合规性管理器常见问题Compliance Manager frequently asked questions

合规性管理器和合规性分数是一样的,还是不同?Is Compliance Manager and Compliance Score the same thing, or are they different?

现在只有一个解决方案:合规性管理器。There is now just one solution: Compliance Manager. 本部分将指导你完成过渡,从下面的基本概述开始。This section walks you through the transition, starting with a basic overview below. 您可能还发现直接跳转到以下部分之一会很有帮助:You may also find it helpful to jump directly to one of the following sections:

基础知识The basics

Microsoft 合规性管理器作为 Microsoft 服务信任门户内的合规性管理解决方案开始。Microsoft Compliance Manager began as a compliance management solution inside the Microsoft Service Trust Portal. 随着合规性解决方案进入 Microsoft 365 合规中心,我们针对此位置进行了更用户友好的设计,我们开发了一种新体验。As compliance solutions came into in the Microsoft 365 compliance center, we developed a new experience with a more user-friendly design for this location. 合规性分数公共预览版于 2019 年 11 月在 Microsoft 365 合规中心发布。Compliance Score public preview was released in the Microsoft 365 compliance center in November 2019. 合规性分数与合规性管理器共享相同的后端,允许客户在这两处工作。Compliance Score shared the same backend as Compliance Manager, allowing customers to work in both places. 自 2019 年 11 以来,我们在生成新功能并回复客户反馈时发布了多个更新。Since November 2019, we’ve released several updates as we built new functionality and responded to customer feedback.

2020 年 9 月 Microsoft 365 合规中心正式提供合规性管理器即完成了这一演变过程。The general availability of Compliance Manager in the Microsoft 365 compliance center in September 2020 completes this evolution. 合规性管理器是统一的端到端合规性解决方案。Compliance Manager is the unified, end-to-end compliance solution. 合规性分数仍然是合规性管理器的关键组成部分。Your compliance score remains a key component of Compliance Manager.

阅读 此博客 文章,详细了解通用版本合规性管理器的新增功能。Read this blog post to learn more about what’s new with the GA release of Compliance Manager.

组织定期在服务信任门户中使用合规性管理器Your organization regularly used Compliance Manager in the Service Trust Portal

如果在服务信任门户中使用了合规性管理器,则组织的所有数据现在都位于 Microsoft 365 合规中心的合规性管理器中 https://compliance.microsoft.com/compliancemanagerIf you used Compliance Manager in the Service Trust Portal, all of your organization’s data now exists in Compliance Manager in the Microsoft 365 compliance center at https://compliance.microsoft.com/compliancemanager. 除了更新必须更新之前位置的任何书签外,无需执行任何操作来恢复其新位置的合规性管理器工作。There’s nothing you need to do to resume your Compliance Manager work in its new location, other than to update any bookmarks you have to its previous location. 你已提供所有评估和其他数据。All of your assessments and other data have been brought over for you.

请注意, (信任门户中不再) 合规性管理器预览版,所有指向它的链接都会将你重定向到 Microsoft 365 合规中心的新位置。Note that Compliance Manager (preview) is no longer accessible in the Service Trust Portal, and all links to it will redirect you to its new location in the Microsoft 365 compliance center. 合规性管理器 (经典) 仍保留在服务信任门户中,尽管它并不鼓励使用。Compliance Manager (classic) remains in the Service Trust Portal, though its use is discouraged.

在以前版本的合规性管理器中执行的所有操作(例如 (现在称为"改进操作") 和创建评估)都可以在新的合规性管理器中完成。Everything you used to do in previous versions of Compliance Manager, such as completing actions (now called “improvement actions”) and creating assessments, can be done in the new Compliance Manager. 我们添加了 150 多个新的评估模板并改进了模板创建过程。We’ve added over 150 new assessment templates and improved the template creation process. 我们将在未来版本中添加更多增强功能。We'll add more enhancements in future releases.

下面是一些有用的资源:Below are some helpful resources:

你的组织在 Microsoft 365 (使用合规性分数) 公共预览版Your organization used Compliance Score (public preview) in the Microsoft 365 compliance center

如果你在公共预览版中使用了合规性分数,你将注意到合规性管理器的外观基本相同,你的分数在仪表板上特别推荐。If you used Compliance Score in public preview, you’ll notice Compliance Manager looks largely the same, with your score featured prominently on your dashboard. 使用 GA 版本,你不再需要离开 Microsoft 365 合规中心,才能执行某些评估管理功能,例如创建和修改评估模板。With the GA release, you no longer need to leave the Microsoft 365 compliance center in order to perform certain assessment management functions, such as creating and modifying templates for assessments. 现在,所有功能都驻留在一个地方。All functionality now resides in one place. 在合规性分数预览版中拥有的任何数据将保留在 GA 版本的合规性管理器中。Any data you had in the preview version of Compliance Score remains in the GA version of Compliance Manager.

