Microsoft 团队的公共开发人员预览版中的功能Features in the Public Developer Preview for Microsoft Teams

开发人员预览包括以下新功能:The developer preview includes the following new features:

(SSO) 的选项卡单一登录Tabs single sign-on (SSO)

现在,你可以使用 单一登录 (SSO) 使用 web 内容页中的团队 JavaScript SDK 登录桌面和手机上的用户并对其进行身份验证。You can now use single sign-on (SSO) to login and authenticate a user on desktop and mobile using the Teams JavaScript SDK from a web content page. 其中一项好处是用户永远不需要登录;在用户使用其配置文件同意应用程序之后,将自动登录到其选项卡 (包括移动) 。One of the benefits is that a user never has to sign-in; and once they've consented to the app using their profile: they will automatically be signed-in to their tab (including mobile).

我们的开发人员预览版在清单版本1.5 及更高版本中可用。Our developer preview is available in manifest versions 1.5 and greater. 我们的当前实施只能获取有限数量的图形 Api,但我们提供了使用我们现有的身份验证 API 获取其他图形 Api 的替代方法。Our current implementation can only get a limited amount of Graph APIs, however we provide a workaround to get additional Graph APIs using our existing authentication API.

呼叫和联机会议 botCalls and online meeting bots

通过添加 用于呼叫和联机会议的 Microsoft Graph api,microsoft 团队应用现在可以使用语音和视频以丰富的方式与用户进行交互。With the addition of Microsoft Graph APIs for calls and online meetings, Microsoft Teams apps can now interact with users in rich ways using voice and video. 这些 Api 允许您添加新的应用程序功能,如交互式语音响应 (IVR) 、呼叫控制以及对呼叫和会议(包括桌面和应用程序共享)的实时音频和/或视频流的访问。These APIs allow you to add new app features such as interactive voice response (IVR), call control, and access to real-time audio and/or video streams for calls and meetings, including desktop and app sharing.

我们已添加了有关如何创建和开发呼叫和联机会议 bot 的新部分,从 概述开始。We've added a new section on how to create and develop calls and online meetings bots, starting with the overview.

图像放大支持Image enlarge support

现在,bot 可以指示允许放大团队中的自适应卡片中共享的图像。It is now possible for bots to indicate which images shared in Adaptive Cards in Teams are allowed to be enlarged. 这对诸如通过 bot 共享详细的分步可视化指南等方案很有用,否则用户可能很难阅读。This is useful for scenarios like sharing detailed step-by-step visual guides via bots which might be hard to read for users otherwise. 若要使图像可扩展,只需对其进行标记,如下 allowExpand: true 所示。To make an image expandable, just flag it allowExpand: true as shown below.

      "type": "Image",
      "url": "",
      "msTeams": {
        "allowExpand": true

这将导致团队 web/桌面客户端在将鼠标悬停在图像上时呈现元素,以允许用户扩展图像。This will cause Teams web/desktop client to render an element on hover over the image to allow the user to expand the image.