SourceLocation 元素SourceLocation element

将 Office 外接程序的源文件位置指定为一个长度介于1到2018个字符之间的 URL。Specifies the source file locations for your Office Add-in as a URL between 1 and 2018 characters long. 源位置必须是 HTTPS 地址,而非文件路径。The source location must be an HTTPS address, not a file path.

加载项类型: 内容、任务窗格和邮件Add-in type: Content, Task pane, Mail


<SourceLocation DefaultValue="string" />

包含于Contained in

可以包含Can contain



属性Attribute 类型Type 必需Required 说明Description
DefaultValueDefaultValue URLURL 必需required 指定该设置的默认值,表示为 DefaultLocale 元素中指定的区域设置。Specifies the default value for this setting for the locale specified in the DefaultLocale element.