MsoCalloutAngleType 枚举 (Office)MsoCalloutAngleType enumeration (Office)

指定标注线与标注文本边框的夹角大小。Specifies the size of the angle between the callout line and the side of the callout text box.

NameName Value 说明Description
msoCalloutAngle30msoCalloutAngle30 2 2 30度角30° angle
msoCalloutAngle45msoCalloutAngle45 3 3 45°角45° angle
msoCalloutAngle60msoCalloutAngle60 4 4 60°角60° angle
msoCalloutAngle90msoCalloutAngle90 5 5 90°角90° angle
msoCalloutAngleAutomaticmsoCalloutAngleAutomatic 11 默认角度。Default angle. 在拖动对象时角度会发生更改。Angle can be changed as you drag the object.
msoCalloutAngleMixedmsoCalloutAngleMixed -2-2 只返回值,表示其他状态的组合。Return value only; indicates a combination of the other states.

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