设置连接器以存档 Salesforce Chatter 数据Set up a connector to archive Salesforce Chatter data

使用 Microsoft 365 合规中心中的一个 Microsoft 365 连接器,将数据从 Salesforce Chatter 平台导入并存档到 Microsoft 365 组织的用户邮箱。Use a Veritas connector in the Microsoft 365 compliance center to import and archive data from the Salesforce Chatter platform to user mailboxes in your Microsoft 365 organization. Microsoft 提供 Salesforce Chatter 连接器,可捕获第三方数据源中的项目,并导入到 Microsoft 365。Veritas provides a Salesforce Chatter connector that captures items from the third-party data source and imports those items to Microsoft 365. 连接器将内容(如聊天、附件和帖子)从 Salesforce Chatter 转换为电子邮件格式,然后将这些项目导入到 Microsoft 365 中的用户邮箱。The connector converts the content such as chats, attachments, and posts from Salesforce Chatter to an email message format and then imports those items to the user’s mailbox in Microsoft 365.

在 Salesforce Chatter 数据存储在用户邮箱中后,可以应用 Microsoft 365 合规性功能,如诉讼保留、电子数据展示、保留策略和保留标签。After Salesforce Chatter data is stored in user mailboxes, you can apply Microsoft 365 compliance features such as Litigation Hold, eDiscovery, retention policies and retention labels. 使用 Salesforce Chatter 连接器在 Microsoft 365 中导入和存档数据可帮助组织遵守政府法规策略。Using a Salesforce Chatter connector to import and archive data in Microsoft 365 can help your organization stay compliant with government and regulatory policies.

存档 Salesforce Chatter 数据概述Overview of archiving Salesforce Chatter data

以下概述介绍了使用连接器在 Microsoft 365 中存档 Salesforce Chatter 数据的过程。The following overview explains the process of using a connector to archive the Salesforce Chatter data in Microsoft 365.

Salesforce Chatter 数据的存档工作流

  1. 您的组织与 Salesforce Chatter 合作,以设置和配置 Salesforce Chatter 网站。Your organization works with Salesforce Chatter to set up and configure a Salesforce Chatter site.

  2. 每 24 小时复制一次 Salesforce Chatter 项,然后复制到该网吧。Once every 24 hours, Salesforce Chatter items are copied to the Veritas Merge1 site. 连接器还会将 Salesforce Chatter 项目作为电子邮件格式。The connector also Salesforce Chatter items to an email message format.

  3. 在 Microsoft 365 合规中心内创建的 Salesforce Chatter 连接器每天连接到 Microsoft Merge1 网站,将 Chatter 内容传输至 Microsoft 云中的安全 Azure 存储位置。The Salesforce Chatter connector that you create in the Microsoft 365 compliance center, connects to the Veritas Merge1 site every day and transfers the Chatter content to a secure Azure Storage location in the Microsoft cloud.

  4. 连接器使用自动用户映射的 Email 属性值将转换的项目导入到特定用户的邮箱,如步骤 3 中所述The connector imports the converted items to the mailboxes of specific users using the value of the Email property of the automatic user mapping as described in Step 3. 在用户邮箱中创建名为 Salesforce Chatter 的收件箱文件夹中的子文件夹,项目将导入到该文件夹中。A subfolder in the Inbox folder named Salesforce Chatter is created in the user mailboxes, and items are imported to that folder. 连接器使用 Email 属性的值确定将项目导入到哪个 邮箱The connector determines which mailbox to import items to by using the value of the Email property. 每个 Chatter 项目都包含此属性,该属性用项目每个参与者的电子邮件地址填充。Every Chatter item contains this property, which is populated with the email address of every participant of the item.

准备工作Before you begin

  • 为 Microsoft 连接器创建 Merge1 帐户。Create a Merge1 account for Microsoft connectors. 若要创建帐户,请联系"用户支持人员"。To create an account, contact Veritas Customer Support. 在步骤 1 中创建连接器时,需要登录此帐户。You need to sign into this account when you create the connector in Step 1.

  • 创建 Salesforce 应用程序,并获取 令牌 https://salesforce.comCreate a Salesforce application and acquire a token at https://salesforce.com. 你将需要以管理员角色登录到 Salesforce 帐户,并获取用户个人令牌以导入数据。You'll need to log into the Salesforce account as an admin and get a user personal token to import data. 此外,需要在 Chatter 网站上发布触发器,以捕获更新、删除和编辑。Also, triggers need to be published on the Chatter site to capture updates, deletes, and edits. 这些触发器将在频道上创建帖子,Merge1 将捕获该频道的信息。These triggers will create a post on a channel, and Merge1 will capture the information from the channel. 有关如何创建应用程序和获取令牌的分步说明,请参阅Merge1 Third-Party Connectors User Guide。For step-by-step instructions about how to create the application and acquire the token, see Merge1 Third-Party Connectors User Guide.

