Microsoft 搜索概述Overview of Microsoft Search

Microsoft Search 可帮助你查找完成正在处理的内容所需的操作。Microsoft Search helps you find what you need to complete what you’re working on. 无论搜索的是用户、文件、组织结构图、网站还是常见问题的答案,您都可以在整个工作日使用 Microsoft 搜索来获取答案。Whether you're searching for people, files, org charts, sites, or answers to common questions, you can use Microsoft Search throughout your workday to get answers.

Microsoft 搜索可帮助用户找到正确的答案、人员和内容,以便在他们所使用的应用中完成其任务。Microsoft Search helps users find the right answers, people, and content to complete their tasks in the app they’re already working in.

  • 用户可获得与其搜索的应用的上下文相关的结果。Users get results that are relevant in the context of the app they search from. 例如,当他们在Microsoft Outlook中进行搜索时,他们会发现电子邮件,而不是SharePoint网站。For example, when they search in Microsoft Outlook, they find emails, and not SharePoint sites. 在 SharePoint 中搜索时,他们可找到网站、页面和文件。When they search in SharePoint, they find sites, pages, and files.
  • 无论用户使用哪种应用,Microsoft 搜索都提供个人结果。Whichever app users are working in; Microsoft Search is personal. Microsoft Search 使用Microsoft Graph中的见解显示与每个用户相关的结果。Microsoft Search uses insights from the Microsoft Graph to show results that are relevant to each user. 每个用户可能会看到不同的结果,即使他们搜索相同的字词。Each user might see different results, even if they search for the same words. 他们只能看到其有权访问的结果,Microsoft 搜索不会更改权限。They only see results that they already have access to, Microsoft Search doesn’t change permissions.
  • 用户无需记住信息所在的位置。Users don’t need to remember where the information is located. 例如,用户在Microsoft Word中工作,并希望重用来自其OneDrive的同事共享的演示文稿中的信息。For example, a user is working in Microsoft Word and wants to reuse information from a presentation that a colleague shared from their OneDrive. 无需切换到 OneDrive 并搜索该演示文稿,他们只需从 Word 搜索即可。There’s no need to switch to OneDrive and search for that presentation, they can simply search from Word.
  • 必应中,除了公共网页结果之外,用户还可以从组织内部获得结果。When in Bing, users get results from within their organization in addition to the public web results.

用户看到的内容What users see

Bing中,用户与 web 搜索使用相同的搜索框。In Bing, users use the same search box as for web searches. 在 Office 应用程序中,用户会在标题栏中找到 Microsoft 搜索框。In the Office apps, users find the Microsoft Search box in the header bar. 其外观如下所示:It looks like this:

标题栏中带有 Microsoft 搜索框的应用窗口的屏幕截图

当用户在搜索框中单击时,搜索将根据其在 Office 365 中的前一个活动和基于您的组织中的趋势的内容来推荐结果。When users click in the Search box, search suggests results based on their previous activity in Office 365 and based on content that’s trending in your organization. 他们最近处理的文件、最近使用的命令以及展开合作的人员都是搜索所考虑的活动示例。Files they were working on recently, commands they’ve used recently as well as people they collaborate with are examples of activity that search considers. 当用户开始在搜索框中键入内容时,建议的结果更新。As users start typing in the Search box, the suggested results update. 用户可以从搜索框中直接打开搜索结果。Users can open search results right from the Search box. 下面的示例展示了如何在SharePoint中搜索。Here's an example of a search in SharePoint.

包含查询和建议结果的 Microsoft 搜索框的屏幕截图

如果搜索框中的建议不是用户要查找的内容,请按Enter打开完整的结果列表。If the suggestions in the search box aren’t what users are looking for, Enter opens the full list of results. 他们可以使用元数据(例如最后修改项目的人员和时间、项目所在的位置以及预览)来确定这是否为其所查找的内容。They can use metadata such as who last modified the item and when, where the items is located, as well as preview it to determine if it’s what they’re looking for.

Microsoft 搜索结果页面的屏幕截图

从任何 Microsoft 搜索框对整个 Microsoft 365 进行搜索 – 用户可以从任何 Microsoft 搜索框进行搜索,并快速回到正在执行的任务。Search across Microsoft 365 from any Microsoft Search box – Users can search from any Microsoft Search box and get quickly back to what they were doing. Microsoft Search 通过 Office 365 中的数据源(包括SharePointMicrosoft OneDrive For Businessmicrosoft Exchange Server)将结果汇集在一起。Microsoft Search brings together results from data sources in Office 365, including SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Exchange Server.

