Microsoft 365 网络路线图Networking roadmap for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 企业版包括协作和生产力云服务、Microsoft Intune 以及 Microsoft Azure 的许多标识和安全服务。Microsoft 365 for enterprise includes collaboration and productivity cloud services, Microsoft Intune, and many identity and security services of Microsoft Azure. 所有这些基于云的服务都依赖于来自客户端设备通过 Internet 或专用电路的连接的安全性、性能和可靠性。All of these cloud-based services rely on the security, performance, and reliability of connections from client devices over the Internet or dedicated circuits. 为了托管这些服务并将其提供给世界各地的客户,Microsoft 设计了一个强调性能和集成的网络基础架构。To host these services and make them available to customers all over the world, Microsoft has designed a networking infrastructure that emphasizes performance and integration.

Microsoft 365 载入的一个关键部分是确保网络和 Internet 连接已设置为优化访问。A crucial part of your Microsoft 365 onboarding is to ensure that your network and Internet connections are set up for optimized access. 将本地网络配置为访问全局分布式软件即服务 (SaaS) 云与针对到内部部署数据中心的流量和中央 Internet 连接进行了优化的传统网络不同。Configuring your on-premises network to access a globally distributed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud is different from a traditional network that is optimized for traffic to on-premises datacenters and a central Internet connection.

使用以下文章来理解它们之间的关键区别,并修改你的边缘设备、客户端计算机和内部网络,以为本地用户获得最佳性能。Use these articles to understand the key differences and to modify your edge devices, client computers, and on-premises network to get the best performance for your on-premises users.


在网络实施的规划阶段:In the planning phase of your networking implementation:


在网络实施的部署阶段:In the deployment phase of your networking implementation:


在网络实现的管理阶段:In the management phase of your networking implementation:

网络设备供应商Network equipment vendors

如果你是网络设备供应商,请加入 Microsoft 365 网络合作伙伴计划If you are a network equipment vendor, join the Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program. 注册该计划,在产品和解决方案中构建 Microsoft 365 网络连接原则。Enroll in the program to build Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles into your products and solutions.

Contoso 如何为 Microsoft 365 建立网络How Contoso did networking for Microsoft 365

了解 Contoso Corporation(有代表性的虚构跨国企业)如何针对 Microsoft 365 云服务优化自己的网络设备和 Internet 连接See how the Contoso Corporation, a fictional but representative multi-national business, optimized their network devices and Internet connections for Microsoft 365 cloud services.

Contoso Corporation

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使用 Microsoft 365 网络连接概述 开始网络规划Start your networking planning with the Microsoft 365 networking connectivity overview.