在 Microsoft Teams 中为实时事件进行设置Set up for live events in Microsoft Teams

为实时事件进行设置时,必须执行几个步骤。When you're setting up for live events, there are several steps that you must take.

第 1 步:在 Teams 中为实时事件设置网络Step 1: Set up your network for live events in Teams

在 Teams 中制作的实时事件要求你为 Teams 准备贵组织的网络Live events produced in Teams require you to prepare your organization's network for Teams.

第 2 步:获取和分配许可证Step 2: Get and assign licenses

请确保为可以创建和安排实时事件的用户以及可以观看实时事件的用户分配正确的许可证。Ensure you have correct license assignments for who can create and schedule live events and who can watch live events.

第 3 步:设置实时事件策略Step 3: Set up live events policies

实时事件策略用于控制组织中的哪些人员可以主持实时事件,以及其创建的事件中的可用功能。Live events policies are used to control who in your organization can hold live events and the features that are available in the events they create. 可使用默认策略或创建一个或多个自定义实时事件策略。You can use the default policy or create one or more custom live events policies. 创建自定义策略后,将其分配给组织中的一个或多个用户组。After you create a custom policy, assign it to a user or groups of users in your organization.


你的组织中的用户将获得全局 (组织范围的默认) 策略,除非你创建并分配自定义策略。Users in your organization will get the global (Org-wide default) policy unless you create and assign a custom policy. 默认情况下,在全局策略中,已为 Teams 用户启用实时事件安排,已关闭实时辅助字幕与字幕(转录),组织中的每个人都可以加入实时事件,并且录制设置已设置为“始终录制”。By default in the global policy, live event scheduling is enabled for Teams users, live captions and subtitles (transcription) is turned off, everyone in the organization can join live events, and the recording setting is set to always record.

创建或编辑实时事件策略Create or edit a live events policy

  1. 在 Microsoft 团队管理中心的左侧导航中,转到 "会议 > 实时事件策略"。In the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin center, go to Meetings > Live events policies.

  2. 执行下列操作之一:Do one of the following:

    • 如果要编辑现有默认策略,请选择“全局(默认为组织范围)”。If you want to edit the existing default policy, choose Global (Org-wide default).
    • 如果要创建新的自定义策略,请选择 " 添加"。If you want to create a new custom policy, choose Add.
    • 如果要编辑自定义策略,请选择该策略,然后选择“编辑”。If you want to edit a custom policy, select the policy, and then choose Edit.

    可更改以下设置以满足组织的需求。Here are the settings you can change to fit the needs of your organization.

    实时事件策略设置的屏幕截图Screen shot of live events policy settings

设置Setting 说明Description
标题Title 这是显示在实时事件策略页面上的策略标题。This is the title of the policy that appears on the live events policies page. 它不能超过 64 个字符或包含任何特殊字符。It can't be longer than 64 characters or have any special characters.
说明Description 使用它为策略添加友好说明。Use this to add a friendly description for the policy.
允许安排Allow scheduling 启用此设置可让组织中的用户在 Teams 中创建和安排实时事件。Turning this on lets users in your organization create and schedule live events in Teams. 请务必注意,如果希望用户安排使用外部应用或设备制作的实时事件,则必须执行其他步骤。It's important to know that if you want users to schedule a live event produced with an external app or device, there are additional steps you must do. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅允许用户安排使用外部应用或设备制作的事件To learn more, see Enable users to schedule events that were produced with an external app or device.
允许与会者转录Allow transcription for attendees 此设置仅适用于在 Teams 中制作的事件。This setting can only be applied to events produced in Teams. 启用此设置后,实时事件参与者可在事件期间查看实时辅助字幕与字幕。Turning this on enables live event attendees to see live captions and subtitles during the event.
可以加入已计划实时事件的用户Who can join scheduled live events 选择以下选项之一。Choose one of the following.

任何人 用户可以创建允许任何人(包括组织外部的人员)参与的实时事件。Everyone Users can create live events that everyone, including people outside your organization, can attend. 当用户安排实时事件时,此设置将在 Teams 中启用公共权限类型。This setting enables the Public permission type in Teams when a user schedules a live event.
组织中的所有人 用户可以创建允许组织内的人员(包括添加到组织的来宾用户)参与的实时事件。Everyone in the organization Users can create live events that people in your organization, including guest users added to your organization, can attend. 用户不能创建由匿名用户参与的实时事件。Users can't create live events that are attended by anonymous users. 当用户安排实时事件时,此设置将在 Teams 中启用组织范围权限类型。This setting enables the Org-wide permission type in Teams when a user schedules a live event.
特定用户或组 用户可以创建只允许组织内的特定用户或组参与的实时事件。Specific users or groups Users can create live events that only specific users or groups in your organization can attend. 用户不能创建由组织内的任何人或匿名用户参与的实时事件。Users can't create live events that are attended by everyone in your organization or by anonymous users. 当用户安排实时事件时,此设置将在 Teams 中启用人员和组权限类型。This setting enables the People and groups permission type in Teams when a user schedules a live event.
录制设置Recording setting
此设置仅适用于在 Teams 中制作的事件。This setting can only be applied to events produced in Teams. 选择以下选项之一。Choose one of the following.

