在 SharePoint Online 中规划门户启动推出计划Planning your portal launch roll-out plan in SharePoint Online

门户是 Intranet 上的一个 SharePoint 网站,其中包含大量使用网站内容的网站查看者。A portal is a SharePoint site on your intranet that has a large number of site viewers who consume content on the site. 在大型组织中,可能有几种;例如公司门户和人力资源门户。In large organizations there could be several of these; for example, a company portal and an HR portal. 通常,门户创建和创作网站及其内容的人员相对较少。Typically portals have relatively few people who create and author the site and its content. 门户的大多数访问者仅读取和使用内容。Most visitors to the portal only read and consume the content.

本文介绍如何规划 SharePoint Online 的部署和推出计划。This article describes how to plan your deployment and roll-out plan to SharePoint Online. 它还提供了遵循的方法,因为 SharePoint Online 上不允许传统负载测试。It also provides approaches to follow as traditional load testing is not permitted on SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online 是一项云服务,该服务中的负载功能、运行状况和总体负载平衡由 Microsoft 管理。SharePoint Online is a cloud service and the load capabilities, health and overall balance of load in the service are managed by Microsoft.

为了帮助创建成功的门户,请遵循创建、启动和维护正常运行的门户中详述的 指导原则、实践和建议To help in creating a successful portal, follow the basic principles, practices and recommendations detailed in the Creating, launching and maintaining a healthy portal

下面重点介绍了部署方法。The deployment approach is highlighted below.

SharePoint Online 中的容量规划概述Overview of capacity planning in SharePoint Online

为了高效地使用容量并应对意外增长,在任何服务器场中,我们都有用于跟踪特定使用方案的自动化。In order to efficiently use capacity and deal with unexpected growth, in any farm, we have automation that tracks certain usage scenarios. 尽管任何一个服务器场中的任一租户的确切增长不可预测,但随着时间的推移,请求总数是可预测的。While exact growth is unpredictable for any one tenant in any one farm, the aggregated sum of requests is predictable over time. 通过确定 SharePoint Online 中的增长趋势,我们可以规划未来的扩展。By identifying the growth trends in SharePoint Online, we can plan for future expansion. 有关容量规划和 负载测试 SharePoint Online 详细信息For more information on Capacity planning and load testing SharePoint Online.

成功启动的关键部分是下面详述的"wave"或"阶段性推出"方法。A key part of a successful launch is the "wave" or "phased roll-out" approach detailed below.

能否加载测试 SharePoint Online?Can I load test SharePoint Online?

SharePoint Online 是一个共享的多租户环境,它跨服务器场和规模进行平衡,并定期进行调整。SharePoint Online is a shared multi-tenanted environment which is balanced across farms and scale is adjusted in an on-going basis. 负载测试环境(如 SharePoint Online)的扩展会不断更改,不仅会获得意外结果,而且不允许进行。Load testing an environment, like SharePoint Online, whose scale changes continuously will not only give you unexpected results but it is not permitted.

了解更多信息 :SharePoint Online 的容量规划和负载测试Learn more: Capacity planning and load testing SharePoint Online

不应简单地将本地部署中的页面移动到 SharePoint Online,而不要根据针对 SharePoint Online 的建议准则查看这些页面。Pages from an on-Premise deployment should not simply be moved as they are onto SharePoint Online without reviewing them against recommended guidelines for SharePoint Online. 最佳方法是始终为 SharePoint 中任何网站或门户优化任何主页,因为这是组织中大多数用户将访问作为网站集 (的起点) 。The best approach is to always optimize any home page for any site or portal in SharePoint, as this is where most users in your organization will access as the starting point for your site(s).

应考虑一些基本因素:A few basic factors should be considered:

  • 本地部署可以利用传统的服务器端缓存,如对象缓存、输出缓存和 blob 缓存。On-Premise deployments can leverage traditional server-side caches like object cache, output cache and blob cache. 由于云中的拓扑差异,这些选项不一定可用,因为范围差异使这些方法不太可行。With the topology differences in the cloud, these options are not necessarily available as the sheer scale differences make them less viable approaches.
  • 对于用于云使用的任何页面/功能/自定义,应针对更高的延迟以及用户的分布式位置进行优化,以便不同区域或区域的用户拥有更加一致的体验。Any pages / features / customizations used for cloud consumption should be optimized for higher latency as well as the distributed locations of users, so that users in different areas or regions have a more consistent experience. 云提供内容交付网络 (CDN) 等优化,以针对分布式用户群和新式 SharePoint 进行优化,我们的开箱即用 (OOTB) Web 部件利用上一个已知的良好 (LKG) 。Cloud offers optimizations like Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to optimize for a distributed user base as well as for modern SharePoint, the last known good (LKG) is utilized by our out of the box (OOTB) web parts.

