Exchange 与 Microsoft Teams 如何交互How Exchange and Microsoft Teams interact


观看以下会话,了解团队如何与 Azure Active Directory (AAD) 、Microsoft 365 组、Exchange、SharePoint 和 OneDrive for business 进行交互: Microsoft 团队的基础Watch the following session to learn how Teams interacts with Azure Active Directory (AAD), Microsoft 365 Groups, Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business: Foundations of Microsoft Teams

对于完整团队体验,应为每个用户启用 Exchange Online、SharePoint Online 和 Microsoft 365 组创建。For the full Teams experience, every user should be enabled for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft 365 Group creation.

用户的 Exchange 邮箱可以托管在线上或本地。Users' Exchange mailboxes can be hosted online or on-premises.

Exchange Online 或 Exchange Dedicated vNext 上托管的用户可以使用 Teams 的所有功能。Users hosted on Exchange Online or Exchange Dedicated vNext can use all the features of Teams. 他们可以创建和加入团队和频道、创建和查看会议、呼叫和聊天、修改用户个人资料图片 (如果 Outlook 网页版邮箱策略允许他们执行此操作) ,然后添加和配置连接器、选项卡和机器人。They can create and join teams and channels, create and view meetings, call and chat, modify user profile pictures (if the Outlook on the web mailbox policy allows them to do so), and add and configure connectors, tabs, and bots. 有关可用功能的更完整列表,请参阅下表。For a more comprehensive list of available features, see the table below.

托管在 Exchange Online 专用 (旧版) 上的用户必须同步到 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 上的 Azure Active Directory。Users hosted on Exchange Online Dedicated (Legacy) must be synchronized to Azure Active Directory on Microsoft 365 or Office 365. 他们可以创建和加入团队和频道,添加和配置选项卡和机器人,以及利用聊天和通话功能。They can create and join teams and channels, add and configure tabs and bots, and make use of the chat and calling features. 但是,他们不能修改个人资料图片、管理会议、访问 outlook 联系人或管理连接线。However, they cannot modify profile pictures, manage meetings, access outlook contacts, or manage connectors.


为了与本地集成,强烈建议你拥有 exchange Server 2016 或更高版本的 Exchange 完全传统混合部署,以满足以下要求。For integration with on-premises, it's highly recommended that you have an Exchange full Classic Hybrid deployment with Exchange Server 2016 or later to meet the requirements below. 有关设置混合部署的详细信息,请参阅 Exchange Server 混合部署For more information about setting up a hybrid deployment, see Exchange Server hybrid deployments.

拥有内部托管邮箱的用户必须同步到 Azure Active Directory。Users with mailboxes hosted on-premises must be synchronized to Azure Active Directory. 它们可以使用上述方案中的所有功能,但如果满足针对 内部部署的邮箱的要求 ,他们可以管理会议。They can make use of all the features in the above scenario, but additionally, they can manage meetings if the requirements listed on Requirements for mailboxes hosted on-premises section are met.

下表提供了基于 Exchange 环境的功能可用性的有用快速参考。The following table provides a helpful quick reference to feature availability based on the Exchange environment.

支持的操作:Actions supported:

用户的邮箱托管在:User's mailbox is hosted in: 电子数据展示eDiscovery 法律   封存Legal Hold 保存Retention 团队和频道管理Team and Channel mgmt 在团队中创建和查看会议Create and view meetings in Teams 修改用户个人资料图片Modify user profile picture 通话记录Call History 管理联系人Manage Contacts 访问 Outlook 联系人Access Outlook contacts 语音邮件Voicemail 添加和配置连接器Add and configure connectors 添加和配置选项卡Add and configure tabs 添加和配置聊天机器人Add and configure bots
Exchange OnlineExchange Online 1Yes 1 1Yes 1 Yes Yes Yes 7Yes7 Yes Yes 6Yes 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exchange Online Dedicated vNextExchange Online Dedicated vNext 1Yes 1 1Yes 1 Yes Yes Yes 7Yes7 Yes Yes 6Yes 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exchange Online Dedicated - Legacy(同步到所需 Azure AD)Exchange Online Dedicated – Legacy (Sync to Azure AD required) 1Yes 1 1,2Yes 1,2 3Yes 3 Yes No No Yes Yes No 4Yes 4 5Yes 5 Yes Yes
Exchange 本地 (同步到 Azure AD) Exchange On-premises (Sync to Azure AD) 1Yes 1 1Yes 1 3Yes 3 Yes 8Yes 8 No Yes Yes No 4Yes 4 5Yes 5 Yes Yes

所有托管选项均支持1个电子数据展示和针对通道消息的合规性保留。1 eDiscovery and Legal Hold for compliance on channel messages is supported for all hosting options.

2 个团队私人聊天消息尚不支持此托管选项的法律封存。2 Teams private chat messages are not yet supported for Legal Hold for this hosting option.

