迁移到新的德国数据中心区域的 Office 365 服务后将发生哪些变化What will change after the migration to Office 365 services in the new German datacenter regions

租户迁移旨在对管理员和用户产生最小影响。Tenant migrations are designed to have minimal effect on administrators and users. 但是,每个工作负载都有注意事项。However, there are considerations for each workload. 请查看以下部分,以更好地了解工作负载的迁移体验。Please review the following sections to have a better understanding of the migration experience for the workloads.

以下是德国 Microsoft 云与新的德国数据中心区域的 Office 365 服务之间的主要区别。Following are the key differences between Microsoft Cloud Deutschland and Office 365 services in the new German datacenter regions.

CategoryCategory 德国 Microsoft 云Microsoft Cloud Germany (Microsoft Cloud Deutschland) 新的德国数据中心区域内的 Office 365 服务Office 365 services in the new German datacenter regions
Microsoft 365 服务适用于只有一个 Office 365 租户的订阅Microsoft 365 services available for subscription with just one Office 365 tenant 15 个服务15 services 29 个服务29 services

有关详细信息,请参阅不同的 Office 365云服务产品之间的服务可用性是什么?。For more information, see What is the service availability between the different Office 365 cloud service offerings?.
新增功能New features 没有可用的新功能。No new features will be available. 新功能将与 Office 365 服务一致。New features will be available consistent with Office 365 services.
数据受托人Data trustee Yes No
与全球 Office 365 租户跨租户协作Cross-tenant collaboration with global Office 365 tenants No Yes
客户数据驻留Customer data residency 客户数据将仅存储在德国数据中心内。Customer data will be stored solely within German data centers. Microsoft 将专门在德国存储以下客户数据:Microsoft will store the following Customer Data at rest exclusively within Germany:
  • Exchange Online 邮箱 (电子邮件正文、日历条目以及电子邮件附件内容) Exchange Online mailbox content (email body, calendar entries, and the content of email attachments)
  • SharePoint Online 网站内容和存储在该网站中的文件,以及上传到 OneDrive for Business 的文件SharePoint Online site content and the files stored within that site, and files uploaded to OneDrive for Business
适用条款Applicable terms 此补充的联机 服务 条款Online Services Terms with this supplement 联机服务条款Online Services Terms

Azure Active DirectoryAzure Active Directory

没有变化:What isn't changing:

  • 租户初始 (,例如) ID (GUID) 自定义域在迁移后 contoso.onmicrosoft.de 仍然保留。Tenant initial domain (such as contoso.onmicrosoft.de) with tenant ID (GUID) and custom domains will persist after the migration.

  • 迁移到 Office 365 服务的资源的身份验证请求由 Office 365 服务 Azure 身份验证服务 login.microsoftonline.com () 。Authentication requests for resources that are migrated to Office 365 services are granted by the Office 365 services Azure authentication service (login.microsoftonline.com). 在迁移过程中,仍保留在 Office 365 Germany 中的资源由现有的德国 Azure 服务 login.microsoftonline.de () 。During the migration, resources that remain still in Office 365 Germany are authenticated by the existing Germany Azure service (login.microsoftonline.de).

要注意的注意事项:Considerations to note:

  • 对于托管域帐户,在复制初始 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 租户完成后 (这是 Azure AD 迁移到 Office 365 服务 Azure AD 服务) 、密码更改、自助服务密码重置 (SSPR) 更改以及管理员重置密码的第一步,必须从 Office 365 服务门户执行。For managed domain accounts, after copying of the initial Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant is complete (which is the first step of Azure AD migration to the Office 365 services Azure AD service), password changes, self-service password reset (SSPR) changes, and password resets by administrators must be done from the Office 365 service portals. 此时,从德国服务更新密码的请求不会成功,因为 Azure AD 租户已迁移到 Office 365 服务。Requests to update passwords from the Germany service won't succeed at this point, because the Azure AD tenant has been migrated to Office 365 services. 对联合域密码的重置不会受到影响,因为这些操作在内部部署目录中完成。Resets of federated domain passwords aren't affected, because these are completed in the on-premises directory.

