ContactItem 属性 (Outlook)ContactItem.AutoResolvedWinner property (Outlook)

返回一个Boolean类型的值, 确定该项目是否为自动冲突解决入选方。Returns a Boolean that determines if the item is a winner of an automatic conflict resolution. 此为只读属性。Read-only.


expressionexpression. AutoResolvedWinner

_表达式_一个代表ContactItem对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a ContactItem object.


False值不一定表示项目是自动冲突解决的落选方。A value of False does not necessarily indicate that the item is a loser of an automatic conflict resolution. 该项目可能与另一个项冲突。The item could be in conflict with another item.

如果某个项目有**冲突。** ContactItem 属性大于零且其AutoResolvedWinner属性为True时, 这是自动冲突解决的入选方。If an item has Conflicts.Count of its ContactItem.Conflicts property greater than zero and if its AutoResolvedWinner property is True, it is a winner of an automatic conflict resolution. 另一方面,如果该项处于冲突和 AutoResolvedWinner 属性为 False ,则自动冲突解决的落选方。On the other hand, if the item is in conflict and has its AutoResolvedWinner property as False, it is a loser in an automatic conflict resolution.

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