Contoso Corporation 概述Overview of Contoso Corporation

Contoso Corporation 是其总部在巴黎的跨国企业。The Contoso Corporation is a multinational business with its headquarters in Paris. 公司是包含100000以上产品的制造、销售和支持组织。The company is a manufacturing, sales, and support organization with more than 100,000 products.

全球的 ContosoContoso around the world

图1显示了位于巴黎和各个洲的地区中心和卫星办公室中的总部办公室。Figure 1 shows the headquarters office in Paris and regional hub and satellite offices on various continents.

世界各地的 Contoso 办事处

图1:世界各地的 Contoso 办事处Figure 1: Contoso offices around the world

Contoso 拥有三个层的办公室:Contoso has three tiers of offices:

  • 总部Headquarters

    Contoso 总部是在巴黎 outskirts 的公司校园,拥有数十个用于管理、工程和制造设施的办公楼。Contoso headquarters is a corporate campus on the outskirts of Paris with dozens of buildings for administrative, engineering, and manufacturing facilities. 所有 Contoso 数据中心及其 internet 状态均驻留在巴黎总部中。All the Contoso datacenters and its internet presence are housed in the Paris headquarters.

    总部拥有 25,000 名工作人员。The headquarters has 25,000 workers.

  • 区域中心Regional hubs

    中心办公室为世界各地的特定区域提供了60% 的销售和支持人员。Hub offices serve a specific region of the world with 60-percent sales and support staff. 每个区域集线器通过高带宽 WAN 链路连接到巴黎总部。Each regional hub is connected to the Paris headquarters through a high-bandwidth WAN link.

    区域中心的平均工作者数为2000。The regional hubs have an average of 2,000 workers.

  • 分支办事处Satellite offices

    卫星办公室包含80% 的销售和支持人员。Satellite offices contain 80-percent sales and support staff. 它们为 Contoso 客户提供了关键城市或 subregions 的现场状态。They provide an on-site presence for Contoso customers in key cities or subregions. 通过高带宽 WAN 链路将每个卫星办公室连接到一个区域中心。Each satellite office is connected to a regional hub through a high-bandwidth WAN link.

    卫星办公室平均为250个工作人员。The satellite offices have an average of 250 workers.

大约25% 的 Contoso 劳动力是仅移动设备。About 25 percent of the Contoso workforce is mobile-only. 区域中心和卫星办公室的工作人员占的百分比越高。The regional hubs and satellite offices have a higher percentage of these workers. 为仅移动工作人员提供有力的支持是 Contoso 的重要业务目标。Providing better support for mobile-only workers is an important business goal for Contoso.

适用于企业的 Microsoft 365 的设计注意事项Design considerations for Microsoft 365 for enterprise

Contoso IT 架构师确定了以下用于部署适用于企业的 Microsoft 365 的设计要求因素:The Contoso IT architects identified the following design-requirement factors for deploying Microsoft 365 for enterprise:

  • 具有本地管理法规和合规性要求的多个地理位置Multiple geographic locations with local regulations and compliance requirements
  • 驻留内部业务线应用程序的总部办公室和区域应用程序服务器中的中央 intranet 数据中心A central intranet datacenter in the headquarters office and regional application servers that host internal line-of-business applications
  • 现有 Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager 基础结构An existing Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager infrastructure
  • 运行 Windows、Mac 和 Linux 的客户端计算设备的混合A mix of client computing devices that run Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • 同时涉及个人和公司所拥有的移动设备,包括 iOS(iPhone 和 iPad)和 Android 智能手机和平板电脑A mix of personal and company-owned mobile devices, including iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android smart phones and tablets
  • 许多远程和移动工作人员Many remote and mobile workers
  • 许多商业合作伙伴Many business partners
  • 需要大量客户和其他机密个人信息来管理和保护A large amount of customer and other confidential personal information to manage and secure
  • 以产品设计规格和制造工艺商业机密形式存在的大量高价值知识产权A large amount of high-value intellectual property in the form of design specifications for products and manufacturing trade secrets

后续步骤Next step

了解 Contoso Corporation 本地 IT 基础结构 ,以及公司的业务需求如何与 Microsoft 365 for enterprise 一起解决。Learn about the Contoso Corporation on-premises IT infrastructure and how the company's business needs are addressed with Microsoft 365 for enterprise.

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