规划 Microsoft 团队聊天室Plan Microsoft Teams Rooms

本文介绍了在整个会议和会议室策略中规划、提供和操作 Microsoft 团队会议室的端到端方法。This article introduces an end-to-end approach to planning, delivering, and operating Microsoft Teams Rooms as part of your overall meeting and conference room strategy.

您将在下面的规划信息中介绍所需的建议做法和关键决策,以及指向支持技术信息的链接。You’ll find planning information below covering the recommended approach and key decisions that you need to make, with links to supporting technical information. 我们建议你查看 "计划"、"部署" 和 "管理" 部分,即使你已完全部署。We recommend that you review the Plan, Deploy, and Manage sections even if you’re already fully deployed.

Microsoft 团队聊天室概述Overview of Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft 团队聊天室提供了一项完整的会议体验,可为所有规模的会议(从小型 huddle 区域到大型会议室)提供高清视频、音频和内容共享。Microsoft Teams Rooms provides a complete meeting experience that brings HD video, audio, and content sharing to meetings of all sizes, from small huddle areas to large conference rooms.

在会议室墙上安装的控制台、麦克风和大型屏幕阐释了 Microsoft 团队会议室设置示例的元素。A console, microphone, and large screen mounted on a conference room wall illustrate the elements of an example Microsoft Teams Rooms setup.

Microsoft 团队会议室帮助是一个非常好的资源,可了解有关 Microsoft 团队聊天室的详细信息,以及如何将值添加为部署的一部分。Microsoft Teams Rooms help is a great resource to find out more about Microsoft Teams Rooms and how it can add value as part of your deployment. 此外,我们还建议观看此概述视频In addition, we recommend watching this overview video.

Microsoft 团队聊天室组件Microsoft Teams Rooms components

Microsoft 团队聊天室包含以下关键组件,可提供出色的用户体验:Microsoft Teams Rooms includes the following key components to deliver a great user experience:

  • 触摸屏控制面板Touchscreen control panel
  • 计算Compute
  • Microsoft 团队聊天室应用程序Microsoft Teams Rooms application
  • 停靠/扩展器Dock/extender
  • 外围设备(相机、麦克风、扬声器)Peripheral devices (camera, microphone, speaker)
  • 外部屏幕(最多两个)External screens (maximum of two)
  • HDMI 输入HDMI input

你可以将这些组件作为预装的供应商捆绑购买,也可以按照本文中记录的要求逐个购买受支持的组件。You can procure these components as preinstalled bundles from a number of vendors, or you can purchase the supported components individually by following the requirements documented in this article.

除了 Surface Pro/dock 组合外,你还可以通过触摸屏控制面板、计算、停靠和关键外围设备(集成)购买 Microsoft 团队聊天室。In addition to the Surface Pro/dock combination, you can also purchase Microsoft Teams Rooms with the touchscreen control panel, compute, dock, and key peripheral devices integrated.

通常情况下,捆绑和集成设备包括预安装软件,而如果您为 Surface Pro 系统单独购买支持的组件,则需要安装软件。Typically, the bundles and integrated units include preinstalled software, whereas if you buy supported components individually for the Surface Pro systems, you’ll need to install the software. 有关说明,请参阅本文了解如何在设备上安装软件For instructions, see this article about installing software on devices.

你可以通过 Microsoft 团队、Skype for business Online 或 Skype for business 混合或内部部署部署 Microsoft 团队聊天室。You can deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business Online, or Skype for Business hybrid or on-premises deployments. 有关所需许可证的信息,请参阅团队会议会议室授权更新See the Teams Meeting Room Licensing Update for information on the needed licenses.

决策点Decision points
  • 是否将在你的组织中部署 Microsoft 团队聊天室?Will you deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms in your organization?
  • 如何购买 Microsoft 团队房间系统-捆绑、作为单独的组件或作为集成单元?How will you procure your Microsoft Teams Rooms systems—bundled, as separate components, or as an integrated unit?

后续步骤Next steps
  • 确定将在整个部署中执行关键活动的人员。Identify who will undertake the key activities throughout your deployment.
  • 查看你拥有的会议室(并计划设置),了解你希望在何处部署 Microsoft 团队聊天室以及适合会议室大小的外围设备。Review the meeting rooms you have (and plan to set up) to understand where you want to deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms and the peripheral devices that would be appropriate for the room size.

