AddAboveAverage 方法 (Excel) FormatConditionsFormatConditions.AddAboveAverage method (Excel)

返回一个新的**AboveAverage** 对象, 该对象代表指定区域的条件格式规则。Returns a new AboveAverage object representing a conditional formatting rule for the specified range.



_表达式_一个代表**FormatConditions** 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a FormatConditions object.

返回值Return value

AboveAverage对象AboveAverage object


AboveAverage 对象用于查找单元格区域中高于或低于平均或标准偏差的值。The AboveAverage object is used to find values above or below an average or standard deviation in a range of cells. 例如, 您可以在年度绩效考核中查找以上平均执行者, 也可以在质量评级中查找低于两个标准偏差的制造材料。For example, you can find the above average performers in an annual performance review, or you can locate manufactured materials that fall below two standard deviations in a quality rating.

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