Microsoft 团队中的 Walkie Talkie 应用Walkie Talkie app in Microsoft Teams

这是预览版或早期版本功能。This is a preview or early release feature.

团队中的 Walkie Talkie 应用为你的团队提供即时推送通话(PTT)通信,并且在 Android 上的公共预览版中可用。The Walkie Talkie app in Teams provides instant push-to-talk (PTT) communication for your team and is available in Public Preview on Android. Walkie Talkie 允许用户使用与其成员相同的基础频道连接其团队。Walkie Talkie allows users to connect with their team using the same underlying channels they're members of. 仅在频道中连接到 Walkie Talkie 的用户成为参与者,并且可以使用 "按下" 与他人进行通信,每次一个通话。Only users who connect to Walkie Talkie in a channel become participants and can communicate with each other using push-to-talk, one at a time.

通过 Walkie Talkie,一线的工作人员现在可以安全地与熟悉的 PTT 体验进行通信,而无需携带有容量的无线收发器,并且使用 WiFi 或手机互联网连接,Walkie Talkie 可以工作。With Walkie Talkie in Teams, firstline workers can now securely communicate with a familiar PTT experience without needing to carry bulky radios, and Walkie Talkie works anywhere with WiFi or cellular internet connectivity.

入门Getting started

部署 Walkie TalkieDeploying Walkie Talkie

在公共预览版期间,Walkie Talkie 尚未预安装。During the Public Preview, Walkie Talkie is not pre-installed. 若要为你的组织中的用户启用此功能,你需要将 Walkie Talkie App Setup Policy添加到   分配给团队管理中心中的用户的应用设置策略。To enable this feature for users in your organization, you need to add Walkie Talkie to the App Setup Policy assigned to users from the Teams Admin Center.

启用后,Walkie Talkie 将在48小时内的 Android 应用中可用。Once enabled, Walkie Talkie will become available on the Android app within 48 hours.

将 Walkie Talkie 添加到你的应用列表Adding Walkie Talkie to your app list

在 Microsoft 团队管理中心的 "团队应用 > 设置策略" 下,应将 "允许用户固定" 设置为 "打开"In the Microsoft Teams admin center, under Teams app > Setup policies, you should have Allow user pinning set to On. 然后,在 "固定应用" 部分下,单击 " + 添加应用"。Then, under the Pinned Apps section, click +Add Apps.

:::image type="content" source="media/deploy-walkie-talkie-1.png" alt-text="显示 "固定应用" 部分和要选择的 "添加应用" 按钮。":::

在右侧显示的 "添加固定应用" 面板上,使用 "搜索" 文本框查找 Walkie Talkie。On the Add pinned apps panel that appears on the right, use the Search textbox to look for Walkie Talkie. 当您将其作为搜索结果时,请单击名称右侧的 "添加" 按钮,将其添加到您的列表。When you have it as a search result, click the Add button to the right of the name to add it to your list.

:::image type="content" source="media/deploy-walkie-talkie-2.png" alt-text="显示 "添加已固定的应用" 边栏,其中 Walkie 输入到搜索窗格中,在搜索结果中显示 Walkie Talkie 应用,旁边显示 "添加" 按钮。":::

Walkie Talkie 应用现在应显示在 "已附加的应用" 列表中,并且在你单击 "保存" 按钮后才可使用。The Walkie Talkie app should now appear on the Pinned Apps list, and be available for use once you click the Save button.

:::image type="content" source="media/deploy-walkie-talkie-3.png" alt-text="显示添加了 Walkie Talkie 应用的固定应用列表,以及列表下方的 "保存" 按钮。":::

网络文档Network documentation

团队中的 Walkie Talkie 需要 Internet 连接,并且必须满足网络条件才能获得最佳体验。Walkie Talkie in Teams requires Internet connectivity and below the network conditions are required for optimal experience.

延迟(RTT) < 300ms |抖动 < 30ms |数据包丢失 < 1%Latency (RTT) < 300ms | Jitter < 30ms | Packet Loss < 1%

如上所述,通过 IP 网络的实时媒体质量很大程度上受到网络连接质量的影响,但特别是:As noted above, the quality of real-time media over an IP network is greatly impacted by the quality of the network connectivity, but especially by the amount of:

  • 延迟-这是将 IP 数据包从点 A 转到网络上的点 B 所需的时间。Latency - This is the time it takes to get an IP packet from point A to point B on the network. 此网络传播延迟实质上与两个点之间的物理距离和光之间的距离保持联系,包括不同路由器所用的额外开销。This network propagation delay is essentially tied to physical distance between the two points and the speed of light, including additional overhead taken by the various routers in between. 延迟按往返时间(RTT)测量。Latency is measured as Round-trip Time (RTT).
  • 数据包丢失-这通常定义为在给定时间段内丢失的数据包的百分比。Packet Loss - This is often defined as a percentage of packets that are lost in a given window of time. 数据包丢失直接影响音频质量—从少量的单个丢失的数据包几乎没有影响,到导致完整的音频切出的后端到后爆发损失。Packet loss directly affects audio quality—from small, individual lost packets having almost no impact, to back-to-back burst losses that cause complete audio cut-out.
  • 抖动-这是连续数据包之间的延迟的平均变化。Jitter - This is the average change in delay between successive packets.

在发送或接收音频时,Walkie Talkie 的预期数据使用量在 20KB/s 周围。Expected data usage from Walkie Talkie is around 20KB/s when sending or receiving audio. 当空闲时,Walkie Talkie 中的预期数据使用量可以忽略。When idle, expected data usage from Walkie Talkie is negligible.

Walkie Talkie 设备Walkie Talkie devices

即使在手机处于锁定状态时,一线工作人员也经常需要说和接听 Walkie Talkie 通话。FirstLine workers often need to speak and receive Walkie Talkie calls even when their phones are locked. 通过具有专用 PTT 按钮的专用设备,可实现此体验。This experience is possible through specialized devices with a dedicated PTT button.


这些设备不是团队认证的设备。These devices are not Teams certified. 他们已经过验证,可与 Walkie Talkie 的团队协作。They have been validated to work with Teams Walkie Talkie.

许可证要求License requirements

Walkie Talkie 应用均包含在Office 365 订阅中的所有已收费许可证团队中。Walkie Talkie app is included in all paid licenses of Teams in Office 365 subscriptions. 有关获取团队的详细信息,请查看 如何获取 Microsoft 团队的访问权限For more information about getting Teams, check out How do I get access to Microsoft Teams?


某些高级功能可能需要额外的许可。Certain advanced features may require additional licensing. 例如,与 Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro 的集成需要安装 Knox 许可证。For example, integration with Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro requires a Knox license.

详细信息Further information

  • ITAdmins 可以通过应用策略保持控制哪些人正在使用 Walkie Talkie。ITAdmins can maintain control over who is using Walkie Talkie through App Policies.
  • 如果你的一线工作者使用移动数据通过团队进行通信,Walkie Talkie 将使用相同的方法。If your firstline worker is using mobile data to communicate via Teams, Walkie Talkie will use the same method.
  • Walkie Talkie 应在低带宽情况下运行,或者智能手机已连接并正常工作的情况。Walkie Talkie should work well in low bandwidth situations, or situations where your smartphone is connected and working. 如果根本没有连接,Walkie Talkie 将不起作用。Walkie Talkie will not work when there is no connectivity at all.

有关最终用户体验的进一步阅读,请参阅:For further reading on the end-user experience, see: