Set up Information Rights Management (IRM) in SharePoint admin centerSet up Information Rights Management (IRM) in SharePoint admin center

在 SharePoint Online 中,IRM 保护应用于列表和库级别的文件。Within SharePoint Online, IRM protection is applied to files at the list and library level. 您的组织可以使用 IRM 保护之前,必须先设置权限管理。Before your organization can use IRM protection, you must first set up Rights Management. IRM 依赖 azure 权限管理服务(来自 Azure 信息保护)来加密和分配使用限制。IRM relies on the Azure Rights Management service from Azure Information Protection to encrypt and assign usage restrictions. 一些 Microsoft 365 计划包括 Azure 权限管理,但并非全部。Some Microsoft 365 plans include Azure Rights Management, but not all. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅Office 应用程序和服务如何支持 Azure 权限管理To learn more, read How Office applications and services support Azure Rights Management.

使用 SharePoint 管理中心打开 IRM 服务Turn on IRM service using SharePoint admin center

在您的组织可以对 SharePoint 列表和库进行 IRM 保护之前,必须首先为您的组织激活权限管理服务。Before your organization can IRM-protect SharePoint lists and libraries, you must first activate the Rights Management service for your organization. 若要了解如何查看 "激活 Azure 权限管理"。To learn how see Activating Azure Rights Management. 您必须使用具有全局管理员权限的工作或学校帐户来启用 Rights Management service。You must use a work or school account that has global administrator privileges to enable the Rights Management service. 否则,将无法将 IRM 功能与 SharePoint Online 一起使用。Otherwise, you won't be able to use IRM features with SharePoint Online.

激活 Rights Management service 后,登录到 SharePoint 管理中心以打开 IRM。After activating the Rights Management service, sign in to the SharePoint admin center to turn on IRM.

  1. 以全局管理员或 SharePoint 管理员身份登录。Sign in as a global admin or SharePoint admin.

  2. 依次选择左上角的应用启动器图标 Office 365 中的应用启动器图标 和“管理员”****,以打开 Microsoft 365 管理中心。Select the app launcher icon The app launcher icon in Office 365 in the upper-left and choose Admin to open the Microsoft 365 admin center. (如果看不到 "管理员" 磁贴,则您的组织中不具有管理员权限。)(If you don't see the Admin tile, you don't have administrator permissions in your organization.)

  3. 在左窗格中,选择 "管理中心" " > SharePoint"。In the left pane, choose Admin centers > SharePoint.

  4. 在左窗格中,选择 "设置",然后选择 "经典设置" 页In the left pane, choose settings, and then choose classic settings page.

  5. 在 "信息权限管理(IRM) " 部分中,选择 "使用您的配置中指定的 IRM 服务",然后选择 "刷新 IRM 设置"。In the Information Rights Management (IRM) section, choose Use the IRM service specified in your configuration, and then choose Refresh IRM Settings. 刷新 IRM 设置后,组织中的用户可以开始在其 SharePoint 列表和文档库中使用 IRM。After you refresh IRM settings, people in your organization can begin using IRM in their SharePoint lists and document libraries. 但是,执行此操作的选项可能需要一个小时才能显示在 "库设置" 和 "列表设置" 中。However, the options to do so may take up to an hour to appear in Library Settings and List Settings.

IRM-启用 SharePoint 文档库和列表IRM-enable SharePoint document libraries and lists

刷新 IRM 设置后,网站所有者可以对其 SharePoint 列表和文档库进行 IRM 保护。After refreshing IRM settings, site owners can IRM-protect their SharePoint lists and document libraries. 有关详细信息,请参阅将信息权限管理应用于列表或库For more information, see Apply Information Rights Management to a list or library.

当网站所有者为列表或库启用 IRM 时,他们可以保护该列表或库中的任何受支持的文件类型。When site owners enable IRM for a list or library, they can protect any supported file types in that list or library. 对库启用 IRM 时,权限管理将应用于该库中的所有文件。When IRM is enabled for a library, rights management applies to all of the files in that library. 为列表启用 IRM 时,权限管理仅适用于附加到列表项(而不是实际列表项)的文件。When you enable IRM for a list, rights management applies only to files that are attached to list items, not the actual list items.

