Bot 对话中的卡片Cards in bot conversations


本节中的文章基于 v3 Bot 框架 SDK。The articles in this section are based on the v3 Bot Framework SDK. 如果您要查找当前文档(SDK 版本4.6 或更高版本),请参阅 "对话 bot " 部分。If you're looking for current documentation (version 4.6 or later of the SDK) see the Conversational Bots section.

卡片是简短或相关信息片段的用户界面(UI)容器。A card is a user-interface (UI) container for short or related pieces of information. 卡片可以具有多个属性和附件。Cards can have multiple properties and attachments. 团队支持 bot、连接器和邮件扩展中的卡片。Teams support cards in bots, connectors and messaging extensions. 请参阅卡片,了解哪些卡是什么,以及团队如何使用它们。See Cards for an overview of what cards are and how Teams uses them.

Bot 将卡片用作对话的一部分。Bots use cards as part of conversations. 有关详细信息,请参阅Bot 对话See Bot Conversations for the details.

"团队卡片参考" 列出了 bot 支持的所有卡片并讨论如何使用它们。The Teams Card Reference lists all cards supported by bots and discusses how to use them.

卡片操作列出了卡片支持的所有操作,并讨论了如何使用它们。Card actions lists all actions supported by cards and discusses how to use them.