ContactItem 事件(Outlook)ContactItem.CustomPropertyChange event (Outlook)

当项目(父对象的一个实例)的自定义属性更改时发生。Occurs when a custom property of an item (which is an instance of the parent object) is changed.


expressionexpression. CustomPropertyChange( _Name_ )CustomPropertyChange( _Name_ )

_表达式_一个代表ContactItem对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a ContactItem object.


名称Name 必需/可选Required/Optional 数据类型Data type 说明Description
NameName 必需Required StringString 被更改的自定义属性的名称。The name of the custom property that was changed.


属性名传递给过程,以便于用户确定哪个自定义属性被更改。The property name is passed to the procedure so that you can determine which custom property changed.


此 Microsoft Visual Basic 脚本版本(VBScript)示例使用CustomPropertyChange事件在将Boolean字段设置为True时启用控件。This Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) example uses the CustomPropertyChange event to enable a control when a Boolean field is set to True.

此示例中,窗体第二页上创建两个自定义字段。For this example, create two custom fields on the second page of a form. 第一个 布尔型 字段,被命名为"RespondBy"。The first, a Boolean field, is named "RespondBy". 第二个字段的名称为"DateToRespond"。The second field is named "DateToRespond".

Sub Item_CustomPropertyChange(ByVal myPropName) 
 Select Case myPropName 
 Case "RespondBy" 
 Set myPages = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages 
 Set myCtrl = myPages("P.2").Controls("DateToRespond") 
 If Item.UserProperties("RespondBy").Value Then 
 myCtrl.Enabled = True 
 myCtrl.Backcolor = 65535 'Yellow 
 myCtrl.Enabled = False 
 myCtrl.Backcolor = 0 'Black 
 End If 
 Case Else 
 End Select 
End Sub

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