  • Azure 登录在用户尝试访问的门户中显示。Azure sign-ins are presented in the portal where the user attempts access. 转换后,仅 Office 365 服务终结点提供审核日志。Audit logs are available from only the Office 365 services endpoint after transition. 在迁移到完成迁移之前,应保存德国 Microsoft 云门户中的登录和审核日志。Before migration through to the completion of migration, you should save sign-in and audit logs from the Microsoft Cloud Deutschland portal.

  • 必须由管理员为未使用 Active Directory 联合身份验证服务 (的托管组织) 执行密码重置、密码更改和密码重置。必须通过 Office 365 服务门户执行。Password resets, password changes, password reset by an administrator for managed organizations (that are not using Active Directory Federation Services) must be performed via the Office 365 services portal. 访问德国 Microsoft 云门户的用户重置密码的尝试将失败。Attempts by users who access Microsoft Cloud Deutschland portals to reset passwords will fail.

  • GDPR (一般数据保护条例) 数据主体请求 (DSR) 从 Office 365 服务 Azure 管理门户执行,供将来请求使用。General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Data Subject Requests (DSRs) are executed from the Office 365 services Azure admin portal for future requests. 位于德国 Microsoft 云的任何旧式或非客户诊断数据在 30 天或之前被删除。Any legacy or non-customer diagnostic data that is resident in Microsoft Cloud Deutschland is deleted at or before 30 days.

订阅&许可证Subscriptions & Licenses

  • Microsoft 云德国的 Office 365 和 Dynamics 订阅通过 Azure AD 重定位转换到德国区域。Office 365 and Dynamics subscriptions from Microsoft Cloud Deutschland are transitioned to the German region with the Azure AD relocation. 然后更新组织以反映新的 Office 365 服务订阅。The organization is then updated to reflect new Office 365 services subscriptions. 在简短的订阅传输过程中,将阻止对订阅的更改。During the brief subscription transfer process, changes to subscriptions are blocked.

  • 随着租户过渡到 Office 365 服务,其特定于德国的订阅和许可证通过新的 Office 365 服务产品标准化。As the tenant is transitioned to Office 365 services, its Germany-specific subscriptions and licenses are standardized with new Office 365 services offerings. 为转移的德国订阅购买相应的 Office 365 服务订阅。Corresponding Office 365 services subscriptions are purchased for the transferred Germany subscriptions. 拥有德国许可证的用户将被分配 Office 365 服务许可证。Users who have Germany licenses will be assigned Office 365 services licenses. 完成后,旧式 Germany 订阅将取消,并已从当前 Office 365 服务租户中删除。Upon completion, legacy Germany subscriptions are canceled and removed from the current Office 365 services tenant.

  • 在迁移各个工作负载后,由于新的 Office 365 服务订阅 (Office 365 服务 (如 Microsoft Planner 和 Microsoft Flow) 提供了其他功能。After migration of the individual workloads, additional functionality is made available through the Office 365 services (such as Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Flow) because of the new Office 365 services subscriptions. 如果适合贵组织,租户或许可管理员可以在规划变更管理以引入新服务时禁用新服务计划。If appropriate for your organization, the tenant or licensing administrator can disable new service plans as you plan for change management to introduce the new services. 有关如何禁用分配给用户许可证的服务计划的指南,请参阅在分配用户许可证时禁用对 Microsoft 365 服务的访问权限For guidance on how to disable service plans that are assigned to users' licenses, see Disable access to Microsoft 365 services while assigning user licenses.

Exchange OnlineExchange Online

  • 迁移后,Exchange 资源 URL 从旧德国终结点转换到 outlook.office.de Office 365 outlook.office365.com 服务终结点。Exchange resource URLs transition from the legacy Germany endpoint outlook.office.de to the Office 365 services endpoint outlook.office365.com after the migration. 在迁移完成之前,您的用户可以使用旧 URL 访问其迁移的邮箱。Your users may access their migrated mailbox by using the legacy URL until the migration completes. 客户应在 Exchange 迁移开始后尽快将用户转换到新 URL,以避免影响德国环境的停用。Customers should transition users to the new URL as soon as possible after Exchange migration begins to avoid affecting retirement of the Germany environment. Outlook 服务的 Office 365 服务 URL 仅在 Exchange 迁移开始后可用。The Office 365 services URLs for Outlook services become available only after Exchange migration begins.

