Microsoft EdgeWebView2 API 参考Microsoft Edge WebView2 API Reference

WebView2 Microsoft Edge WebView2 控件使您能够将 Web 内容用作Microsoft Edge (Chromium) 引擎来托管应用程序中的 Web 内容。The Microsoft Edge WebView2 control enables you to host web content in your application using Microsoft Edge (Chromium) as the rendering engine. 有关详细信息,请导航到WebView2 Microsoft Edge概述入门 WebView2。For more information, navigate to Overview of Microsoft Edge WebView2 and Get Started with WebView2.

选择 WebView2 的语言和框架,以形成以下列表。Select the Languages and Framework of WebView2 you would like to use form the following list.

语言和框架Languages and Frameworks