SharePoint Online 和 OneDrive for Business 与 Microsoft Teams 如何交互How SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business interact with Microsoft Teams


观看以下会话,了解团队如何与 Azure Active Directory (AAD) 、Microsoft 365 组、Exchange、SharePoint 和 OneDrive for business 进行交互: Microsoft 团队的基础Watch the following session to learn how Teams interacts with Azure Active Directory (AAD), Microsoft 365 Groups, Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business: Foundations of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 团队中的每个团队在 SharePoint Online 中都有一个团队网站,团队中的每个标准频道都将获取默认工作组网站文档库中的一个文件夹。Each team in Microsoft Teams has a team site in SharePoint Online, and each standard channel in a team gets a folder within the default team site document library. 对话中共享的文件会自动添加到文档库中,在 SharePoint 中设置的权限和文件安全选项会自动反映在 Teams 中。Files shared within a conversation are automatically added to the document library, and permissions and file security options set in SharePoint are automatically reflected within Teams. 若要查看更改 SharePoint 中的网站地址的影响,请阅读更改网站地址To see the impact of changing a site address in SharePoint, read Change a site address.


本文仅适用于标准频道。This article applies only to standard channels. 专用信道的体系结构与标准信道不同。The architecture for private channels is different from standard channels. 每个专用频道都有其自己的与父团队网站分开的 SharePoint 网站集。Each private channel has its own SharePoint site collection that's separate from the parent team site. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅Microsoft 团队中的专用频道To learn more, see Private channels in Microsoft Teams.

私人聊天文件存储在发件人的 OneDrive for business 文件夹中,并将权限自动授予所有参与者作为文件共享过程的一部分。Private chat files are stored in the sender's OneDrive for Business folder, and permissions are automatically granted to all participants as part of the file sharing process.

如果未使用 SharePoint Online 许可证分配和启用用户,则他们在 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 中没有 OneDrive for business 存储。If users aren't assigned and enabled with SharePoint Online licenses, they don't have OneDrive for Business storage in Microsoft 365 or Office 365. 文件共享将继续在标准频道中工作,但是在 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 中,用户无法在没有 OneDrive for business 存储的情况下共享文件。File sharing will continue to work in standard channels, but users won't be able to share files in chats without OneDrive for Business storage in Microsoft 365 or Office 365.

通过在 SharePoint Online 文档库和 OneDrive for Business 中存储文件,在租户级别配置的所有合规性规则将得到遵循。By storing the files in the SharePoint Online document library and OneDrive for Business, all compliance rules configured at the tenant level will be followed.


目前不支持 Microsoft 团队与本地 SharePoint 的集成。Integration with SharePoint On-premises is not supported for Microsoft Teams at this time.

下面是团队、标准频道和文档库之间的关系的示例。The following is the example of relationships between team, standard channel, and document library.

对于每个团队,创建 SharePoint 网站后,会为团队创建默认文件夹共享文档For every team, a SharePoint site is created, and the Shared Documents folder is the default folder created for the team. 每个标准频道(包括常规频道 (每个团队的默认频道) 在 "共享文档" 中有一个文件夹。Each standard channel, including the General channel (the default channel for each team) has a folder in Shared Documents.

SharePoint Online 中的 "共享文档" 文件夹的图表。


当前无法替代默认 SharePoint 站点和文档库。It's not currently possible to replace the default SharePoint site and document library with another one. 我们已经知道你的需求,我们正在考虑。We've heard from you that you want it, and we're considering it. 查看 Teams 路线图Teams UserVoice,以随时了解即将推出的功能。Check the Teams Roadmap or Teams UserVoice to stay on top of upcoming features.


若要向团队添加链接到现有 SharePoint 网站页面或现有 SharePoint 文档库的选项卡,请执行以下操作:To add a tab to your team that links to an existing SharePoint site page or to your existing SharePoint document library:

  1. 选择选项卡旁边的加号。Select the plus sign next to the tabs.
  2. 为现有文档库的现有 SharePoint 网站页面或文档库选择任一SharePointSelect either SharePoint for an existing SharePoint site page or Document Library for an existing document library.
  3. 选择相应的页面或文档库。Select the appropriate page or document library.

对于每个用户,OneDrive 文件夹 Microsoft Teams 聊天文件用于存储私人聊天中与其他用户共享(一对一或一对多)的所有文件,且自动配置权限以限制仅目标用户可以访问这些文件。For every user, the OneDrive folder Microsoft Teams Chat Files is used to store all files shared within private chats with other users (1:1 or 1:many), with permissions configured automatically to restrict access to the intended user only.

名为 Microsoft 团队聊天文件的 OneDrive 文件夹的图表

请注意,对于公共团队,SharePoint 团队网站使用 "除外部用户之外的所有人" 访问设置。Note that for public teams, the SharePoint team site is provisioned with "Everyone except external users" access. 对于不是该团队成员的人员,不会在团队中显示公共团队。The public team isn't displayed in Teams for people who aren't members of that team. 但是,他们可以使用 SharePoint 团队网站的 URL 访问 SharePoint 团队网站上的内容。However, they can access content on the SharePoint team site using the URL of the SharePoint team site.

频道文件选项卡Channel Files tab

此功能尚未发布。This feature hasn't yet been released. 已宣布,即将推出。It's been announced, and is coming soon.如果您是管理员,则可以在 (Microsoft 365 管理中心") 中的" 邮件中心 "中看到此功能的发布时间。 If you're an admin, you can find out when this feature will be released in the Message Center (in the Microsoft 365 admin center).

团队中的 "文件" 选项卡紧密类似于 SharePoint 文档视图。The Files tab in Teams closely resembles the SharePoint documents view. 在 "文件" 选项卡上,用户可以:On the Files tab, users can:

  • 在 "新建文件" 菜单中查看其他选项。See additional options in the New file menu.
  • 将文件同步到其本地驱动器。Sync files to their local drive.
  • 在 "所有文档" 菜单上,从列表视图切换到压缩列表到 "磁贴" 视图。On the All Documents menu, switch from List view to Compact list to Tiles view.
  • 确定需要关注或有恶意软件的文件。Identify files that need attention or have malware.
  • 立即查看文件是否为只读或已签出。Immediately see whether a file is read-only or checked out.
  • 签出和签入文件。Check out and check in files.
  • 固定、取消固定和更改文件的排序顺序。Pin, unpin, and change the sort order of files.
  • 确定需要元数据的文件Identify which files need metadata
  • 从更多筛选选项中进行选择。Choose from many more filter options.
  • 基于列标题对文件进行分组。Group files based on column headings.
  • "修改栏设置" ("向左或向右移动"、"隐藏) 和列宽"。Modify column settings (move left or right, hide) and column width.

SharePoint 和 OneDrive 具有管理员设置,用于指定为文件创建的链接的默认链接类型。SharePoint and OneDrive have an admin setting for specifying the default link type for links that are created for a file. 团队通过重复使用管理员为 SharePoint 和 OneDrive 设置的设置来采用相同的方法。Teams is adopting that same approach by reusing the settings that the admin sets for SharePoint and OneDrive. 有关此方法的更多详细信息,请参阅更改用户获取共享链接时的默认链接类型More details about this approach are described in Change the default link type when users get links for sharing.

更多信息More information

有关 SharePoint 如何与团队协同工作的详细信息,请参阅sharepoint 和团队:更好地协作For more information about how SharePoint works with Teams, see SharePoint and Teams: better together.

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