请注意,如果筛选了合规性分数仪表板视图,这些筛选器在 9 月部署新的合规性管理器时重置。Note that if you filtered your Compliance Score dashboard view, those filters were reset when we deployed the new Compliance Manager in September. 你将需要重新应用你拥有的任何筛选器。You will need to reapply any filters you had.

合规性管理器还具有新的许可条款。Compliance Manager also has new licensing terms. 请参阅下面有关许可的问题。See the question below on licensing.

你已是合规性管理器的新人You're new to Compliance Manager

合规性管理器是 Microsoft 365 合规中心的端到端解决方案,用于管理和跟踪合规性活动。Compliance Manager is an end-to-end solution in the Microsoft 365 compliance center for managing and tracking compliance activities. 这是开始合规性之旅的一个很好的位置,因为它为你提供了首次访问时对合规性状态的初始评估。It’s a great place to begin your compliance journey because it gives you an initial assessment of your compliance posture the first time you visit. 下面是开始了解更多内容的良好位置:Below are good places to start learning more:

使用合规性管理器是否有许可要求?Are there licensing requirements for using Compliance Manager?

正确。Yes. 合规性管理器的 GA 版本包含新的许可条款。The GA release of Compliance Manager contains new licensing terms. 拥有 Office 365 和 Microsoft 365 许可证以及美国政府社区版 (GCC) Moderate、GCC High 和国防部 (DoD) 客户的所有组织均有权访问合规性管理器。All organizations with Office 365 and Microsoft 365 licenses, and US Government Community (GCC) Moderate, GCC High, and Department of Defense (DoD) customers, have access to Compliance Manager. 但是,组织可用的评估以及管理评估模板的方式取决于您的许可协议。However, the assessments available to your organization and how you manage assessment templates depends on your licensing agreement. 有关详细信息,请访问 Microsoft 365 安全与合规许可 指南。Visit the Microsoft 365 licensing guidance for security and compliance for details.

如果我有高分,这是否意味着我完全兼容?If I have a high score, does it mean I’m fully compliant?

否。No. 合规性分数用于衡量完成建议操作的进度,帮助降低数据保护和监管标准的风险。Your compliance score measures your progress in completing recommended actions that help reduce risks around data protection and regulatory standards. 它不表示组织遵守特定标准或法规的绝对度量。It does not express an absolute measure of organizational compliance with regard to a particular standard or regulation. 不得以任何方式将合规性管理器和合规性分数解释为保证。Compliance Manager, and your compliance score, should not be interpreted as a guarantee in any way.

能否将合规性管理器用于非 Microsoft 产品?Can I use Compliance Manager for non-Microsoft products?

合规性管理器仅为 Microsoft 云服务提供持续监视和推荐操作,但可以在合规性管理器中为第三方服务添加自定义评估。While Compliance Manager provides continuous monitoring and recommended actions only for Microsoft cloud services, you can add custom assessments in Compliance Manager for your third-party services. 这样,你可以将 Microsoft 合规性管理器用作 SaaS 合规性管理工具,以帮助你管理数字资产的所有控制措施。In this way, you can use Microsoft Compliance Manager as a SaaS compliance management tool to help you manage all the controls across your digital assets.

服务信任门户中的合规性管理器 (经典) 发生了什么变化?What’s happening to Compliance Manager (classic) in the Service Trust Portal?

驻留在 Microsoft 服务信任门户中的经典版本的合规性管理器即将停用。The classic version of Compliance Manager, which resides in the Microsoft Service Trust Portal, will soon be retired. Microsoft 365 消息中心通知将在最终停用合规性管理器或经典 (前至少 60) 。A Microsoft 365 Message Center notice will go out at least 60 days before the final retirement of Compliance Manager (classic). 在合规性管理器 (经典) 中管理合规性活动的客户需要将其数据(包括评估和控制)移动到 Microsoft 365 合规中心内的新合规性管理器解决方案。Customers who are managing their compliance activities in Compliance Manager (classic) will need to move their data, including assessments and controls, over to the new Compliance Manager solution in the Microsoft 365 compliance center. 当 Microsoft 365 合规中心内停用经典合规性管理器时,客户数据 (自动) 合规性管理器。Customer data will not automatically transfer over to Compliance Manager in the Microsoft 365 compliance center when Compliance Manager (classic) is retired.

若要了解如何快速设置新的合规性管理器,请阅读我们的 合规性管理器快速入门 指南。To learn how you can quickly set up the new Compliance Manager, read our Compliance Manager quickstart guide.