ObjectFrame.GridlineWidthTop 属性 (Access)ObjectFrame.GridlineWidthTop property (Access)

获取或设置指定边框的上网格线的宽度。Gets or sets the width of the top gridline for the specified frame. 读/写字节Read/write Byte.


expressionexpression. GridlineWidthTop

_表达式_一个代表ObjectFrame对象的变量。expression A variable that represents an ObjectFrame object.


TopGridlineWidth属性使用下列设置。The TopGridlineWidth property uses the following settings.

设置Setting 说明Description
00 细线。Hairline. 这是系统中可用的最窄边框。This is the narrowest border possible on your system.
1 到 61 to 6 以磅为单位表示的宽度。The width as indicated in points. 默认设置是 1 磅。The default setting is 1 point.

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