Report.Page 属性 (Access)Report.Page property (Access)

打印报表时, Page属性指定当前页码。The Page property specifies the current page number when a report is being printed. 可读/写 Long 类型。Read/write Long.


expressionexpression. Page

_表达式_一个代表Report对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a Report object.


尽管可以将Page属性设置为一个值,最常使用此属性可返回有关页码的信息。Although you can set the Page property to a value, you most often use this property to return information about page numbers.

此属性仅在打印预览中或打印时才可用。This property is only available in Print Preview or when printing.


下面的示例将更新报表的标题,以显示当用户在报表的页间来回切换时所在的当前位置。The following example updates the report's caption to display the current position in the report as the user pages back and forth in the report.

Private Sub Report_Page()
    Me.Caption = "Now Viewing Page " & Me.Page & " Of " & Me.Pages & " Page(s)"
End Sub

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