RefreshOnFileOpen 属性 (Excel)QueryTable.RefreshOnFileOpen property (Excel)

如果每次打开工作簿时,数据透视表高速缓存或查询表自动更新,则为 TrueTrue if the PivotTable cache or query table is automatically updated each time the workbook is opened. 默认值为 FalseThe default value is False. 读取/写入 BooleanRead/write Boolean.



_表达式_一个代表查询表对象**** 的变量。expression A variable that represents a QueryTable object.


在 Visual Basic 中使用工作簿对象的**open** 方法打开工作簿时, 不会自动刷新查询表和数据透视表报表。Query tables and PivotTable reports are not automatically refreshed when you open the workbook by using the Open method of the Workbooks object in Visual Basic. 使用**refresh** 方法可在工作簿打开后刷新数据。Use the Refresh method to refresh the data after the workbook is open.

如果使用用户界面导入数据, 则会将来自 web 查询或文本查询的数据作为一个查询表**** 对象导入, 而将所有其他外部数据作为**ListObject** 对象导入。If you import data by using the user interface, data from a web query or a text query is imported as a QueryTable object, while all other external data is imported as a ListObject object.

如果使用对象模型导入数据, 则必须将来自 web 查询或文本查询的数据作为查询表导入****, 而所有其他外部数据均可作为ListObject或查询表导入。 ****If you import data by using the object model, data from a web query or a text query must be imported as a QueryTable, while all other external data can be imported as either a ListObject or a QueryTable.

您可以使用ListObject的查询表属性来访问RefreshOnFileOpen属性。 You can use the QueryTable property of the ListObject to access the RefreshOnFileOpen property.

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