易于搜索– Microsoft search 根据用户在 Office 365 中的前一个活动,在搜索框中直接提供建议结果。Easy to search – Microsoft Search suggests results based on users’ previous activity in Office 365, right in the Search box.

查找共享文件 – Microsoft 搜索使用高级查询理解功能让查找共享文件变得更简单。Find shared files – Microsoft Search uses advanced query understanding to make finding shared files simple. 用户可以轻松找到他们正在协作的文件。Users can easily find files they’re collaborating on.

显示相关内容 – 提供用户完成任务所需的信息和答案,例如策略、权益、资源、工具等。Show relevant content – Promote the information and answers your users need to complete tasks, for example policies, benefits, resources, tools, and more. 您还可以将特定的组作为目标,如新员工、远程工作人员或不同地理位置。You can also target specific groups, like new hires, remote workers, or different geographies.

跨所有应用进行管理 – 默认情况下,Microsoft 搜索处于启用状态,你所做的任何管理都将应用于所有应用中的 Microsoft 搜索。Administer across all apps – Microsoft Search is on by default and any administration you do applies to Microsoft Search in all the apps.

为你的组织定制 Microsoft 搜索Tailoring Microsoft Search to your organization

作为管理员,你可以为你的用户创建令人惊叹的 Microsoft 搜索体验。As an administrator you can create an amazing Microsoft Search experience for your users.

显示有用的内容–答案提供快速、权威的结果,以根据关键字搜索查询。Show useful content – Answers provide fast, authoritative results to search queries based on keywords. 规划内容Plan your content.

添加外部内容– Microsoft Graph 连接器允许您将外部内容引入索引。Add external content – Microsoft Graph Connectors allow you to bring external content into the index. 使用连接器丰富来自 Microsoft 365 之外的数据和文件的搜索体验。Use connectors to enrich the search experience with data and files from outside of Microsoft 365. Microsoft Graph 连接器概述Overview of Microsoft Graph connectors

自定义用户体验–您可以通过使用纵向和其他配置来自定义用户体验。Customize the user experience – You can customize the user experience through the use of verticals and other configurations. 自定义 Microsoft Search 页面Customize the Microsoft Search page

搜索内容What content is searched

Microsoft Search 显示您的组织已存储在 Microsoft 365 或通过连接器编制索引的内容。Microsoft Search shows the content that your organization has stored in Microsoft 365 or indexed through connectors. Microsoft Search 不会跨租户搜索,也不会显示由其他组织共享的内容的结果。Microsoft Search does not search across tenants or show results from content that's shared by other organizations. 如果你的组织已设置了使用云混合搜索的混合 SharePoint 环境,则 Microsoft 搜索将同时返回来自在线和本地 SharePoint 内容(包括已连接到 SharePoint Server 环境的任何外部内容)的搜索结果。If your organization has set up a hybrid SharePoint environment using cloud hybrid search, Microsoft Search returns search results from both online and on-premises SharePoint content, including any external content you’ve connected to your SharePoint Server environment. 详细了解混合搜索环境Learn more about hybrid search environments.

用户将获得从其他位置获取的相同搜索结果,也会从 internet 获取结果。Users will get the same search results they get from other locations and will also get results from the internet.

Microsoft 搜索的工作原理How Microsoft Search works

当用户进行搜索时,Microsoft 搜索会处理查询并从较长的短语解析搜索意图,使用人工智能 (AI) 来了解用户添加到查询的常见多余短语,这些短语不影响他们的搜索意图。When a user searches, Microsoft Search processes the query and parses search intent from larger phrases, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn common superfluous phrases users add to their queries that don't impact their search intent. 例如,当用户搜索“如何更改密码”时,我们会从查询中提取不太重要的字词,并根据“更改密码”等相关字词进行触发。For example, when a user searches for "how to change my password" we extract the less important words from the query and trigger based on the relevant ones like "change password".
用户有权查看的搜索结果将显示在搜索结果页面上。The search results that the user has permission to see are presented on the search results page. Microsoft 搜索使用智能排名算法根据相关性对结果进行排序。Microsoft Search uses intelligent ranking algorithms to order results based on relevance.

Microsoft 在 Bing 中搜索如何保护公司数据How Microsoft Search in Bing protects your company data

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