CustomTaskPane 事件 (Office)CustomTaskPane.DockPositionStateChange event (Office)

该事件发生在用户更改活动自定义任务窗格的停靠位置时。Occurs when the user changes the docking position of the active custom task pane.


表达式DockPositionStateChange(CustomTaskPaneInst)expression.DockPositionStateChange (CustomTaskPaneInst)

_表达式_一个返回**CustomTaskPane** 对象的表达式。expression An expression that returns a CustomTaskPane object.


名称Name 必需/可选Required/Optional 数据类型Data type 说明Description
CustomTaskPaneInstCustomTaskPaneInst 必需Required ObjectObject 活动自定义任务窗格。The active custom task pane.


以下用 c # 编写的示例创建一个自定义任务窗格, 并添加一个在另一个项目中创建的 Microsoft ActiveX 按钮控件。The following example, written in C#, creates a custom task pane and adds a Microsoft ActiveX button control that was created in another project. 然后,将定义一个类型为 _CustomTaskPaneEvents_DockPositionStateChangeEventHandlerDockPositionStateChange 事件。A DockPositionStateChange event of type _CustomTaskPaneEvents_DockPositionStateChangeEventHandler is then defined. 该事件被触发时,将显示一个消息框,告知用户固定的任务窗格已移动。When the event is triggered, a message box is displayed telling the user that the docked task pane has been moved.

object missing = Type.Missing; 
public CustomTaskPane CTP = null; 
public void CTPFactoryAvailable(ICTPFactory CTPFactoryInst) 
 CTP = CTPFactoryInst.CreateCTP("SampleActiveX.myControl", "Task Pane Example", missing); 
 sampleAX = (myControl)CTP.ContentControl; 
 sampleAX.InsertTextClicked += new InsertTextEventHandler(sampleAX_InsertTextClicked); 
 CTP.Visible = true; 
 CTP.DockPositionStateChange += new _CustomTaskPaneEvents_DockPositionStateChangeEventHandler(CTP_DockPositionStateChange); 
private void CTP_DockPositionStateChange(object sender, string dockpositionArgs) 
 Console.WriteLine("The custom task pane was moved"); 


您可以创建任何支持 COM 的语言的自定义任务窗格, 并允许您创建动态链接库 (DLL) 文件;例如, Microsoft visual basic 6.0、visual basic .net、visual c + +、visual c + + .net 和 visual c #。You can create custom task panes in any language that supports COM and allows you to create dynamic-linked library (DLL) files; for example, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++, Visual C++ .NET, and Visual C#. 但是,Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 不支持创建自定义任务窗格。However, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) does not support creating custom task panes.

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