Page.Width 属性 (Access)Page.Width property (Access)

获取或设置指定对象的宽度 (以缇为单位)。Gets or sets the width of the specified object in twips. 可读/写 Integer 类型。Read/write Integer.



_表达式_一个代表**Page** 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a Page object.


对于报表控件,在打印或预览报表只能通过使用节的 OnFormat 事件属性设置中指定的事件过程或宏时,可以设置它的 Width 属性。For report controls, you can set the Width property when you print or preview a report only by using a macro or an event procedure specified in a section's OnFormat event property setting.

在打印过程开始后, 不能设置对象的该属性。You can't set this property for an object after the print process has started.

当您创建控件或调整控件的大小, 或者在窗体设计视图或报表设计视图中调整窗口大小时, Microsoft Access 将自动设置Width属性。Microsoft Access automatically sets the Width property when you create or size a control or when you size a window in form Design view or report Design view.

窗体和报表的宽度是从边框的内侧开始测量的。The width of forms and reports is measured from the inside of their borders. 控件的宽度是从边框的中心开始计算的, 以便使用不同边框宽度的控件能正确地对齐。The width of controls is measured from the center of their borders so that controls with different border widths align correctly.

窗体和报表的边距在 "页面设置" 对话框中设置, 可通过在 "文件" 菜单上选择 "页面设置" 来打开。The margins for forms and reports are set in the Page Setup dialog box, available by choosing Page Setup on the File menu.

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