Microsoft Viva 主题角色Microsoft Viva Topics roles

在 Microsoft 365 环境中使用 Viva 主题时,你的用户可以具有以下角色:When you use Viva Topics in your Microsoft 365 environment, your users can have the following roles:

  • 主题查看器Topic viewer
  • 主题参与者Topic contributor
  • 知识管理器Knowledge manager
  • 知识管理员Knowledge admin

主题查看器Topic viewer

主题查看者是组织中可以查看其 SharePoint 新式网站中突出显示的主题的用户、通过 SharePoint 的 Microsoft 搜索 主题中心查看主题。Topic viewers are users in your organization who can view topics highlighted in their SharePoint modern site, Microsoft Search through SharePoint and and the topic center. 他们可以在主题页面上查看有关主题的更多详细信息。They can view more details about a topic on the topic page.

若要使主题突出显示及其主题页面对主题查看器可见,用户必须:For topic highlights and their topic pages to be visible to a topic viewer, the user must:

  • 由 Microsoft 365管理员分配 Viva主题许可证。Be assigned a Viva Topics license by their Microsoft 365 admin.
  • 允许查看主题。Be allowed to have visibility to topics. 此任务由知识管理员在 Microsoft 365 管理中心的 Viva 主题设置页面中完成。This task is done by the knowledge admin in the Viva Topics settings page in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

主题参与者Topic contributors

主题参与者是组织中不仅具有主题查看器权限,还可以编辑现有主题或创建新主题的用户。Topic contributors are users in your organization that not only have topic viewer permissions, but who also can edit an existing topic or create a new topic. 它们在手动"选择"AI 或手动提供 (主题页中的信息,以确保其) 非常重要。They have an important role in manually “curating” the information in a topic page (both AI or manually provided) to ensure its quality.

具有主题参与者权限的用户将在主题页面上看到"编辑"按钮,该按钮允许他们更新和发布主题。Users who have topic contributor permissions will see an Edit button displayed on Topic pages, which allows them to make updates to and publish a topic.

主题参与者还可以通过其主题中心创建和发布新主题。A topic contributor can also create and publish a new topic through their topic center.

若要创建和编辑主题,用户必须:To create and edit a topic, the user must:

知识经理Knowledge managers

知识经理是管理组织中主题的用户。Knowledge managers are users who manage topics in your organization. 主题管理通过主题中心的"管理主题"页完成,并且仅对知识管理员可见。Topic management is done through the Manage Topics page in the topic center, and it's only visible to Knowledge managers.

在"管理主题"页中,知识管理人员可以执行以下任务:In the Manage Topics page, knowledge managers can do the following tasks:

  • 查看 AI 建议的主题。View AI-suggested topics.
  • 查看主题以确认它们有效。Review topics to confirm that they're valid.
  • 删除不希望用户看到的主题。Remove topics that you don’t want visible to your users.

此外,知识管理员还可以编辑现有主题或创建新主题。Additionally, a knowledge manager can edit existing topics or create new ones.

若要管理主题,用户必须:To manage topics, the user must:

对业务有全面了解的用户可能是担任知识经理角色的良好候选者。Users who have a good overall knowledge of your business can be good candidates for the knowledge manager role. 这些人员不仅可能了解主题是否有效,还可能会了解公司内与这些主题相关的人员。Such people might not only have the knowledge to know if topics are valid or not, but might also know people within the company who are related to those topics.

知识管理员Knowledge admins

知识管理员是在你的 Microsoft 365 环境中设置和配置 Viva 主题的管理员。Knowledge admins are admins who set up and configure Viva Topics in your Microsoft 365 environment. 他们还会在设置完成后管理 Viva 主题设置。They also manage the Viva Topics settings after set up has completed. 知识管理员角色要求你是 Microsoft 365 全局管理员或 SharePoint 管理员,因为设置和管理在 Microsoft 365 管理中心完成。The knowledge admin role requires you to be a Microsoft 365 global or SharePoint admin since setup and management are done in the Microsoft 365 admin center. 在设置过程中,知识管理员可以将 Viva 主题配置为:During setup, knowledge admins can configure Viva Topics to:

  • 选择将针对主题对哪些 SharePoint 网站进行爬网。Select which SharePoint sites will be crawled for topics.
  • 选择哪些许可用户可以查看主题 (查看者) 。Select which licensed users who can view topics (topic viewers).
  • 选择要识别的主题。Select which topics will be excluded from being identified.
  • 选择要创建和编辑主题的许可用户 (参与者) 。Select which licensed users who can create and edit topics (topic contributors).
  • 选择哪些许可用户可以管理 (管理员) 。Select which licensed users who can manage topics (knowledge managers).
  • 将主题中心命名。Name the topic center.

知识管理人员需要能够与组织的所有 Viva 主题利益干系人进行协调,以了解如何进行配置。Knowledge managers need to be able to coordinate with all Viva Topics stakeholders in their organization to know how to configure it. 例如,如果新项目包含敏感信息,则需要通知知识经理,以便他们可以确保不会针对主题对 SharePoint 网站进行爬网,或者需要排除特定主题名称。For example, if a new project has sensitive information, the knowledge manager needs to be informed so that they can make sure that the SharePoint site is not crawled for topics, or specific topic names need to be excluded.

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