确定在整个部署过程中谁将承担关键活动Identify who will undertake the key activities throughout your deployment

使用下面所示的方法指导你完成部署,并根据组织的需要自定义本文中提供的示例输出。Use the approach illustrated below to guide you through your deployment, and customize the sample outputs provided throughout these articles as needed for your organization.

首先了解你所拥有的会议室并展望未来最适合你的内容,然后通过选择和 procuring 所需的设备、管理你的网站、配置和部署你的服务、管理更改和用户采纳以及开发操作和维护过程。Begin with understanding what conference rooms you have and envisioning what would work best for you in the future, then move through selecting and procuring the equipment you need, readying your sites, configuring and deploying your service, managing change and user adoption, and developing operations and maintenance procedures.

首先了解你拥有的内容并构思哪些内容最适合你,然后通过选择和 procuring 所需的设备、管理你的网站、配置和部署你的服务、管理更改和用户采纳以及开发操作和维护过程。Begin with understanding what you have and envisioning what would work best for you, then move through selecting and procuring the equipment you need, readying your sites, configuring and deploying your service, managing change and user adoption, and developing operations and maintenance procedures.

你可能需要跨多个团队协调这些活动。You might need to coordinate these activities across several teams. 我们提供了你应涵盖的主要活动的高级视图,还提供了有关团队(通常涉及到部署和管理会议室系统)的建议,可帮助你确定需要使用的人员。We provide a high-level view of the main activities that you should cover, and also suggestions for the teams who are typically involved in deploying and managing conference room systems, to help you decide who you need to work with.

任务Task 可能执行任务的人员Who might undertake the task 分配对象Assigned to 指向此内容的链接Links to this content
库存会议室Inventory rooms 设施/AV 团队/IT 项目团队Facilities / AV team / IT Project Team 会议室库存和功能规划Room inventory and capability planning
计划功能Plan capabilities IT 项目团队IT Project Team 会议室库存和功能规划Room inventory and capability planning
设备选择Device selection IT 项目团队/AV 团队IT Project Team / AV Team 设备选择Device selection
无论Procurement IT 项目团队/AV 团队IT Project Team / AV Team 无论Procurement
网站准备情况Site readiness 设施/AV 团队/IT 项目团队Facilities / AV team / IT Project Team 网站准备情况Site readiness
服务就绪Service readiness IT 项目团队IT Project Team 服务就绪Service readiness
配置Configuration IT 项目团队IT Project Team 配置和部署Configuration and deployment
部署Deployment 设施/AV 团队/IT 项目团队Facilities / AV team / IT Project Team 部署清单Deployment checklist
采用Adoption 设施/AV 团队/IT 项目团队Facilities / AV team / IT Project Team 采用Adoption
维护和操作Maintenance and operations AV 团队/IT 项目团队AV team / IT Project Team 管理概述Management overview

会议室库存和功能规划Room inventory and capability planning

第一步是清点组织的现有会议和会议室,以了解其环境、空间大小、布局和用途,并确定你希望未来范围内的每个房间的功能,例如在聊天室中启用哪些丰富的协作功能。The first step is to inventory your organization’s existing meeting and conference rooms to understand their environment, room size, layout, and purpose, and to identify the capabilities you want each room in scope to have in the future such as which richer collaboration capabilities will be enabled in the room.

在每个现有房间内创建设备和功能的库存后,您对设备选择计划的要求将置于您的设备选择计划中,以便创建富会议解决方案。After you create an inventory of the equipment and capabilities in each existing room, your requirements for that room feed into your device selection planning to create a rich conferencing solution. 每个房间所需的形式(音频、视频),除了空间大小和用途之外,在确定哪种解决方案最适合每个房间时,所有功能都扮演着重要的角色。The modalities (audio, video) needed for each room—in addition to room size and purpose—all play an important role in deciding which solution is most appropriate for each room.

