Microsoft 预订指标和活动跟踪Microsoft Bookings metrics and activity tracking

主 "预订" 页面上提供了各种指标,使您可以轻松跟踪收入和客户活动。Various metrics are available on the main Bookings page, allowing you to easily track revenue and customer activity.

跃点数Metric DescriptionDescription
预订活动Bookings activities 30天活动期显示最近30天,包括今天。The 30-day activity period shows the last 30 days, including today. 进行预订估计收入预订的客户全部计算。Bookings made, Estimated revenue, and Customers booked are all calculated.
已进行预订Bookings made 当前发生或在最近30天内发生的预订的数量。The number of bookings that are either taking place today or have taken place in the last 30 days. 您可以使用此信息来确定您是否符合估计的销售预期,并预测未来30天。You may use this information to see if you’re meeting your estimated sales expectations and to forecast for the next 30 days.
估计收入Estimated revenue 这将显示您通过预订获得的预计收入。This shows the estimated revenue the you’ve earned through Bookings. 这是根据您为每个服务定义的价格计算得出的。This is calculated based on the price that you’ve defined for each service. 这是一种估计,因为在服务时间可能会收取不同的费用,费用设置为每小时费用,你已获得提示,或者客户尚未支付。This is an estimate because you may have charged a different fee at service time, the fee was set to an hourly charge, you’ve gotten tips, or a customer hasn't paid yet. 例如,如果您的服务每小时充电 $10,并且预订时间为2小时,则预订将仅估计该服务的 $10。For example, if your service is charging $10 per hour and the booking is 2 hours long, Bookings will only estimate $10 for that service.

重要说明: 这只是一个估计,并不能保证实际收入。Important: This is only an estimate and does not guarantee your actual revenue.
已预订的客户Customers booked 目前和最近30天预订约会的客户数。The number of customers who have booked appointments for today and for the last 30 days.

注意: 此指标显示已预订约会的客户数,而不是约会总数。Note: This metric shows the number of customers who have booked appointments, not the total number of appointments. 例如,如果一个客户在最近30天中预订了三个约会,并且两个客户每个客户都进行了一次预订,您将看到3个已预订的客户。For example, if one customer booked three appointments in the last 30 days and two more customers made one booking each, you’ll see 3 customers booked.