PickerProperties 对象 (Office)PickerProperties object (Office)

PickerProperty 对象的集合。A collection of PickerProperty objects.


每个PickerProperty对象都是一个名称 (ID)/Value 对, 用于将选项值传递给**PickerDialog** 对象。Each PickerProperty object is a Name(ID)/Value pair for passing option values to a PickerDialog object. 您可以通过PickerDialog对象的Properties属性获取PickerProperties集合对象。You can get a PickerProperties collection object through the Properties property of the PickerDialog object.


下面的代码设置PickerDialog属性, 然后显示PickerDialogThe following code sets the PickerDialog properties and then displays the PickerDialog.

Dim objPickerDialog As PickerDialog 
Dim objPickerProperties As PickerProperties 
Dim objPickerProperty As PickerProperty 
Dim objPickerExistingResults As PickerResults 
Dim objPickerExistingResult As PickerResult 
Dim objPickerResults As PickerResults 
' Configure the Picker Dialog properties. 
Set objPickerDialog = Application.PickerDialog 
objPickerDialog.DataHandlerId = "{000CDF0A-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}" 
objPickerDialog.Title = "Sample Picker Dialog" 
Set objPickerProperties = objPickerDialog.Properties 
Set objPickerProperty = objPickerProperties.Add("SiteUrl", "https://my", msoPickerFieldtypeText) 
Set objPickerExistingResults = objPickerDialog.CreatePickerResults 
Set objPickerExistingResult = objPickerExistingResults.Add("johndoe@contoso.com", "John Doe", "User") 
' Show the Picker Dialog and get the results. 
Set objPickerResults = objPickerDialog.Show(True, objPickerExistingResult)

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