Microsoft 针对政治宣传活动、非营利组织和其他敏捷型组织的安全指南Microsoft security guidance for political campaigns, nonprofits, and other agile organizations


如果你所在组织是敏捷型组织,而由你领导一个小的 IT 团队,且威胁配置文件高于平均值,那么本指南对你特别适用。If your organization is agile, you have a small IT team, and your threat profile is higher than average, this guidance is designed for you. 此解决方案演示如何从头开始快速构建包含安全控件的基本云服务环境。This solution demonstrates how to quickly build an environment with essential cloud services that include secure controls from the start. 本指南提供有关保护来自移动设备的数据、标识、电子邮件和访问的说明性安全建议。This guidance includes prescriptive security recommendations for protecting data, identities, email, and access from mobile devices.

安全解决方案指南Security solution guidance

本指南介绍了如何实现安全的云环境。This guidance describes how to implement a secure cloud environment. 该解决方案指南可供任何组织使用。The solution guidance can be used by any organization. 并且对带有 BYOD 访问权限和来宾帐户的敏捷型组织提供了更多帮助。It includes extra help for agile organizations with BYOD access and guest accounts. 可使用本指南作为设计自己环境的起点。You can use this guidance as a starting-point for designing your own environment. 我们欢迎你在 上提供反馈。We welcome your feedback at

项目Item 描述Description
Microsoft 针对政治宣传活动的安全指南Microsoft Security Guidance for Political Campaigns
政治宣传活动Political Campaigns
本指南以政治宣传活动组织为例。This guidance uses a political campaign organization as an example. 可用作任何环境的起点。Use this guidance as a starting point for any environment.

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项目Item 描述Description
Microsoft 针对非营利组织的安全指南Microsoft Security Guidance for Nonprofits
本指南经过略微修订,适用于非盈利组织。This guide is slightly revised for nonprofit organizations. 例如,引入了 Office 365 非盈利组织版计划。For example, it references Office 365 Nonprofit plans. 该技术指南与政治宣传活动解决方案指南相同。The technical guidance is the same as the political campaign solution guide.

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测试实验室指南Test Lab Guides

要创建此解决方案的开发/测试环境,请使用以下方法:To create a dev/test environment for this solution, use the following:

  • 配置组和用户Configure groups and users. 通过用户和组创建适用于政治宣传开发/测试环境的 Office 365 和 Microsoft 企业移动性 + 安全性 (EMS) 试用订阅。Create Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) trial subscriptions with users and groups for a political campaign dev/test environment.
  • 创建 SharePoint Online 团队网站Create SharePoint Online team sites. 在政治宣传开发/测试环境中创建公共、专用、敏感和高度机密的 SharePoint Online 团队网站。Create public, private, sensitive, and highly confidential SharePoint Online team sites in your political campaign dev/test environment.

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