AcTrendlineOptions 枚举 (Access)AcTrendlineOptions enumeration (Access)

指定要为图表系列呈现的趋势线的类型。Specifies the type of trendline to render for a chart series.

名称Name Value 说明Description
acTrendlineExponentialacTrendlineExponential 双面2 复数Exponential
acTrendlineLinearacTrendlineLinear 11 Linear
acTrendlineLogarithmicacTrendlineLogarithmic 第三章3 LLogarithmic
acTrendlineMovingAverageacTrendlineMovingAverage 6 移动平均线Moving Average
acTrendlineNoneacTrendlineNone 00 NoneNone
acTrendlinePolynomialacTrendlinePolynomial 44 PolynomialPolynomial
acTrendlinePoweracTrendlinePower 55 PowerPower

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