Android 设备管理员注册Android device administrator enrollment

Android 设备管理员(有时称为“旧版”Android 管理,随 Android 2.2 发布)是一种管理 Android 设备的方法。Android device administrator (sometimes referred to "legacy" Android management and released with Android 2.2) is a way to manage Android devices. 不过,Android Enterprise(随 Android 5.0 发布)现在提供改进的管理功能。However, improved management functionality is now available with Android Enterprise (released with Android 5.0). 为了实现更现代化、更丰富、更安全的设备管理,Google 正在减少新 Android 版本中对设备管理员的支持。In an effort to move to modern, richer, and more secure device management, Google is decreasing device administrator support in new Android releases.

因此,为了避免这种功能降低,建议不要使用下面所述的设备管理员进程来注册新设备。Therefore, to avoid such reduced functionality, we advise against enrolling new devices using the device administrator process described below.

出于同样的原因,如果设备要更新到 Android 10,还建议用户从设备管理员管理中迁出设备。For the same reasons, we also recommend that you migrate devices off of device administrator management if the devices are going to update to Android 10.


在 Android Enterprise 可用的区域,Google 通过在新的 Android 版本中减少对管理的支持来鼓励转移设备管理员 (DA) 管理。In areas where Android Enterprise is available, Google is encouraging movement off device administrator (DA) management by decreasing its management support in new Android releases. 但是,如果 Android Enterprise 或 Google Mobile Services (GMS) 不可用,你将需要使用设备管理员并自行熟悉这些更改。However, where Android Enterprise or Google Mobile Services (GMS) are unavailable, you'll want to use device administrator and familiarize yourself with these changes. 有关详细信息,请参阅我所在的国家/地区是否支持使用 Android EnterpriseFor more information, see Is Android Enterprise available in my country?

如果仍然决定让用户使用设备管理员管理注册他们的 Android 设备,请继续阅读下一部分。If you still decide to have users enroll their Android devices with device administrator management, continue to the next section.

有关 Google 的 Android Enterprise 功能的详细信息,请参阅以下文章:For more information about Google's Android Enterprise features, see these articles:

设置设备管理员注册Set up device administrator enrollment

  1. 若准备管理移动设备,必须将移动设备管理 MDM 机构设置为“Microsoft Intune”。To prepare to manage mobile devices, you must set the mobile device management (MDM) authority to Microsoft Intune. 请参阅设置 MDM 机构,了解有关说明。See Set the MDM authority for instructions. 第一次设置 Intune 以进行移动设备管理时,只需设置一次此项目。You set this item only once, when you are first setting up Intune for mobile device management.
  2. 登录到 Microsoft Endpoint Manager 管理中心,然后选择“设备” > “Android” > “Android 注册” > “个人和企业所有的具有设备管理权限的设备” > “使用设备管理员管理设备”。Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center and choose > Devices > Android > Android enrollment > Personal and corporate-owned devices with device administration privileges > Use device administrator to manage devices.
  3. 告知用户如何注册其设备Tell your users how to enroll their devices.

用户注册后,可开始在 Intune 中管理其设备,包括分配符合性策略管理应用等。After a user has enrolled, you can begin managing their devices in Intune, including assigning compliance policies, managing apps, and more.

有关其他用户任务的信息,请参阅以下文章:For information about other user tasks, see these articles:

阻止设备管理员注册Block device administrator enrollment

若要阻止 Android 设备管理员设备注册或仅阻止个人拥有的 Android 设备管理员设备注册,请参阅设置设备类型限制To block Android device administrator devices, or to block only personally owned Android device administrator devices from enrollment, see Set device type restrictions.

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