一步的帮助,请联系 Microsoft 支持部门。If you need further assistance, contact Microsoft Support.

基于文件的复制File-based replication

对于基于文件的复制,检查所有收件箱在发送站点和接收站点上是否存在积压工作 (backlog)。For file-based replication, check all inboxes for a backlog on both sending and receiving sites. 如果存在大量停滞或挂起的复制作业,请等待直到清除这些作业。If there are lots of stuck or pending replication jobs, wait until they clear out.

  • 在发送站点上,查看 sender.log 。On the sending site, review sender.log.
  • 在接收站点上,查看 despooler log 。On the receiving site, review despooler log.

安装所有适用的关键 Windows 更新Install all applicable critical Windows updates

为 Configuration Manager 安装更新之前,为每个适用的站点系统安装任何关键的 OS 更新。Before you install an update for Configuration Manager, install any critical OS updates for each applicable site system. 这些服务器包括站点服务器、站点数据库服务器和远程站点系统角色。These servers include the site server, site database server, and remote site system roles. 如果安装的更新需要重启,请在开始升级之前重启相应的服务器。If an update that you install requires a restart, restart the applicable servers before you start the upgrade.

在主站点上禁用管理点的数据库副本Disable database replicas for management points at primary sites

Configuration Manager 无法成功更新启用了管理点数据库副本的主站点。Configuration Manager can't successfully update a primary site that has a database replica for management points enabled. 为 Configuration Manager 安装更新之前,禁用数据库复制。Before you install an update for Configuration Manager, disable database replication.

有关详细信息,请参阅管理点的数据库副本For more information, see Database replicas for management points.

将 SQL Server Always On 可用性组设置为手动故障转移Set SQL Server Always On availability groups to manual failover

如果使用可用性组,请确保在开始安装更新之前将可用性组设置为手动故障转移。If you use an availability group, make sure that the availability group is set to manual failover before you start the update installation. 站点更新后,可以将故障转移还原为自动进行。After the site has updated, you can restore failover to be automatic. 有关详细信息,请参阅 准备使用可用性组For more information, see Prepare to use an availability group.

禁用每个站点的站点维护任务Disable site maintenance tasks at each site

在安装更新之前,请禁用可能会在更新过程进行时运行的任何站点维护任务。Before you install the update, disable any site maintenance task that might run during the time the update process is active. 例如,但不限于:For example, but not limited to:

  • 备份站点服务器Backup Site Server
  • 删除过期的客户端操作Delete Aged Client Operations
  • 删除过期的发现数据Delete Aged Discovery Data

站点数据库维护任务在更新安装过程中运行时,更新安装可能会失败。When a site database maintenance task runs during the update installation, the update installation can fail. 在禁用任务之前,请记录该任务的计划,以便在安装更新之后可恢复其配置。Before you disable a task, record the schedule of the task so you can restore its configuration after the update has been installed.

有关详细信息,请参阅 维护任务 和维护任务参考For more information, see Maintenance tasks and Reference for maintenance tasks.

暂时停止任何防病毒软件Temporarily stop any antivirus software

更新站点之前,停止 Configuration Manager 服务器上的防病毒软件。Before you update a site, stop antivirus software on the Configuration Manager servers. 防病毒软件可能会锁定某些需要更新的文件,这将导致更新失败。The antivirus software can lock some files that need to be updated which causes our update to fail.

创建站点数据库的备份Create a backup of the site database

更新站点之前,在 CAS 和主站点上备份站点数据库。Before you update a site, back up the site database at the CAS and primary sites. 此备份可确保你拥有可用于灾难恢复的成功备份。This backup makes sure you have a successful backup to use for disaster recovery.

有关详细信息,请参阅 备份和恢复For more information, see Backup and recovery.

备份自定义文件Back up customized files

如果你或第三方产品自定义任何 Configuration Manager 配置文件,请保存自定义项的副本。If you or a third-party product customizes any Configuration Manager configuration files, save a copy of your customizations.

例如,将自定义条目添加到 Configuration Manager 安装目录的 bin\X64 文件夹中的 osdinjection.xml 文件中。For example, you add custom entries to the osdinjection.xml file in the bin\X64 folder of your Configuration Manager installation directory. 在更新 Configuration Manager 后,这些自定义项不会保留。After you update Configuration Manager, these customizations don't persist. 需要重新应用自定义项。You need to reapply your customizations.

