将解决方案提交到 Microsoft AppSource 和 Office 应用商店Make your solutions available in Microsoft AppSource and within Office

Microsoft AppSource 提供了将新 Office 和 SharePoint 加载项、Microsoft Teams 应用和 Power BI 视觉对象上传到的便捷位置,上传的这些内容可以为使用者和企业提供解决方案。Microsoft AppSource provides a convenient location for you to upload new Office and SharePoint Add-ins, Microsoft Teams apps, and Power BI visuals that provide solutions for both consumers and businesses. 将加载项解决方案添加到 Microsoft AppSource 时,还可以使其在 Office 应用商店的产品内体验中可用。When you add your add-in solution to Microsoft AppSource, you also make it available in the in-product experience within Office. 若要在 Microsoft AppSource 和 Office 应用商店中添加解决方案,请将它提交到合作伙伴中心To include your solution in Microsoft AppSource and within Office, you submit it to Partner Center. 需要创建个人帐户或公司帐户,并添加付款信息(若有)。You need to create an individual or company account and, if applicable, add payout information. 有关详细信息,请参阅:For details, see:


无法将 Office VSTO 加载项和 COM 加载项提交到 Microsoft AppSource。Office VSTO add-ins and COM add-ins cannot be submitted to Microsoft AppSource. 有关 Office 外接程序类型之间的区别的详细信息,请参阅 Office外接程序与 COM 和 VSTO 外接程序有何不同?For more about the distinction between types of Office add-ins, see How are Office Add-ins different from COM and VSTO add-ins?.

有关如何向 Microsoft AppSource 提交 Power BI 自定义视觉对象的详细信息,请参阅发布自定义视觉对象For information about how to submit Power BI custom visuals to Microsoft AppSource, see Publish custom visuals.

审批流程Approval process

帐户通过审批后,即可将你的解决方案提交到合作伙伴中心。After your account is approved, you can submit your solution to Partner Center. 在提交解决方案以供审批之前,你可以随时进行更改。You can make changes at any point before you submit your solution for approval. 在审批过程中,你可以对提交的内容进行更改,但是需要等到当前提交完成后才能提交它们进行发布。During the approval process, you can make changes to your submission, but you can’t submit them for publishing until your current submission is complete.


在通过合作伙伴中心提交到 Microsoft AppSource 之前,必须提交 Microsoft Teams 应用进行预审批。You must submit Microsoft Teams apps for pre-approval before you submit them to Microsoft AppSource via Partner Center. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Microsoft Teams 应用预审批For details, see Microsoft Teams app pre-approval.

为了让你的提交通过审批:In order for your submission to be approved:

  • 不得感染病毒。It must be free of viruses. 如果需要病毒检测软件,请访问 Microsoft 安全中心If you need virus detection software, see the Microsoft Safety & Security Center.
  • 不得包含不予采纳材料或攻击性材料。It must not contain inadmissible or offensive material.
  • 它必须稳定且功能正常。It must be stable and functional.
  • 与您的应用程序或外接程序相关联的任何材料(如说明和支持文档)必须准确。在您的说明和材料中,使用正确的拼写、大小写、标点符号和语法。Any material that you associate with your apps or add-ins, such as descriptions and support documentation, must be accurate. Use correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar in your descriptions and materials.
  • 若要为地区应用商店中的用户提供量身定制的用户体验,可以添加其他语言,借助本地化的元数据让加载项显示在其他语言版本的应用商店中。If you want a tailored experience for users in a regional store, you can add additional languages so that your add-in appears in another language store with localized metadata. 必须相应地更新服务和加载项清单。Your service and your add-in manifest must be updated appropriately. 此外,还必须提供所添加每种语言对应的说明。You must also provide descriptions for each language you add.
  • 如果你的免费应用或加载项包含应用内购买,则加载项的 Microsoft AppSource 列表将通过在定价选项下声明“可能需要额外购买”来反映这一点。If your free app or add-in contains an in-app purchase, the Microsoft AppSource listing for your add-in will reflect this by stating 'Additional purchase may be required' under the pricing options.

有关 Microsoft AppSource 要求的更多详细信息,请参阅认证策略For more details about Microsoft AppSource requirements, see the Certification policies.

认证流程Certification process

提交解决方案后:After you submit your solution:

  1. 提交内容会经历一系列自动检查,以确保它符合认证策略Your submission goes through a series of automated checks to ensure that it complies with the certification policies.

  2. 验证团队会检查提交。The validation team reviews your submission. 这可能需要 3-5 个工作日,具体取决于队列中的提交量。This can take 3-5 working days, depending on the volume of submissions in the queue.


    验证团队会在加载项必须支持的所有平台上测试 Office 加载项。The validation team tests Office Add-ins on all the platforms that the add-in is required to support. 若要详细了解受支持的平台,请参阅 Office 加载项主机和平台可用性页。For details about supported platforms, see the Office Add-ins host and platform availability page.

    为了确保认证体验顺畅进行,请随提交内容一起提供详细的测试备注,其中包括:For a seamless certification experience, provide detailed test notes with your submission, including:

    • 关于应用或加载项需要的任何示例数据的信息。Information about any sample data your app or add-in needs.
    • 配置说明(如果需要)。Configuration instructions, if required.
    • 关于应用或加载项需要的测试或演示帐户的信息。Information about a test or demo account that your app or add-in needs.


    由于我们的团队处于多个时区,因此要求用户仅当我们可以测试时,才配置需要开发人员交互的测试帐户。Because our team is located in multiple time zones, we request that you do not configure test accounts that require developer interaction before we can test.

  3. 完成认证流程后,将会看到一条消息,指明提交内容已获准,或需要进行更改并重新提交。When the certification process is complete, you receive a message to let you know that either your submission is approved, or you need to make changes and resubmit it. 你还可以按照以下步骤在合作伙伴中心中检查提交状态:You can also follow these steps to check the status of your submission in Partner Center:

    • 登录到合作伙伴中心Sign in to Partner Center.
    • 在“产品概述”页面上,提交状态将为以下状态之一:On the Product overview page, the status of your submission will be one of the following:
      • 预处理Pre-processing

      • 认证Certification

      • 已发布Published


        产品通过认证后,发布可能会出现延迟。After your product is certified, there might be a delay before it is published. 认证后,产品通常会在一小时内出现在 Microsoft AppSource 中。After certification, a product typically appears in Microsoft AppSource within one hour.

      • 如果状态为“需要注意”,表明需要更改提交内容以供审批。If the status is Attention needed, your submission needs changes to be approved. 有关所需更改的详细信息,请在“产品概述”页面上选择“查看报告”。For details about the required changes, on the Product overview page, select View report.

如果在提交内容获得认证后进行了更改,它必须再次经历认证流程。If you make changes after your submission is certified, it must go through the certification process again.

如果你对策略、流程或验证要求有常见疑问,可通过 Stack Overflow 与 Microsoft AppSource 验证团队联系。If you have general questions about policies, processes, or validation requirements, you can engage with the Microsoft AppSource validation team via Stack Overflow. 为问题添加“Office-Store”标签。Tag your question with "Office-Store". 请注意,验证团队将无法在 Stack Overflow 上讨论单个提交结果。Please be aware that the validation team will not be able to discuss individual submission results on Stack Overflow.

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