XlAutoFilterOperator 枚举 (Excel)XlAutoFilterOperator enumeration (Excel)

指定用于关联两个筛选条件的操作符。Specifies the operator to use to associate two criteria applied by a filter.

名称Name Value 说明Description
xlAndxlAnd 11 Criteria1 和 Criteria2 的逻辑与Logical AND of Criteria1 and Criteria2
xlBottom10ItemsxlBottom10Items 44 显示最低值项 (在 Criteria1 中指定的项目数)Lowest-valued items displayed (number of items specified in Criteria1)
xlBottom10PercentxlBottom10Percent 6 显示最低值项 (在 Criteria1 中指定的百分比)Lowest-valued items displayed (percentage specified in Criteria1)
xlFilterCellColorxlFilterCellColor utf-88 单元格颜色Color of the cell
xlFilterDynamicxlFilterDynamic 11 11 动态筛选Dynamic filter
xlFilterFontColorxlFilterFontColor 9 字体颜色Color of the font
xlFilterIconxlFilterIcon 10 10 筛选图标Filter icon
xlFilterValuesxlFilterValues 7 筛选值Filter values
xlOrxlOr 双面2 Criteria1 或 Criteria2 的逻辑或Logical OR of Criteria1 or Criteria2
xlTop10ItemsxlTop10Items 第三章3 显示最高值项 (在 Criteria1 中指定的项目数)Highest-valued items displayed (number of items specified in Criteria1)
xlTop10PercentxlTop10Percent 55 显示最高值项 (Criteria1 中指定的百分比)Highest-valued items displayed (percentage specified in Criteria1)

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