要执行哪些工作:What to do:

  • 对于 SharePoint Online 中所有网站页面,请使用页面诊断工具,该工具是 Chromium 扩展,可帮助分析和提供指导。For all site pages in SharePoint Online use the Page Diagnostics tool, which is a Chromium extension which will assist with analyzing and providing guidance. 网站所有者、编辑者、管理员和开发人员可以使用此功能,因为它旨在作为分析和优化的起点。This can be used by site owners, editors, administrators and developers as it is designed to be a starting point for analysis and optimization.
  • 开发人员还应在新式页面上使用开发工具(如 F12 浏览器开发人员工具)以及浏览器中的 Ctrl-F12。Developers should also use development tools like F12 browser developer tool as well as CTRL-F12 in the browser on modern pages. Fiddler 还可用于查看大小权重 (页面的大小(以 MB 为单位)) 以及影响整个页面负载的调用和元素数。Fiddler can also be used to review the size weight (how large the page is in megabytes) of the page and the number of calls and elements impacting the overall page load.

本节是优化页面的简短摘要。This section was a brief summary for optimizing pages. 若要了解更多信息,请参阅: 创建、启动和维护正常运行的门户To learn more see: Creating, launching and maintaining a healthy portal.

遵循 Wave/分阶段推出方法Follow a Wave / Phased roll-out approach

网站启动的传统重大方法不允许验证自定义项、外部源、服务或流程是否经过适当的测试。The traditional big bang approach for site launches will not allow verification that customizations, external sources, services or processes have been tested at the right scale. 这并不意味着启动需要几个月的时间,但建议至少几天时间,这取决于您的组织规模。This doesn't mean that it will take months to launch, but it is recommended over at least several days dependent on your organization size. 因此,按照一波推出计划,您可以选择在继续下一阶段之前暂停并解决问题,从而降低受任何问题影响的潜在用户数。Following a wave roll-out plan therefore gives you the option to pause and resolve issues before proceeding with the next phase and therefore lowers the potential number of users impacted by any issues. SharePoint 即服务根据使用情况和预测的使用情况扩展容量,尽管我们不需要你通知我们你的启动,你应该遵循指南以确保成功。SharePoint as a service scales your capacity based on usage and predicted usage and whilst we don't need you to notify us of your launch, you should follow the guidelines to ensure success.

如下图所示,受邀用户的数量通常明显高于实际使用该网站的用户数。As shown in the following image, often the number of users that are invited is significantly higher than those that actually use the site. 此图显示了如何推出版本的策略。This image shows a strategy about how to roll out a release. 此方法可帮助确定在大部分用户看到 SharePoint 网站之前改进 SharePoint 网站的方法。This method helps identify ways to improve the SharePoint site before the majority of the users see it.


在试点阶段,应该从用户反馈组织信任并知道将参与。In the pilot phase, it is good to get feedback from users that the organization trusts and knows will be engaged. 这样,可以评估系统的使用方式以及系统执行方式。This way it is possible to gauge how the system is being used, as well as how it is performing.

在每个阶段中,收集用户有关功能以及每波部署期间的性能的反馈。During each of the waves, gather user feedback around the features as well as the performance during each wave of deployment. 这有一个优势,即随着系统的使用变慢,系统引入缓慢并进行了改进。This has the advantage of slowly introducing the system and making improvements as the system gets more use. 这还允许我们在向越来越多的用户推出网站时对增加的负载做出反应,并结合遵循页面优化指南,以确保为用户带来积极的体验。This also allows us to react to the increased load as the site is rolled out to more and more users and combined with following the guidelines for page optimization ensures a positive experience for your users.

要执行哪些工作:What to do:

  • 确定每个阶段的时间,并确保您具有应变/暂停机会(在继续之前需要进行调整)Decide on the timing of each phase and ensure that you have a contingency / pause opportunity, should you need to make adjustments before continuing
  • 规划要启用的第一组用户,以确保收到继续工作所需的反馈。Plan your first group of users that you want to enable, to ensure you receive the feedback you need to move forward. 这意味着,在可能的情况下,选择一组将及时提供反馈的活动用户This means that where possible, select an active group of users that will provide feedback in a timely fashion
  • 在规划每一波时,请尝试从少于 5000 位用户 (用户开始) ,然后在继续每一波时增加组大小。As you plan each wave, try and start with a small user base (less than 5000 users), and then increase the group sizes as you proceed with each wave. 这有助于创建错开的方法,并允许所需的更轻松的暂停机会。This helps to create a staggered approach and allows easier pause opportunities that may be needed.