规划客户端试点Plan for client piloting

安装还更新客户端的站点更新时,请在更新所有生产客户端之前测试预生产中的新客户端更新。When you install a site update that also updates the client, test that new client update in pre-production before you update all production clients. 若要使用此选项,在开始安装更新之前配置站点,以支持预生产的自动升级。To use this option, configure your site to support automatic upgrades for pre-production before beginning installation of the update.

有关详细信息,请参阅 升级客户端 和如何在预生产集合中测试客户端升级For more information, see Upgrade clients and How to test client upgrades in a pre-production collection.

计划使用服务时段Plan to use service windows

若要定义可向站点服务器安装更新的时间段,请使用服务时段。To define a period during which updates to a site server can be installed, use service windows. 它们可以帮助控制层次结构中的站点安装更新的时间。They can help you control when sites in your hierarchy install the update. 有关详细信息,请参阅 站点服务器的服务时段For more information, see Service windows for site servers.

查看支持的扩展Review supported extensions

如果使用 Microsoft 或 Microsoft 合作伙伴的其他产品来扩展 Configuration Manager,请确认这些产品是否支持版本 1906。If you extend Configuration Manager with other products from Microsoft or Microsoft partners, confirm that those products support version 1906. 检查产品供应商的此项信息。Check with the product vendor for this information. 例如,请查看 Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 的发行说明For example, see the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit release notes.

运行安装程序先决条件检查程序Run the setup prerequisite checker

当控制台将更新列为“可用” 时,可以运行先决条件检查程序,然后再安装更新。When the console lists the update as Available, you can run the prerequisite checker before installing the update. (在站点上安装更新时,会再次运行必备组件检查程序。)(When you install the update on the site, prerequisite checker runs again.)

若要从控制台运行先决条件检查,请转到“管理”工作区,并选择“更新和服务” 。To run a prerequisite check from the console, go to the Administration workspace, and select Updates and Servicing. 选择“Configuration Manager 1906”更新包,然后在功能区中选择“运行先决条件检查” 。Select the Configuration Manager 1906 update package, and select Run prerequisite check in the ribbon.

有关详细信息,请参阅安装控制台内部更新前中的“安装更新之前运行先决条件检查程序”部分 。For more information, see the section to Run the prerequisite checker before installing an update in Before you install an in-console update.


运行先决条件检查程序时,该过程会更新某些用于站点维护任务的产品源文件。When the prerequisite checker runs, the process updates some product source files that are used for site maintenance tasks. 因此,在运行先决条件检查程序之后但在安装更新之前,如果需要执行站点维护任务,可从站点服务器上的 CD.Latest 文件夹运行  Setupwpf.exe (Configuration Manager 安装程序)。Therefore, after running the prerequisite checker but before installing the update, if you need to perform a site maintenance task, run Setupwpf.exe (Configuration Manager Setup) from the CD.Latest folder on the site server.

更新站点Update sites

现已准备好为层次结构开始更新安装。You're now ready to start the update installation for your hierarchy. 有关安装更新的详细信息,请参阅安装控制台内部更新For more information about installing the update, see Install in-console updates.

你有可能计划在常规工作时间外安装更新。You may plan to install the update outside of normal business hours. 确定过程将对业务操作造成最小影响的时间。Determine when the process will have the least effect on your business operations. 安装更新及其操作会重新安装站点组件和站点系统角色。Installing the update and its actions reinstall site components and site system roles.

有关详细信息,请参阅  Configuration Manager 更新For more information, see Updates for Configuration Manager.

更新后的清单Post-update checklist

更新站点后,使用以下清单可完成常见任务和配置。After the site updates, use the following checklist to complete common tasks and configurations.

确认版本并重启(如有必要)Confirm version and restart (if necessary)

确保每个站点服务器和站点系统角色都已更新为版本 1906。Make sure each site server and site system role is updated to version 1906. 在控制台的“管理”工作区中,将“版本”列添加到“站点”和“分发点”节点 。In the console, add the Version column to the Sites and Distribution Points nodes in the Administration workspace. 如有必要,站点系统角色将自动重新安装以更新到新的版本。When necessary, a site system role automatically reinstalls to update to the new version.

