Configuration Manager 中查询的安全和隐私Security and privacy for queries in Configuration Manager

适用范围: Configuration Manager (Current Branch)Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

使用 Configuration Manager 中的查询,可以根据指定条件从站点数据库中检索信息。Queries in Configuration Manager let you retrieve information from the site database according to criteria that you specify. Configuration Manager 会在标准操作过程中收集站点数据库信息。Configuration Manager collects site database information during standard operation. 例如,通过使用在发现或清单期间收集的信息,可以配置查询来发现满足指定条件的设备。For example, by using information that's been collected during discovery or inventory, you can configure a query to identify devices that meet specified criteria.

若要详细了解查询,请参阅查询简介For more information about queries, see Introduction to queries. 有关 Configuration Manager 操作(即收集可使用查询检索的数据)的最佳安全做法和隐私信息,请参阅 Configuration Manager 安全与隐私For security best practices and privacy information about Configuration Manager operations that collect the data you can retrieve by using queries, see Security and privacy for Configuration Manager.

查询安全性最佳做法Security best practices for queries

将此最佳安全做法用于查询。Use this security best practice for queries.

最佳安全方案Security best practice 更多信息More information
导出或导入保存到网络位置的查询时,请保护位置和网络通道。When you export or import a query that's saved to a network location, secure the location and the network channel. 限制可访问网络文件夹的人员。Restrict who can access the network folder.

在网络位置与站点服务器之间使用服务器消息块 (SMB) 签名或 Internet 协议安全性 (IPsec),以防攻击者在查询数据导入前篡改它。Use Server Message Block (SMB) signing or Internet Protocol security (IPsec) between the network location and the site server to prevent an attacker from tampering with the query data before it's imported.

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Configuration Manager 安全和隐私Security and privacy for Configuration Manager