“Tabs”部分Tabs Section

包含控制制表位位置和对齐方式的形状或样式的单元格。Contains cells for shapes or styles that control tab stop position and alignment.


您还可以通过使用文本对话框中的选项卡选项卡来设置这些值 (单击主页选项卡上的字体组中的对话框启动器) 或使用文本标尺You can also set these values by using the Tabs tab in the Text dialog box (click dialog box launcher in the Font group on the Home tab) or by using the Text Ruler. 若要显示文本标尺,右键单击在文本编辑模式中的文本,然后单击快捷菜单上的文本标尺To display the Text Ruler, right-click the text while in text-editing mode, and then click Text Ruler on the shortcut menu.

您可以设置特定字符的制表位,方法是先选定该文本,然后设置制表位。当您设置特定字符的制表位时,会在 ShapeSheet 窗口中添加一个新行。该行的名称表示制表位包含的字符数。You can set tab stops for specific characters by selecting the text, and then setting the tab stop. When you set tab stops for specific characters, a new row is added in the ShapeSheet window. The name of the row represents the number of characters the tab stop contains.