始终录制 始终录制由用户创建的实时事件。Always record Live events created by users are always recorded. 事件结束后,事件团队成员可以下载录制内容,并且参加者可以观看该事件。After the event is over, event team members can download the recording and attendees can watch the event.
从不录制 从不录制由用户创建的实时事件。Never record Live events created by users are never recorded.
组织者可以录制或不录制 用户可以决定是否录制实时事件。Organizer can record or not Users can decide whether to record the live event. 如果已录制,则事件结束后,事件团队成员可以下载录制内容,并且参加者可以观看该事件。If it's recorded, after the event is over, event team members can download the recording and attendees can watch the event.

你可以使用 Windows PowerShell 来执行此操作。You can also do this by using Windows PowerShell. 有关详细信息,请参阅使用 PowerShell 在 Teams 中设置实时事件策略For more information, see Use PowerShell to set live events policies in Teams.

向用户分配实时事件策略Assign a live events policy to users

如果你已创建自定义实时事件策略,请将其分配给用户,以使该策略生效。If you created a custom live events policy, assign it to users for the policy to be active.

你可以将策略直接分配给用户,也可以通过批处理分配(如果支持策略类型)单独或按比例分配,或者分配给用户是其成员的组(如果该策略类型支持)。You can assign a policy directly to users, either individually or at scale through a batch assignment (if supported for the policy type), or to a group that the users are members of (if supported for the policy type).若要了解可为用户分配策略的不同方式,请参阅为团队中的用户分配策略To learn about the different ways that you can assign policies to users, see Assign policies to your users in Teams.

允许用户安排使用外部应用或设备制作的事件Enable users to schedule events that were produced with an external app or device

为了让用户安排使用外部应用或设备制作的事件,你还必须执行以下操作:For users to schedule events produced with an external app or device, you must also do the following:

  1. 为组织中的用户启用 Microsoft Stream。Enable Microsoft Stream for users in your organization. 流可作为符合条件的 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 订阅的一部分,或用作独立服务。Stream is available as part of eligible Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscriptions or as a standalone service. Stream 未包含在商业协作版或商业高级版计划中。Stream isn't included in Business Essentials or Business Premium plans. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Stream 许可概述See Stream licensing overview for more details.


从使用 Microsoft Stream 到 OneDrive for business 和 SharePoint for 会议录制 的更改将是一种分阶段方法。The change from using Microsoft Stream to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint for meeting recordings will be a phased approach. 在启动时,你可以选择加入此体验,在11月内,你将必须选择退出,如果你想要继续使用流,并且在2021的早期,我们将要求所有客户使用 OneDrive for Business 和 SharePoint 进行新的会议录制。At launch you'll be able to opt-in to this experience, in November you'll have to opt-out if you want to continue using Stream, and some time in early 2021 we'll require all customers to use OneDrive for Business and SharePoint for new meeting recordings.

  Learn more about how you can [assign licenses to users](https://support.office.com/article/Assign-licenses-to-users-in-Office-365-for-business-997596B5-4173-4627-B915-36ABAC6786DC) so that users can access Stream. Ensure Stream isn't blocked for the users as defined in [this article](https://docs.microsoft.com/stream/disable-user-organization).
  1. 确保用户在 Stream 中具有实时事件创建权限。Ensure users have live event creation permission in Stream. 默认情况下,管理员可以使用外部应用或设备创建事件。By default, administrators can create events with an external app or device. Stream 管理员可以在 Stream 中允许其他用户创建实时事件Stream administrator can enable additional users for live event creation in Stream.

  2. 确保实时事件组织者已同意由 Stream 管理员设置的公司策略。如果 Stream 管理员已设置公司准则策略,并要求员工在保存内容之前接受此策略,则用户在 Teams 中创建实时事件(使用外部应用或设备)之前必须这样做。Ensure live event organizers have consented to the company policy set by Stream admin. If a Stream administrator has set up a company guidelines policy and requires employees to accept this policy before saving content, then users must do so before creating a live event (with an external app or device) in Teams. 在组织中推出实时事件功能之前,请确保将要创建这些实时事件的用户已同意该策略。Before you roll out the live events feature in the organization, make sure users who will be creating these live events have consented to the policy.

第 4 步:在 Teams 中为实时事件设置视频分发解决方案Step 4: Set up a video distribution solution for live events in Teams

实时事件视频的播放使用自适应比特率流 (ABR),但它是单播流,这意味着每个观看者都将从 Internet 上获取自己的视频流。Playback of live event videos uses adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) but it's a unicast stream, meaning every viewer is getting their own video stream from the internet. 对于发送到组织内的大部分用户的实时事件或视频,观看者可能会消耗大量 Internet 带宽。For live events or videos sent out to large portions of your organization, there could be a significant amount of internet bandwidth consumed by viewers. 对于希望减少实时事件的 Internet 流量的组织,可将实时事件解决方案与 Microsoft 值得信赖的视频交付合作伙伴提供的软件定义的网络 (SDN) 或企业内容交付网络 (eCDN) 相集成。For organizations that want to reduce this internet traffic for live events, live events solutions are integrated with Microsoft's trusted video delivery partners offering software defined networks (SDNs) or enterprise content delivery networks (eCDNs). 这些 SDN/eCDN 平台使组织能够在不牺牲最终用户观看体验的情况下优化网络带宽。These SDN/eCDN platforms enable organizations to optimize network bandwidth without sacrificing end user viewing experiences. 我们的合作伙伴可帮助你在整个企业网络中实现更具可扩展性且高效的视频分发。Our partners can help enable a more scalable and efficient video distribution across your enterprise network.

在 Teams 之外购买和设置你的解决方案 通过 Microsoft 值得信赖的视频交付合作伙伴,在扩展视频交付方面获得专家帮助。Purchase and set up your solution outside of Teams Get expert help with scaling video delivery by leveraging Microsoft's trusted video delivery partners. 在将视频交付提供程序与 Teams 一起使用之前,你必须购买并在 Teams 外部单独设置 SDN/eCDN 解决方案。Before you can enable a video delivery provider to be used with Teams you must purchase and set up the SDN/eCDN solution outside and separate from Teams.

以下 SDN/eCDN 解决方案已预集成,可设置为与 Stream 一起使用。The following SDN/eCDN solutions are pre-integrated and can be set up to be used with Stream.

  • Hive Streaming 为直播和点播企业视频分发提供了简单而强大的解决方案。Hive Streaming provides a simple and powerful solution for live and on-demand enterprise video distribution. Hive 是一种基于软件的解决方案,它不需要其他硬件或带宽,并且提供了一种安全的方式来允许数千个观看者同时观看视频,而不会影响你的网络。Hive is a software-based solution that requires no additional hardware or bandwidth and provides a secure way to enable thousands of simultaneous video viewers without impact to your network. 对于希望在购买 SDN/eCDN 解决方案之前了解视频对其网络的影响的客户,Hive Streaming 还为 Microsoft 客户提供了基于浏览器的分析解决方案。For customers looking to understand the impact video is having on their network prior to purchasing an SDN/eCDN solution, Hive Streaming also provides a browser-based analytics solution for Microsoft customers. 了解详细信息Learn more.

  • Kollective 是一种基于云的智能对等分发平台,它利用你现有的网络基础结构,以多种形式(实时流视频、点播视频、软件更新、安全修补程序等)更快、更可靠地交付内容,并且所需带宽更少。Kollective is a cloud-based, smart peering distribution platform that leverages your existing network infrastructure to deliver content, in many forms, (live streaming video, on-demand video, software updates, security patches, etc.) faster, more reliably and with less bandwidth. 我们的安全平台深受全球最大金融机构的信任,无需额外的硬件,安装和维护都非常简单。Our secure platform is trusted by the world's largest financial institutions and with no additional hardware, setup and maintenance are easy. 了解详细信息Learn more.

  • Ramp OmniCache 提供下一代网络分发,并确保跨全球 WAN 的视频内容无缝交付,从而帮助事件制作者优化网络带宽并支持成功的实时事件广播和点播流。Ramp OmniCache provides next-generation network distribution and ensures seamless delivery of video content across global WANs, helping event producers optimize network bandwidth and support successful live event broadcasts and on-demand streaming. 即将对在 Teams 中制作的实时事件提供 OmniCache 支持。The support for Ramp OmniCache for live events produced in Teams is coming soon. 了解详细信息Learn more.

  • Riverbed(网络优化中的行业标准)扩展了其加速解决方案到 Microsoft 团队和流。Riverbed, the industry standard in network optimization, is extending its acceleration solutions to Microsoft Teams and Stream. 现在,Microsoft 365 客户可以满怀信心地加速365流量,包括团队和流以及大量其他主流企业 SaaS 服务,以提高员工的工作效率。Now Microsoft 365 customers can confidently accelerate 365 traffic including Teams and Stream along with a wealth of other leading enterprise SaaS services to increase workforce productivity from anywhere. 团队和流加速可通过 Riverbed 的世界一流支持和持续投资带来的轻松设置启用。Teams and Stream acceleration can be enabled through an effortless setup that comes with all the assurance of Riverbed’s world-class support and ongoing investment.


你选择的 SDN 或 eCDN 解决方案受所选第三方提供商的服务条款和隐私策略的约束,这将制约你对提供商解决方案的使用。Your chosen SDN or eCDN solution is subject to the selected 3rd party provider's terms of service and privacy policy, which will govern your use of the provider's solution. 你对提供商解决方案的使用将不受 Microsoft 批量许可条款或联机服务条款的约束。Your use of the provider's solution will not be subject to the Microsoft volume licensing terms or Online Services Terms. 如果你不同意第三方提供商的条款,则不要在 Teams 中启用该解决方案。If you do not agree to the 3rd party provider's terms, then don't enable the solution in Teams.

设置 SDN 或 eCDN 解决方案后,即可在 Teams 中配置实时事件的提供商。After you set up the SDN or eCDN solution, you're ready to configure the provider for live events in Teams.

后续步骤Next steps

转到配置 Teams 实时事件设置Go to Configure live events settings in Teams.