管理中心中的 Microsoft 365 报表Microsoft 365 Reports in the admin center

可以轻松查看企业中的用户如何使用 Microsoft 365 服务。例如,可找出使用某项服务较多的用户和达到配额的用户,或是完全不需要 Microsoft 365 许可证的用户。You can easily see how people in your business are using Microsoft 365 services. For example, you can identify who is using a service a lot and reaching quotas, or who may not need an Microsoft 365 license at all.

可查看最近 7 天、30 天、90 天和 180 天的报表。无法立即获得所有报表周期的数据。在 48 个小时内可获得报表。Reports are available for the last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days. Data won't exist for all reporting periods right away. The reports become available within 48 hours.

观看此视频,了解[概述:你可如何使用报表:Watch this video for on overview: on how you can use the reports:

如何访问“报表”仪表板]How to get to the Reports dashboard

  1. 在管理中心,转到“ 报表 ”> 使用情况页面。In the admin center, go to the Reports > Usage page.
  1. 管理中心,转到“ 报表 ”>“ 使用情况 ”页面。In the admin center, go to the Reports > Usage page.
  1. 管理中心,转到“ 报表 ”>“ 使用情况 ”页面。In the admin center, go to the Reports > Usage page.
  1. 在服务(如电子邮件或 OneDrive)的一览式活动卡上,单击“ 查看更多 ”按钮以查看报告详细信息的页面。Click on the View more button from the at-a-glance activity card for a service (such as email or OneDrive) to see the report detail page. 在那里,选项卡中提供了服务的不同报告。In there different reports for the service are provided in tabs.
    使用情况仪表板The Usage dashboard

谁可查看报表Who can see reports

具有以下权限的人员:People who have the following permissions:

  • 全局管理员:建议仅为公司中少量人员分配此角色。Global admins: We recommend that only a few people in your company have this role. 这样做可降低商业风险。It reduces the risk to your business.

  • Exchange 管理员Exchange admins

  • SharePoint 管理员SharePoint admins

  • Skype for Business 管理员Skype for Business admins

  • 全局读取者Global reader

  • 报表阅读人员Reports reader

  • Teams 服务管理员Teams Service Administrator

  • Teams 通信管理员Teams Communications Administrator

要了解详细信息,请参阅关于管理员角色分配管理员角色To learn more, see About admin roles and Assign admin roles.

管理中心提供了哪些活动报表Which activity reports are available in the admin center

根据你的订阅,下面是可供使用的报表。Depending on your subscription, here are the available reports.

如何查看许可信息How to view licensing information

  • 若要查看已分配和未分配的许可证数量,请在管理中心转到“ 账单 ”> 许可证页面。To see how many licenses you have assigned and unassigned, in the admin center, go to the Billing > Licenses page.

  • 若要查看已授权人员、未经授权人员或来宾,请在管理中心转到“ 用户 ”> 活动用户页面。To see who is licensed, unlicensed, or guest, in the admin center, go to the Users > Active users page.

如何查看特定用户的使用情况信息How to view usage information for a specific user

使用服务报表调查特定用户使用该服务的情况。例如,若要了解特定用户使用了多少邮箱存储空间,请打开邮箱使用情况报表,并按姓名对用户排序。如果存在成千上万个用户,请将报表导出到 Excel 中,以便快筛选列表。Use the service reports to research how much a specific user is using the service. For example, to find out how much mailbox storage a specific user has consumed, open the Mailbox usage report, and sort the users by name. If you have thousands of users, export the report to Excel so you filter through the list quickly.

不能在输入用户帐户的位置生成报表,因而无法了解其使用的服务和使用情况。You can't generate a report where you enter a user's account and then get a list which services they are using and how much.

隐藏报表中的用户详细信息Hide user details in the reports

如果在生成报表时,想要隐藏用户级的信息,可以在管理中心中快速进行此更改。If you want to hide user level information when you're generating your reports, you can quickly make that change in the admin center.

  1. 在管理中心,转到“ 设置 ”> 服务和加载项页面。In the admin center, go to the Settings > Services & add-ins page.

  2. 选择“ 报表 ”。Select Reports.

  3. 在“ 报表 ”窗格中,选择所需的选项,然后保存所做更改。In the Reports pane, select the options you want, and then save your changes.

你的用户列表将如下所示:Your user list will look like this:

报告 - 匿名用户列表

这些更改将在几分钟之后在报表仪表板中的报表上生效。此设置也适用于报表 API。It'll take a few minutes for these changes to take effect on the reports in the reports dashboard. This setting also applies to the reports API.

在用户帐户关闭后,用法数据会发生什么情况?What happens to usage data when a user account is closed?

无论何时选择关闭某用户的帐户,Microsoft 都将在 30 天内删除该用户的用法使用。Whenever you close a user's account, Microsoft will delete that user's usage data within 30 days. 该用户将仍包含在其活跃期间的活动图表总数中(参见数字 1),但不在“用户详细信息”表格中显示(参见数字 2)。That user will still be included in the Activity chart totals (see number 1) for the periods she was active in, but will not appear in the User Details table (see number 2).

但是,当你选择特定日期(参见数字 3)时(截至当前日期起前 28 天),报表会在“用户详细信息”表格中显示该用户当天的使用情况(参见数字 2)。However, when you select a particular day (see number 3), up to 28 days from the current date, the report show the user's usage for that day in the User Details table (see number 2).

安全与合规中心中的报表Reports in the Security & Compliance Center