  • 必须在步骤 1 中创建 Salesforce Chatter 连接器 (并将其在步骤 3) 中完成的用户分配给 Exchange Online 中的邮箱导入导出角色。The user who creates the Salesforce Chatter connector in Step 1 (and completes it in Step 3) must be assigned to the Mailbox Import Export role in Exchange Online. 在 Microsoft 365 合规中心的"数据连接器"页面上添加连接器需要此角色。This role is required to add connectors on the Data connectors page in the Microsoft 365 compliance center. 默认情况下,此角色不会分配给 Exchange Online 中任何角色组。By default, this role isn’t assigned to any role group in Exchange Online. 可以将"邮箱导入导出"角色添加到 Exchange Online 中的"组织管理"角色组。You can add the Mailbox Import Export role to the Organization Management role group in Exchange Online. 也可以创建角色组,分配邮箱导入导出角色,然后将相应的用户添加为成员。Or you can create a role group, assign the Mailbox Import Export role, and then add the appropriate users as members. 有关详细信息,请参阅"在Exchange Online中管理角色组"一文的创建角色组或修改角色组部分。For more information, see the Create role groups or Modify role groups sections in the article "Manage role groups in Exchange Online".

步骤 1:设置 Salesforce Chatter 连接器Step 1: Set up the Salesforce Chatter connector

第一步是访问 Microsoft 365 合规中心的数据连接器页面,并创建用于聊天数据的连接器。 The first step is to access to the Data Connectors page in the Microsoft 365 compliance center and create a connector for Chatter data.

  1. 转到 , https://compliance.microsoft.com 然后单击数据 连接器 > Salesforce ChatterGo to https://compliance.microsoft.com and then click Data connectors > Salesforce Chatter.

  2. "Salesforce Chatter 产品说明"页上,单击"添加连接器"。On the Salesforce Chatter product description page, click Add connector.

  3. 在"服务条款"页上,单击"接受 "。On the Terms of service page, click Accept.

  4. 输入标识连接器的唯一名称,然后单击下一 Enter a unique name that identifies the connector, and then click Next.

  5. 登录到 Merge1 帐户以配置连接器。Sign in to your Merge1 account to configure the connector.

步骤 2:在"完成"合并 1 网站中配置 Salesforce ChatterStep 2: Configure the Salesforce Chatter on the Veritas Merge1 site

第二步是在"网吧 Merge1"网站上配置 Salesforce Chatter 连接器。The second step is to configure the Salesforce Chatter connector on the Veritas Merge1 site. 若要了解如何配置 Salesforce Chatter 连接器,请参阅 Merge1 第三方连接器用户指南For information about how to configure the Salesforce Chatter connector, see Merge1 Third-Party Connectors User Guide.

单击"保存 & 完成"后,将显示Microsoft 365 合规中心中的连接器向导中的"用户映射"页。After you click Save & Finish, the User mapping page in the connector wizard in the Microsoft 365 compliance center is displayed.

步骤 3:映射用户并完成连接器设置Step 3: Map users and complete the connector setup

若要映射用户并完成 Microsoft 365 合规中心中的连接器设置,请按照以下步骤操作:To map users and complete the connector setup in the Microsoft 365 compliance center, follow these steps:

  1. 在" 将 Salesforce Chatter 用户映射到 Microsoft 365 用户"页上,启用自动用户映射。On the Map Salesforce Chatter users to Microsoft 365 users page, enable automatic user mapping. Salesforce Chatter 项目包括一个称为 Email 的属性,该属性包含组织中用户的电子邮件地址。The Salesforce Chatter items include a property called Email, which contains email addresses for users in your organization. 如果连接器可以将此地址与 Microsoft 365 用户关联,则项目将导入该用户的邮箱。If the connector can associate this address with a Microsoft 365 user, the items are imported to that user’s mailbox.

  2. 单击 "下 一步",查看设置,然后转到"数据连接器"页以查看新连接器的导入过程的进度。click Next, review your settings, and then go to the Data connectors page to see the progress of the import process for the new connector.

步骤 4:监视 Salesforce Chatter 连接器Step 4: Monitor the Salesforce Chatter connector

创建 Salesforce Chatter 连接器后,可以在 Microsoft 365 合规中心查看连接器状态。After you create the Salesforce Chatter connector, you can view the connector status in the Microsoft 365 compliance center.

  1. 转到左侧 https://compliance.microsoft.com 导航 导航中的"数据 连接器",然后单击" 数据连接器"。Go to https://compliance.microsoft.com and click Data connectors in the left nav.

  2. 单击 "连接器" 选项卡,然后单击 "Salesforce Chatter" 连接器以显示包含连接器的属性和信息的飞出页。click the Connectors tab and then click the Salesforce Chatter connector to display the flyout page, which contains the properties and information about the connector.

  3. "源的连接器状态" 下, 单击"下载 日志"链接 (或) 连接器的状态日志。Under Connector status with source, click the Download log link to open (or save) the status log for the connector. 此日志包含已导入到 Microsoft 云的数据。This log contains data that's been imported to the Microsoft cloud.

已知问题Known issues

  • 目前,我们不支持导入大于 10 MB 的附件或项目。At this time, we don't support importing attachments or items that are larger than 10 MB. 稍后将提供对较大项目的支持。Support for larger items will be available at a later date.