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改进后的 Intune for Education 是一项基于云的服务,让你能够在课堂中轻松设置和控制 Windows 10 应用和设备。Intune for Education 是新式平台创建课堂中学习条件的核心。Microsoft 的云技术可并排部署,也可与你的现有基础结构轻松集成。借助 Intune for Education,学校可通过应用和设置 1 小时内完成电脑课堂设置,同时与其他管理控制台相比可节省多达 70% 的成本。The improved Intune for Education is a cloud-based service that delivers easy setup and control of Windows 10 apps and devices in the classroom. Intune for Education is at the core of a modern platform to create the conditions for learning in the classroom. Microsoft’s cloud technologies can be deployed alongside or integrate easily with your existing infrastructure. With Intune for Education, schools can set up a classroom of PCs with apps and settings in less than an hour and save up to 70 percent in costs versus alternative management consoles.

Intune for Education 的优势包括:Benefits of Intune for Education include:

  • 轻松部署:借助 Windows 10,可比以往更轻松地设置新电脑,包括使用电子钥匙的超轻触设备配置。Easy deployment: With Windows 10, it is easier than ever to set up a new PC, including very light-touch device configuration using a USB key.

  • 简单注册:通过“设置学校电脑”应用和 U 盘、开箱即用体验或 Autopilot,依靠 AAD 加入轻松管理设备。Simple enrollment: Bring devices under management simply by AAD joining, either through the Setup School PCs app & USB stick, Out Of Box Experience, or with Autopilot.

  • 零接触管理:Microsoft 教育版和核准第三方应用程序默认对每个注册设备应用相应设置。Zero-touch management: Microsoft for Education and approved third-party apps, with appropriate settings applied to each enrolled device by default.

  • 更多 IT 可见性和见解,支持通过 Intune for Education 通知设备部署并进行故障排除。More IT visibility and insights to inform device deployment & troubleshooting with Intune for Education.

    • 搜索 :允许管理员搜索特定用户/设备,并查看用户/设备详细信息页。Search : Allows an admin to search for specific user/device and view user/device details page.
    • 用户和设备详细信息页:找到用户/设备后,你可以查看用户/设备应该应用哪些设置和应用以及其部署状态。User & device details pages: Once you’ve found the user/device you can see which settings and apps should be applied and their deployment status for a user/device.
    • 审核组的应用/设置更改记录:允许管理员查看已进行了哪些更改,更改人及更改时间。Audit Log for apps/settings changes on a group: Allows an admin to see which changes were made, by whom and when.
    • Windows Defender 状态报告:现在 IT 管理员可以在 Intune for Education 管理功能下查看有关设备的更详细状态,包括有关检测到的漏洞和扫描状态的信息,Windows Defender status reporting: now IT admins can see more detailed status on devices under Intune for Education management including information on vulnerabilities detected and scan status,
  • 共享设备:可以共享托管设备。如果必要,每个用户可以获得不同的设置/应用。Shared devices: Managed devices can be shared. Each user can get different settings/apps if required.

  • 专为教育版设计:针对学校的智能默认设置,且在通过学校数据同步来同步 SIS 数据后,能够按设备或用户组提供针对性粒度策略。Designed for Education: Smart defaults for schools and the ability to target granular policies by device or user groups after syncing SIS data via School Data Sync.

  • 通过从地区级别到学校级别的委派管理来适应你的环境Scales to your environment with delegated administration from a district to a school level. 添加对完整企业级 Intune 控制台的权限,以实现跨平台管理。Includes rights to the full enterprise-grade Intune console for cross-platform management.  

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