容量规划和负载测试 SharePoint OnlineCapacity planning and load testing SharePoint Online

本文介绍如何在不进行传统负载测试的情况下部署到 SharePoint Online,因为 SharePoint Online 上不允许进行负载测试。This article describes how you can deploy to SharePoint Online without traditional load testing, since load-testing is not permitted on SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online 是一项云服务,该服务中的负载功能、运行状况和总体负载平衡由 Microsoft 管理。SharePoint Online is a cloud service and the load capabilities, health and overall balance of load in the service is managed by Microsoft.

确保成功启动网站的最佳方法是遵循在门户启动推出计划中突出显示的指导原则、实践 和建议The best approach to ensuring the success of launching your site is to follow basic principles, practices and recommendations which are highlighted in the plan your portal launch roll-out.

SharePoint Online 如何执行容量规划的概述Overview of how SharePoint Online performs Capacity planning

与本地部署不同,SharePoint Online 的主要优势之一是云弹性以及分布式区域用户的优化。One of the main benefits of SharePoint Online over an on-premises deployment is the elasticity of the cloud as well as optimizations for users in distributed regions. 我们的大型环境每天设置为为数百万用户提供服务,因此,我们通过平衡和扩展服务器场有效处理容量非常重要。Our large scale environment is set up to service millions of users on a daily basis, so it is important that we handle capacity effectively by balancing and expanding farms.

尽管对于任何一个服务器场中的任一租户,增长通常不可预测,但随着时间的推移,总请求总和是可预测的。While the growth is often unpredictable for any one tenant in any one farm, the aggregated sum of requests is predictable over time. 通过确定 SharePoint Online 中的增长趋势,我们可以规划未来的扩展。By identifying the growth trends in SharePoint Online, we can plan for future expansion.

为了高效地使用容量并应对意外增长,在任何服务器场中,我们都有用于跟踪和监视服务的各种元素的自动化功能。In order to efficiently use capacity and deal with unexpected growth, in any farm, we have automation that tracks and monitors various elements of the service. 利用多个指标,其中一个主要指标是 CPU 负载,它用作向上扩展前端服务器的信号。Multiple metrics are utilized, with one of the main ones being CPU load, which is used as a signal to scale-up front end servers. 此外,我们建议采用分阶段 /wave方法,因为 SQL 环境将随着时间的负载和增长进行扩展,并且遵循阶段和波允许该负载和增长的正确分布。Additionally to this we recommend a phased / wave approach, as SQL environments will scale according to load and growth over time, and following the phases and waves allows for the correct distribution of that load and growth.

容量不仅仅是为了持续添加更多硬件,还涉及管理和控制该容量以确保其为有效负载请求提供服务。Capacity is more than just about adding more hardware on a continuous basis but it also pertains to managing and controlling that capacity to ensure it is servicing valid load requests. 我们建议客户遵循推荐的指南,以确保他们获得最佳体验。We recommend that customers follow the recommended guidance to ensure they have the best experience. 它还意味着我们具有限制模式和控件,以确保我们不允许服务中出现"滥用"行为。It also means that we have throttling patterns and controls in place to ensure we do not allow "abusive" behavior in the service. 尽管并不是所有"不良"行为都是有意为之,但我们必须确保限制该行为的影响。Whilst not all "bad" behavior is intentional, we do have to ensure that we limit the effect of that behavior. 有关限制以及如何避免限制的进一步信息,请查看如何避免受限制的 指南 文章。For further information on throttling and how to avoid it, review the how to avoid being throttled guidance article.

为什么无法加载测试 SharePoint OnlineWhy you cannot load test SharePoint Online

对于本地环境,负载测试用于验证扩展假设并最终找到服务器场的断点;通过使负载饱和。With on-premises environments, load testing is used to validate scale assumption and ultimately find the breaking point of a farm; by saturating it with load.

对于 SharePoint Online,我们需要执行不同的操作,因为缩放相对流畅,并且根据某些启发性调整、限制和控制负载。With SharePoint Online we need to do things differently because the scale is relatively fluid and adjusts, throttles and controls load, based on certain heuristics. 作为如此大规模的多租户环境,我们必须保护同一服务器场中的所有租户,以便自动限制任何负载测试。Being such a large scale multi-tenant environment, we must protect all tenants in the same farm, so we will automatically throttle any load tests. 但是,如果您尝试加载测试,除了受到限制之外,您会收到令人误解的结果,因为当前测试的服务器场在测试窗口或测试后几个小时内可能会发生更改,因为将定期执行缩放和服务器场平衡操作。If you do however attempt to load test, besides being throttled, you will receive disappointing and potentially misleading results because the farm you tested today will probably have had scale changes during the testing window or within hours after testing, as scale and farm balancing actions are performed on an on-going basis.

与其尝试将测试 SharePoint 作为服务进行加载,不如专注于遵循建议的做法,并按照创建、启动和维护正常运行的 门户指南 操作。Instead of trying to load test SharePoint as a service, rather focus on following the recommended practices and follow the Creating, launching and maintaining a healthy portal guidance.