作为你的发现的一部分,它是考虑房间噪声和布局的关键。As part of your discovery, it’s key to consider room acoustics and layout. 例如,检查房间中的椅子是否不会阻止相机视图。For example, check that the chairs in the room won’t block the camera view. 验证会议室没有过度的回声或嘈杂的空调,并且为屏幕和 Microsoft 团队机房提供充足的电力。Verify that the room doesn’t have excessive echo or noisy air conditioning, and that it does have sufficient power for the screens and Microsoft Teams Rooms. 有许多因素可让你的音频视觉(AV)团队或合作伙伴能够提出建议。There are many factors to consider that your audio-visual (AV) team or partner will be able to advise on.

决策点Decision points
  • 此部署的范围内有哪些聊天室?Which rooms are in scope for this deployment?
  • 部署范围内有哪些网站?Which sites are in scope for your deployment?
  • 谁将承担会议室库存?Who will undertake the meeting rooms inventory?

后续步骤Next steps
  • 查看范围中的聊天室,并为其定义 Microsoft 团队会议室配置。Review the rooms in scope, and define Microsoft Teams Rooms configurations for them.

会议/会议室库存示例Sample meeting/conference room inventory

站点Site 聊天室名称Room name 会议室类型Room type 人数Number of people 在范围内?In scope? 当前房间功能Current room capabilities 未来的会议室功能Future room capabilities
伦敦总部London HQ CurieCurie Medium 6 – 126–12 Yes 话筒Speakerphone 1屏幕,音频和视频以及演示文稿1 screen, audio and video plus presentation
PSTN 访问PSTN Access
悉尼总部Sydney HQ Hill Large 12 – 1612–16 Yes 旧式 AV 设备、1屏幕和照相机Legacy AV unit, 1 screen and camera 2屏、音频和视频以及演示文稿2 screens, audio and video plus presentation
PSTN 访问PSTN Access

设备选择Device selection

根据你希望的会议室的未来功能,评估哪些 Microsoft 团队聊天室解决方案最适合于每个房间。Evaluate which Microsoft Teams Rooms solution is the most suitable for each room based on the future capabilities you want for the room. 根据空间大小和布局,确定哪些 AV 外围设备最合适。Decide which AV peripheral devices are the best fit, depending on room size and layout.

有关系统和外围设备的类型、房间类型和大小的指南,请参阅Microsoft 团队会议室需求文章。For guidance for the type of system and peripheral devices by room type and size, see the Microsoft Teams Rooms requirements article.

根据您喜欢的供应商,使用 "要求" 文章中提供的信息来定义 Microsoft 团队聊天室和每个会议室类型支持的外围设备配置,并将其用作部署模板。Based on the vendor you prefer, use the information provided in the requirements article to define your Microsoft Teams Rooms and supported peripheral device configuration per room type, and use this as a template for your deployment.

Pro 提示-某些会议室类型可能不适用于你的部署。Pro Tip – Some room types might not be applicable for your deployment.

决策点Decision points
  • 从你的库存中,你的部署在范围内的会议室有哪些类型?From your inventory, which types of rooms are in scope for your deployment?
  • 将为每个房间类型部署哪些系统?Which systems will you deploy for each room type?

后续步骤Next steps
  • 开始为所选系统收集关键的操作资料,并与您的采购团队进行沟通。Start to gather key operational material for your chosen systems, and engage your procurement team.

适用于你的组织的 Microsoft 团队聊天室部署模板示例Sample Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment template for your organization

房间类型/大小Room type/size 人数Number of people Microsoft 团队会议室系统Microsoft Teams Rooms system 外围设备Peripheral devices 显示(s)Display(s)
焦点 10 "按 9"Focus 10' by 9' 2 – 42–4
小写 16 "x 16"Small 16' by 16' 4 – 64–6
中等深浅 18 "x 20"Medium 18' by 20' 6 – 126–12
大 15 "x 32"Large 15' by 32' 12 – 1612–16

Pro 提示- 现在是开始收集有关您所选的 Microsoft 团队聊天室解决方案的信息的好时机。Pro Tip – Now is a great time to start gathering information about the Microsoft Teams Rooms solution you’ve chosen.


