IncludeInLayout 属性 (Excel) ChartTitleChartTitle.IncludeInLayout property (Excel)

图表标题将占用图表布局时图表布局空间,如果在确定。True if a chart title will occupy the chart layout space when a chart layout is being determined. 默认值为 TrueThe default value is True. 读/写 BooleanRead/write Boolean.



_表达式_一个代表**ChartTitle** 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a ChartTitle object.


该属性对于图表是否处于自动版式模式没有影响。This property does not affect whether a chart is in autolayout mode or not. 如果用户使用上面的图表命令添加标题, 图表的大小将会变小。If the user adds a title by using the Above Chart command, the chart will resize smaller. 如果用户随后删除标题,或者选择其中一个覆盖标题选项,则图表将变得较大,就好像标题不在图表上那样。If the user then removes the title or selects one of the overlay title options, the chart will resize larger, as if the title were not on the chart.

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