AcDataTransferType 枚举(Access)AcDataTransferType enumeration (Access)

指定要用 TransferDatabaseTransferSpreadsheet 方法执行的转换类型。Specifies the type of transfer that you want to make with the TransferDatabase or TransferSpreadsheet method.

名称Name Value 说明Description
acExportacExport 11 导出数据。The data is exported.
acImportacImport 00 (默认值)导入数据。(Default) The data is imported.
acLinkacLink 双面2 将数据库链接到指定的数据源。The database is linked to the specified data source.


Microsoft Access 项目 (.adp) 不支持 acLink 转换类型。The acLink transfer type is not supported for Microsoft Access projects (.adp).

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