  • 邮箱作为后端进程进行迁移。Mailboxes are migrated as a backend process. 在转换期间,您组织的用户可能在德国 Microsoft 云或德国区域,并且属于同一全局地址 (列表中的同一 Exchange) 。Users in your organization may be in either Microsoft Cloud Deutschland or the German region during the transition and are part of the same Exchange organization (in the same global address list).

  • 通过使用其邮箱Outlook Web App URL 访问服务的用户会看到额外的身份验证提示。Users of the Outlook Web App who access the service by using a URL where their mailbox does not reside will see an extra authentication prompt. 例如,如果用户的邮箱位于 Office 365 服务中,并且用户的 Outlook Web App 连接使用旧版终结点,则用户首先会向 进行身份验证,然后对 outlook.office.de login.microsoftonline.de 进行身份验证 login.microsoftonline.comFor example, if the user's mailbox is in the Office 365 services and the user's Outlook Web App connection uses the legacy endpoint outlook.office.de, the user will first authenticate to login.microsoftonline.de, and then to login.microsoftonline.com. 迁移完成后,用户可以访问新的 URL () ,并且他们只能看到一个预期的 https://outlook.office365.com 登录请求。When migration is complete, the user can access the new URL (https://outlook.office365.com), and they'll see only the single, expected sign-in request.

Office 服务Office Services

在转换之前和转换期间,可通过 Office Online office.de 服务访问。Office Online services are accessible via office.de before and during the transition. 在将用户的邮箱转换为 Office 365 服务后,用户应开始使用 Office 365 服务 URL。After users' mailboxes are transitioned to the Office 365 services, users should begin to use Office 365 services URLs. 随着后续工作负载迁移到 Office 365 服务,它们从 office.com 门户的界面将开始工作。As subsequent workloads migrate to Office 365 services, their interface from the office.com portal will begin to work.

Office 中最近 (MRU) 服务是一种从德国 Microsoft 云到 Office 365 全局服务的转换,而不是迁移。The most recently used (MRU) service in Office is a cutover from the Microsoft Cloud Deutschland to Office 365 Global services, not a migration. 从 Office 365 全局服务端迁移后,只有 Office 365 全局服务端中的 MRU 链接 Office.com 可见。Only MRU links from the Office 365 Global services side will be visible after migration from the Office.com portal. 来自德国 Microsoft 云的 MRU 链接在 Office 365 全球服务中作为 MRU 链接不可见。MRU links from the Microsoft Cloud Deutschland aren't visible as MRU links in Office 365 Global services. 在 Office 365 全局服务中,MRU 链接仅在租户迁移到达阶段 9 之后才能访问。In Office 365 Global services, MRU links are accessible only after the tenant migration has reached phase 9.

Exchange Online ProtectionExchange Online Protection

  • 后端 Exchange Online Protection (EOP) 功能复制到新的德国区域。Back-end Exchange Online Protection (EOP) features are copied to new Germany region.
  • 作为迁移的一部分,Office 365 安全与合规中心用户需要转换到使用 https://protection.office.com 全局 URL。Office 365 Security and Compliance Center users need to transition to using global URLs, https://protection.office.com, as part of the migration.

Skype for Business OnlineSkype for Business Online

现有 Skype for Business Online 客户将过渡到 Microsoft Teams。Existing Skype for Business Online customers will transition to Microsoft Teams. 有关详细信息,请参阅 https://aka.ms/SkypeToTeams-HomeFor more information, see https://aka.ms/SkypeToTeams-Home.

Office 365 视频Office 365 Video

Office 365 视频将于 2021 年 3 月 1 日停用,在将 SharePoint Online 迁移到新的德国数据中心区域后,Office 365 视频将不受支持。Office 365 Video is being retired on March 1, 2021, and Office 365 Video won't be supported after migration of SharePoint Online to the new German datacenter regions is completed. Office 365 视频中的内容将作为 SharePoint Online 迁移的一部分进行迁移。Content from Office 365 Video will be migrated as part of migrating SharePoint Online. 但是,在 SharePoint 迁移后,Office 365 视频中的视频不会在 Office 365 视频 UI 中播放。However, videos in Office 365 Video won't play back in the Office 365 Video UI after the SharePoint migration. 了解有关 Office 365视频到 Microsoft Stream 的迁移时间线 (经典) 概述。Learn more about the migration timeline on Office 365 Video transition to Microsoft Stream (classic) overview.

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