3 保留将使用用于联机用户存储消息的卷影邮箱。3 Retention will use a shadow mailbox for the online user to store messages.

4 个团队拥有本地 Exchange 邮箱的用户可能在 Outlook 中使用语音邮件和工作组接收语音邮件,但语音邮件在团队客户端中不可用,无法查看或播放语音邮件。4 Teams users with on-premises Exchange mailbox may use voicemail with Teams and receive voicemail messages in Outlook, but voicemail messages will not be available to view or play within the Teams client.

5 如果团队的其中一个所有者可以添加连接器,则该团队中的其他所有人都可以执行此操作,即使他们的邮箱在本地托管。5 If one of the owners of a team can add connectors, everyone else in that team will be able to do so, even if their mailboxes are homed on-premises.

6 仅限默认 "联系人" 文件夹中的联系人。6 Only contacts in default contacts folder. 不支持访问其他联系人文件夹或子文件夹。Access to other contacts folders or sub-folders is not supported.

7 个团队负责 Outlook on web 邮箱策略 设置,该设置由租户管理员配置,用于控制用户是否可以更改其个人资料图片。7 Teams honors the Outlook on the web mailbox policy setting that's configured by tenant admins to control whether users can change their profile picture. 如果策略中的 -SetPhotoEnabled 设置处于关闭状态,则用户无法添加、更改或删除其个人资料图片。If the -SetPhotoEnabled setting is turned off in the policy, users cannot add, change, or remove their profile picture. 例如,如果用户上载由您的组织的 IT 或人力资源部门批准的个人资料图片,则无需执行任何操作。For example, if a user uploads a profile picture that's approved by your organization's IT or HR department, no action is needed. 但是,如果用户上载了不合适的图片,请根据组织的内部策略对其进行更改。However, if a user uploads an inappropriate picture, change it according to your organization's internal policies.

8 你需要满足在 本地托管的邮箱的要求 上列出的要求。8 You need to meet the requirements listed on Requirements for mailboxes hosted on-premises section.

充分利用 Microsoft 团队的要求Requirements to get the most out of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 团队与多个 Microsoft 365 和 Office 365 服务协同工作,为用户提供丰富的体验。Microsoft Teams works with several Microsoft 365 and Office 365 services to provide users with rich experience. 若要支持此体验,你需要启用某些功能或服务并分配许可证。To support this experience, you need to enable certain features or services and assign licenses.

  • 必须为用户分配 Exchange Online 许可证。Users must be assigned an Exchange Online license.

  • 要在团队对话中共享和存储文件,需要 SharePoint Online。SharePoint Online is required to share and store files in team conversations. Microsoft Teams 不支持本地 SharePoint。Microsoft Teams doesn't support SharePoint on-premises.

  • 如果用户想要在聊天中共享文件,则必须分配有 SharePoint Online 许可证。Users must be assigned a SharePoint Online license if they want to share files in Chats. 如果未使用 SharePoint Online 许可证分配和启用用户,则他们在 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 中没有 OneDrive for business 存储。If users aren't assigned and enabled with SharePoint Online licenses, they don't have OneDrive for Business storage in Microsoft 365 or Office 365. 文件共享将继续在频道中工作,但是在 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 中,用户无法在不使用 OneDrive for Business 存储的聊天中共享文件。File sharing will continue to work in Channels, but users are unable to share files in Chats without OneDrive for Business storage in Microsoft 365 or Office 365.

  • 必须为用户启用 Microsoft 365 组创建,才能在 Microsoft 团队中创建团队。Users must be enabled for Microsoft 365 group creation to create teams in Microsoft Teams.


如果你在将用户移动到 " 仅团队 " 模式后卸载 Skype for business 客户端,则在 Outlook 和其他 Office 应用中,联机状态可能会停止工作。If you uninstall the Skype for Business client after you move a user to Teams Only mode, presence may stop working in Outlook and other Office apps. 状态在 Teams 中显示良好。Presence works fine in Teams. 若要解决此问题,请在 Microsoft 团队的右上角选择您的个人资料图片,然后选择 " 设置"。To resolve this issue, select your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of Microsoft Teams and then select Settings. 在 "应用程序" 下的 "常规" 选项卡上,选择 "将**团队注册为 Office 的聊天应用 (需要重新启动 office 应用程序) **。On the General tab under Application, select Register Teams as the chat app for Office (requires restarting Office applications). 选择此选项后,关闭并重新打开所有 Office 应用(包括 Outlook)。After you select this option, close and re-open all Office apps, including Outlook. 打开 Outlook 后,状态信息将可用。After you open Outlook, presence information will be available.

托管本地邮箱的要求Requirements for mailboxes hosted on-premises

如果用户希望能够使用 Exchange Server on-premises 安排团队会议,必须满足以下要求:If users want the capability to schedule a Teams meeting using Exchange Server on-premises, the following requirements must be meet:

  • 需要为 Azure Active Directory 同步用户分配所需的团队许可证。The required Teams license needs to be assigned for the Azure Active Directory synced user.