请考虑重新启动初次未成功更新的远程站点系统。Consider restarting remote site systems that don't successfully update at first. 查看站点基础结构,确保适用的站点服务器和远程站点系统服务器已成功重新启动。Review your site infrastructure and make sure that applicable site servers and remote site system servers successfully restarted. 通常,仅当 Configuration Manager 安装 .NET 作为站点系统角色的先决条件时,站点服务器才重新启动。Typically, site servers restart only when Configuration Manager installs .NET as a prerequisite for a site system role.

确认站点到站点复制处于活动状态Confirm site-to-site replication is active

在 Configuration Manager 控制台中,转到以下位置以查看状态并确保复制处于活动状态:In the Configuration Manager console, go to the following locations to view the status, and make sure that replication is active:

  • “监视”工作区、“站点层次结构”节点 Monitoring workspace, Site Hierarchy node

  • “监视”工作区、“数据库复制”节点 Monitoring workspace, Database Replication node

有关详细信息,请参阅下列文章:For more information, see the following articles:

更新 Configuration Manager 控制台Update Configuration Manager consoles

将所有远程 Configuration Manager 控制台更新为相同版本。Update all remote Configuration Manager consoles to the same version. 系统会在以下情况下提示你更新控制台:You're prompted to update the console when:

  • 打开控制台。You open the console.

  • 在控制台中转到新节点。You go to a new node in the console.

重新配置管理点的数据库副本Reconfigure database replicas for management points

更新主站点之后,为在站点更新之前卸载的管理点重新配置数据库副本。After you update a primary site, reconfigure the database replica for management points that you uninstalled before you updated the site. 有关详细信息,请参阅管理点的数据库副本For more information, see Database replicas for management points.

重新配置可用性组Reconfigure availability groups

如果使用可用性组,请将故障转移配置重置为“自动”。If you use an availability group, reset the failover configuration to automatic. 有关详细信息,请参阅准备使用可用性组For more information, see Prepare to use an availability group.

重新配置已禁用的所有维护任务Reconfigure any disabled maintenance tasks

如果安装更新之前在站点上禁用了数据库维护任务,请重新配置这些任务。If you disabled database maintenance tasks at a site before installing the update, reconfigure those tasks. 使用更新之前就已经存在的相同设置。Use the same settings that were in place before the update.

更新客户端Update clients

如果在安装更新前已配置客户端试点,请按照你创建的计划更新客户端。Update clients per the plan you created, especially if you configured client piloting before installing the update. 有关详细信息,请参阅如何升级 Windows 计算机的客户端For more information, see How to upgrade clients for Windows computers.

第三方扩展Third-party extensions

如果使用 Configuration Manager 的任何扩展,请将其更新为最新版本,以支持 Configuration Manager 版本 1906。If you use any extensions to Configuration Manager, update them to the latest version to support Configuration Manager version 1906.

更新自定义启动映像和媒体Update custom boot images and media

对使用的所有启动映像使用“更新分发点”操作,无论是默认启动映像还是自定义启动映像 。Use the Update Distribution Points action for any boot image that you use, whether it's a default or custom boot image. 此操作可确保客户端能够使用最新版本。This action makes sure that clients can use the latest version. 即使没有新的 Windows ADK 版本,Configuration Manager 客户端组件也可能随更新而更改。Even if there isn't a new version of the Windows ADK, the Configuration Manager client components may change with an update. 如果未更新启动映像和媒体,设备上的任务序列部署可能会失败。If you don't update boot images and media, task sequence deployments may fail on devices.

更新站点时,Configuration Manager 会自动更新默认 启动映像。When you update the site, Configuration Manager automatically updates the default boot images. 它不会将更新的内容自动分发到分发点。It doesn't automatically distribute the updated content to distribution points. 准备好在网络中分发此内容时,请对特定启动映像使用更新分发点 操作。Use the Update Distribution Points action on specific boot images when you're ready to distribute this content across your network.

更新站点后,手动更新任何自定义 启动映像。After updating the site, manually update any custom boot images. 如有必要,此操作将使用最新的客户端组件更新启动映像,可选择使用当前的 Windows PE 版本重载它,并将内容重新分发到分发点。This action updates the boot image with the latest client components if necessary, optionally reloads it with the current Windows PE version, and redistributes the content to the distribution points.

有关详细信息,请参阅使用启动映像更新分发点For more information, see Update distribution points with the boot image.