UserAccess 对象 (Excel)UserAccess object (Excel)

代表对受保护区域的用户访问。Represents the user access for a protected range.


使用**Add** 方法或UserAccessList集合的**Item** 属性可返回一个UserAccess对象。Use the Add method or the Item property of the UserAccessList collection to return a UserAccess object.

返回UserAccess对象后, 您可以使用AllowEdit属性确定是否允许对工作表上的特定区域进行访问。After a UserAccess object is returned, you can determine if access is allowed for a particular range on a worksheet by using the AllowEdit property.

下面的示例添加可在受保护的工作表上编辑的区域, 并将该范围的标题通知给用户。The following example adds a range that can be edited on a protected worksheet and notifies the user of the title of that range.

Sub UseAllowEditRanges() 
 Dim wksSheet As Worksheet 
 Set wksSheet = Application.ActiveSheet 
 ' Add a range that can be edited on the protected worksheet. 
 wksSheet.Protection.AllowEditRanges.Add "Test", Range("A1") 
 ' Notify the user the title of the range that can be edited. 
 MsgBox wksSheet.Protection.AllowEditRanges(1).Title 
End Sub



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