当用户下载启用 IRM 的列表或库中的文件时,将对这些文件进行加密,以便仅获得授权的用户可以查看这些文件。When people download files in an IRM-enabled list or library, the files are encrypted so that only authorized people can view them. 每个权限管理文件还包含一个发布许可证,该许可证对查看文件的人员施加限制。Each rights-managed file also contains an issuance license that imposes restrictions on the people who view the file. 典型限制包括将文件设为只读、禁用文本复制、阻止用户保存本地副本以及阻止用户打印文件。Typical restrictions include making a file read-only, disabling the copying of text, preventing people from saving a local copy, and preventing people from printing the file. 可以读取受 IRM 支持的文件类型的客户端程序使用权限管理文件中的发布许可证来强制实施这些限制。Client programs that can read IRM-supported file types use the issuance license within the rights-managed file to enforce these restrictions. 这是权限管理文件在下载后仍保留其保护的方式。This is how a rights-managed file retains its protection even after it is downloaded. 若要对列表或库启用 IRM,请参阅将信息权限管理应用于列表或库To enable IRM on a list or library, see Apply Information Rights Management to a list or library.

无法在浏览器中使用 Office 在启用 IRM 的库中创建或编辑文档。You cannot create or edit documents in an IRM-enabled library using Office in a browser. 相反,一次只能有一个人下载和编辑 IRM 加密文件。Instead, one person at a time can download and edit IRM-encrypted files. 使用签入和签出管理共同创作,或跨多个用户进行创作。Use check-in and check-out to manage co-authoring , or authoring across multiple users.

当您从受 IRM 保护的库下载 PDF 文件时,Microsoft 365 将创建一个受保护的 PDF 文件。When you download a PDF file from an IRM-protected library, Microsoft 365 creates a protected PDF file. 文件的分机号码不会改变,但文件是受保护的。The file's extension won't change, but the file is protected. 若要查看此文件,你将需要 Azure 信息保护查看器、完整的 Azure 信息保护客户端或其他支持查看受保护的 PDF 文件的应用程序。To view this file you'll need the Azure Information Protection viewer, the full Azure Information Protection client, or another application that supports viewing protected PDF files.

SharePoint Online 支持对以下文件类型进行加密:SharePoint Online supports encryption of the following file types:


  • 以下 Microsoft Office 程序的97-2003 文件格式: Word、Excel 和 PowerPointThe 97-2003 file formats for the following Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

  • 适用于以下 Microsoft Office 程序的 Office Open XML 格式: Word、Excel 和 PowerPointThe Office Open XML formats for the following Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

  • XML 纸张规范(XPS)格式The XML Paper Specification (XPS) format


IRM 保护无法应用于受保护的文档(如数字签名的 PDF 文件),因为 SharePoint 需要在上载时打开文档。IRM protection cannot be applied to protected documents (like digitally signed PDF files) as SharePoint needs to open the document on upload.

后续步骤Next steps

为 SharePoint Online 启用 IRM 后,可以开始将权限管理应用于列表和库。Once you've enabled IRM for SharePoint Online, you can start applying rights management to lists and libraries. 有关信息,请参阅将信息权限管理应用于列表或库For information, see Apply Information Rights Management to a list or library.

新的 OneDrive 同步客户端现在支持同步受 IRM 保护的 SharePoint 文档库和 OneDrive 位置(只要库的 IRM 设置未设置为 "过期文档访问权限")。The new OneDrive sync client for Windows now supports synchronizing IRM-protected SharePoint document libraries and OneDrive locations (as long as the IRM setting for the library isn't set to expire document access rights). 有关详细信息,或者若要开始部署新的同步客户端,请参阅部署新的 OneDrive 同步客户端 For WindowsFor more information, or to get started deploying the new sync client, see Deploy the new OneDrive sync client for Windows.

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