成为 Office 365 教育版管理员Becoming an Admin in Office 365 education


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如果你的学校符合使用 Microsoft Office 365 的条件,则可以使用学校提供的电子邮件地址自行进行注册。注册后,即可开始将 Office 365 用于学校项目。无需 IT 管理员设置就能够轻松完成这一切。但是,你的部门最终还是需要有一位管理员来为大家管理该服务。请按照以下步骤操作,可成为学校或部门的 Office 365 管理员。If your school is eligible for Microsoft Office 365, you can sign up on your own using your school-provided email address. Once you sign up, you can start using Office 365 for school projects. All of this can be done without an IT administrator setting things up. Your department, however, will eventually want an administrator to manage the service for everyone. Follow these steps to become the Office 365 administrator for your school or department.

  1. 使用学校提供的电子邮件地址登录 Office 365。Sign in to Office 365 using your school-provided email address.
  2. 选择左上角的应用启动器图标,然后选择“管理”****。Select the app launcher icon in the upper-left and choose Admin.

成为 Office 365 教育版管理员

  1. 阅读“成为管理员”**** 页面上的说明,然后选择“是,我想成为管理员”**** 注意:如果未显示此选项,则表示已有 Office 365 管理员。Read the instructions on the Become the admin page and then choose Yes, I want to be the admin. Note: If this option doesn’t appear, there is already an Office 365 administrator in place.

  2. 选择“验证”****,然后按照步骤操作,证明你拥有或管理与 Office 365 服务关联的域名。请参阅验证域名Choose Verify and follow the steps to prove that you own or manage the domain name associated with the Office 365 service. See Verify your domain name.

  3. 完成上述操作后,登录 Office 365,然后选择“管理员”****,以打开可以在其中管理服务的管理员中心。When you're finished, sign in to Office 365 and choose Admin to open the admin center where you can manage the service.


每个 Office 365 租户都具有一个与之关联的域名。通过证明你拥有或管理该域名,表明你有权成为学校或部门的 Office 365 管理员。Each Office 365 tenant has a domain name associated with it. By proving that you own or manage the domain name, you demonstrate that you have the authority to become your school or department’s Office 365 administrator.

如何工作How it works

对于符合条件的学校,学生和其他个人都可注册 Office 365,并立即开始将它用于学校事务。他们需要的只是学校提供的电子邮件地址以及他们创建的密码。提供这两项信息,他们即可在其 PC、Mac 或其他设备上安装最新版本的 Office,并开始创建具有专业外观的文档、在云中使用 OneDrive for Business 进行共享和协作等。他们可以自己完成这项工作,快速提高工作效率,而无需等待其部门或学校实施正式部署流程。For eligible schools, students and other individuals can sign up for Office 365 and start using it for school right away. All they need is their school-provided email address combined with a password they create. From there, they can install the latest version of Office on their PCs, Macs, or other devices and start creating professional-looking documents, share and collaborate in the cloud with OneDrive for Business, and much more. They can do this on their own and quickly become productive without waiting for a formal deployment process to be put in place by their department or school.

如果注册的第一个人的电子邮件地址,例如为“sara@contoso.edu”,那么该电子邮件地址的域部分“contoso.edu”将用作他们的 Office 365 域名。具有相同电子邮件地址域的所有后续用户(例如“rob@contoso.edu”)也将被添加到同一 Office 365 环境,并拥有相同的云服务。这两个人都可以使用 Office 365 的生产力工具集,但他们不能管理服务。例如,他们无法购买更多许可证、添加新用户或对其他人实施策略。IT 部门可以随时接管此环境,并以管理员身份为其管理服务。为此,请注册 Office 365,因为其他人也使用学校提供的电子邮件地址(例如“mark@contoso.edu”)。请选择左上角的应用启动器图标,选择“管理员”\*\*\*\*,然后阅读“成为管理员”\*\*\*\* 页上的说明。系统会要求你来验证是否拥有或管理与 Office 365 环境相关联的域名(“contoso.edu”)。这样做的原因是,如果你拥有或管理学校的域名,则必须已拥有有权限的 IT 角色。验证完毕后,即可自行提升为 Office 365 管理员角色。If the first person who signs up has an email address like ‘sara@contoso.edu,’ the domain portion of that email address ‘contoso.edu’ will be used as their Office 365 domain name. All subsequent users with that same email address domain (say ‘rob@contoso.edu’) will also be added to the same Office 365 environment and provided the same cloud services. Both individuals can use Office 365’s productivity toolset but they cannot administer the service. For example, they can’t purchase more licenses, add new users, or enforce policies on others. The IT department can take over this environment at any time and manage the service as an administrator for them. To do so, sign up for Office 365 as others have using your school-provided email address (say ‘mark@contoso.edu’). Select the app launcher icon in the upper-left and choose Admin, and then read the instructions on the Become the admin page. You'll be asked to verify that you own or manage the domain name associated with theOffice 365 environment (‘contoso.edu’). The reason for this is that you must already have an authoritative IT role if you own or manage the school’s domain name. Once you verify this, you can promote yourself to the Office 365 admin role.

后续步骤Next steps

在使自己成为学校 Office 365 服务的管理员后,需要通知其他人你现在是管理员,并且你将为他们管理 Office 365。同时,你还将承担下列其他的管理工作:Once you make yourself the administrator of your school’s Office 365 service, you need to inform others that you're now the administrator and you'll be managing Office 365 for them. You’ll take on other administration work too, including the following:

任务Task 详细信息Details
了解有关此 Office 365 产品/服务的详细信息Learn more about this Office 365 offer
查看 Office 365 教育版常见问题解答Visit the Office 365 Education FAQ.
了解 Office 365 用户体验Learn about the Office 365 user experience
了解 Office 365 用户体验,例如登录、安装软件和设置设备。Learn about the Office 365 user experience, like signing in, installing software, and setting up devices.
联系现有用户Contact existing users
联系已注册同一服务的现有用户。按照这些步骤查看现有用户。向他们发送电子邮件告知他们你已成为管理员。Reach out to existing users who have signed up on the same service. Follow these steps to see existing users. Send them email and inform them of your role as the administrator.
鼓励其他人加入Encourage others to join
联系同事、学生、教师和其他人,建议他们注册 Office 365 服务Reach out to co-workers, students, teachers, and others, to suggest that they sign up for the Office 365 service.
根据需要添加或删除用户Add or remove users as needed
按照步骤添加或删除用户,包括可能无法自行注册的 IT 员工或合作伙伴。Follow the steps to add or remove users, including IT staff or partners, who may not be able to sign up on their own.
重置密码Reset passwords
这可能时有发生。如果他们无法登录或忘记密码,请重置个人密码It happens. Reset individual passwords if they can’t sign in or forgot their password.
分配电子邮件许可证并配置邮件流Assign email licenses and configure mail flow
向用户分配 Exchange 许可证并为所有用户配置电子邮件流Assign Exchange licenses to users and configure email flow for all users.
迁移电子邮件和联系人Migrate email and contacts
从以前的 IT 解决方案或服务迁移电子邮件到 Office 365。Migrate email from your previous IT solution or service into Office 365.
宣传Spread the word
在部门或学校宣传,并通过这些电子邮件模板、社交媒体、海报等帮助其他人采用 Office 365。Get the word out in your department or school and help others adopt Office 365 with these email templates, social media, posters and more.