你可以通过设备合作伙伴购买所选系统作为捆绑包或集成解决方案。You can procure your chosen system as a bundle or an integrated solution via device partners. 你还可以通过使用 Surface Pro 设备和现有的_受支持_的 AV 外围设备来获取合作伙伴设备停靠和准备自己的 Microsoft 团队聊天室解决方案。You can also acquire a partner device dock and prepare your own Microsoft Teams Rooms solution by using a Surface Pro device and existing, supported AV peripheral devices.

你可以从 "需求" 文章中列出的许多合作伙伴那里获取 Microsoft 团队聊天室。You can acquire Microsoft Teams Rooms from a number of partners who are listed in the requirements article. 请访问合作伙伴的网站,了解有关这些解决方案和购买选项的详细信息。Please visit the partners’ websites to learn more about these solutions and procurement options.

根据你的部署规模和方法,你可能决定将 Microsoft 团队聊天室和受支持的外围设备运送到一个中心位置,以便进行初始配置和作业。Depending on your deployment scale and approach, you might decide to have the Microsoft Teams Rooms and supported peripheral devices shipped to a central location for initial configuration and assignment. 这可能是在多个网站上进行分步推出的好方法。This might be a good approach for a staged rollout across many sites. 或者,您可以选择将捆绑包直接发运到您的网站。Or, you might choose to ship the bundles directly to your sites.

决策点Decision points
  • 是将组件直接发运到站点还是转移到暂存设备?Will you ship the components directly to a site or to a staging facility?
  • 谁将管理临时设施(如果你决定使用其中一个)?Who will manage the staging facility (if you decide to use one)?

后续步骤Next steps
  • 计划操作。Plan for operations.
  • 规划采纳和更改管理。Plan for adoption and change management.

计划操作Plan for operations

你的组织必须定期执行监视、管理和管理任务,并且它是在你的部署早期接受这些任务的关键。Your organization must execute monitoring, administration, and management tasks on an ongoing basis, and it’s key to agree who will undertake these tasks early in your deployment.

许多组织拥有一个 AV 团队或管理其会议室和设备的合作伙伴。Many organizations have an AV team or partner who manages their conference rooms and devices. 此团队应参与同意负责管理 Microsoft 团队聊天室设备以监控性能、部署软件更新和修补程序的人员。This team should be involved in agreeing who will manage the Microsoft Teams Rooms devices going forward to monitor performance, and deploy software updates and hotfixes.

考虑哪些 "帮助台" 队列你将向 Microsoft 团队 Rooms֪提供相关呼叫,并向帮助台团队提供常见问题,以便他们能够更好地了解如何使用 Microsoft 团队聊天室和他们可以执行的关键疑难解答步骤。Consider which helpdesk queue you’ll route Microsoft Teams Rooms֪–related calls to, and provide an FAQ to the helpdesk team so they can better understand how to use Microsoft Teams Rooms and the key troubleshooting steps they can take. 此常见问题的一个良好起点是用户帮助已知问题A good starting point for this FAQ is the user help and Known issues.

决策点Decision points
  • 确定谁将管理 Microsoft 团队聊天室。Decide who will manage Microsoft Teams Rooms.
  • 确定要向哪些帮助台队列传送 Microsoft 团队聊天室-相关呼叫。Decide which helpdesk queue to route Microsoft Teams Rooms–related calls to.

后续步骤Next steps
  • 准备主机帐户。Prepare to host accounts.

规划采纳和更改管理Plan for adoption and change management

Microsoft 团队会议室系统向你的用户推出新功能。Microsoft Teams Rooms systems introduce new capabilities to your users. 请注意,这将是你的用户的更改,你应该确保你的市场活动能够确定新系统为你的用户带来的好处,并且谈话要点的销售人员可以使用它们与他们的团队进行讨论。It’s important that you recognize that this will be a change for your users, and you should ensure your campaign identifies the benefits the new system will have for your users and the key talking points leads can use to discuss with their teams.

请考虑安排在每个网站上显示的 "显示" 和 "通知" 事件和海报删除,以通知用户新功能。Consider scheduling show-and-tell events and poster drops at each site to inform your users of the new capabilities. 您也可以创建房间内 "快速入门指南"。You might also create in-room “quick start guides.” 请考虑在每个网站上查找可帮助他人提高速度和开始使用设备的会议。Consider finding a meetings champion on each site who can help others get up to speed and start using the devices.