ContactItem 属性 (Outlook)ContactItem.Mileage property (Outlook)

返回或设置一个字符串, 表示项目的里程。Returns or sets a String representing the mileage for an item. 读/写。Read/write.


expressionexpression. Mileage

_表达式_一个代表ContactItem对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a ContactItem object.


这是自由格式的字符串字段,可用于存储与项目的经费报销相关的里程信息(例如,里程为 100 英里的约会、联系人或任务)。This is a free-form string field and can be used to store mileage information associated with the item (for example, 100 miles documented for an appointment, contact, or task) for purposes of reimbursement.

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