  • 用户必须同步到 Azure Active Directory。Users must be synchronized to Azure Active Directory. 有关如何使用 Azure AD Connect 与 Azure Active Directory 同步的信息,请参阅 混合标识文档For information about how to use Azure AD Connect to synchronize with Azure Active Directory, see Hybrid identity documentation.

  • 邮箱托管在 Exchange Server 2016 累积更新3或更高版本中。Mailboxes are hosted in Exchange Server 2016 Cumulative Update 3 or later.

  • 自动发现和 Exchange Web 服务在外部发布。Autodiscover and Exchange Web Services is published externally.


必须使用自动发现 (AutoD) V2,才能允许团队服务执行用户邮箱的未经身份验证的发现。Autodiscover (AutoD) V2 is required to allow the Teams service to perform an unauthenticated discovery of the user's mailbox. AutoD V2 在 Exchange 2016 CU3 及更高版本中受支持。AutoD V2 is supported in Exchange 2016 CU3 and later.


Exchange 信任来自团队服务的 OAuth 令牌,称为 EvoSTS。Exchange trusts OAuth Token from Teams service which is known as EvoSTS. 步骤1应该足够,但只是 EvoSTS;ACS 用于 "日历" 中的 "闲/忙" 查找。Step 1 should be enough, but just the EvoSTS; ACS is used for Free/Busy lookup in the calendar.

  • 设置了 Azure AD Connect 中 Exchange 混合部署功能的复选框。The checkbox for the Exchange Hybrid Deployment feature in Azure AD Connect is set.

  • 对于适用于 Mac 的日历应用支持和团队 Outlook 外接程序,Exchange Web 服务 Url 必须在 Exchange 服务主体的租户 Azure AD 中配置为 Spn。For calendar app support and Teams Outlook Add-In for Mac, Exchange Web Service URLs must be configured as SPNs in Tenant Azure AD for the Exchange Service Principal. 此步骤通过混合配置向导或遵循 混合新式身份验证的手动步骤完成。This step is done with Hybrid Configuration Wizard or following manual steps for Hybrid Modern Authentication.

若要为这些用户启用日历委派,请执行以下操作:To enable calendar delegation for these users:


步骤2包括 ArchiveApplication 的角色分配,这不是委派所必需的。Step 2 includes role assignment for ArchiveApplication, which is not required for delegation.

其他注意事项Additional considerations

下面是在组织中实施 Microsoft 团队时要考虑的一些额外事项。Here are some extra things to think about as you implement Microsoft Teams in your organization.

  • 在 Microsoft Teams 中,安全性和合规性功能(例如,电子数据展示、内容搜索、存档和法定保留)在 Exchange Online 和 SharePoint Online 环境中完全正常。In Microsoft Teams, security and compliance features like eDiscovery, Content Search, archiving, and legal hold work best in Exchange Online and SharePoint Online environments. 对于频道对话,消息会记录到 Exchange Online 中的组邮箱,它们在此可用于电子数据展示。For channel conversations, messages are journaled to the group mailbox in Exchange Online, where they're available for eDiscovery. 如果在组织中为用户启用了 SharePoint Online 和 OneDrive for Business(使用工作帐户或学校帐户),也可以对 Teams 中的所有文件使用这些合规性功能。If SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business (using work or school account) are enabled across the organization and for users, these compliance features are available for all files within Teams as well.

  • 使用条件访问控制和保护团队和 Exchange 中合规性策略的配置。Control and protect the configuration of compliance policies in Teams and Exchange using Conditional Access. 有关详细信息,请参阅 如何为团队工作条件访问策略?For more information see How do Conditional Access policies work for Teams? ..

  • 如果你的组织具有合规性要求以确保所有会议讨论均可发现,则应禁用私人会议(如果组织者具有 Exchange 本地邮箱)。If your organization has compliance requirements to ensure all meeting discussions are discoverable, you should disable private meetings if the organizer has an Exchange on-premises mailbox. 有关详细信息,请参阅 允许安排私人会议For more information, see Allow scheduling private meetings.

  • 在 Exchange 混合部署中,无论聊天参与者是否具有基于云的邮箱或本地邮箱,都可以搜索聊天消息中的内容。In an Exchange hybrid deployment, content from chat messages is searchable regardless of whether chat participants have a cloud-based mailbox or an on-premises mailbox. 若要了解详细信息,请阅读 搜索本地用户的基于云的邮箱To learn more, read Searching cloud-based mailboxes for on-premises users. 若要了解有关在团队中搜索内容的信息,请阅读 Microsoft 365 合规中心中的内容搜索To learn about searching for content in Teams, read Content Search in the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center.


有关该主题的完整疑难解答指南,请确保查看 Microsoft 团队和 Exchange Server 交互问题的疑难解答For a full troubleshooting guide on the topic, make sure to check out Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams and Exchange Server interaction issues.