ContactItem 方法 (Outlook)ContactItem.ShowCheckAddressDialog method (Outlook)

显示 "检查地址" 对话框以验证联系人的地址详细信息。Displays the Check Address dialog box to verify address details of the contact.

版本信息Version information

添加的版本: Outlook 2013Version Added: Outlook 2013


expressionexpression. ShowCheckAddressDialogMailingAddressShowCheckAddressDialog(MailingAddress)

_表达式_一个代表ContactItem对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a ContactItem object.


名称Name 必需/可选Required/Optional 数据类型Data type 说明Description
MailingAddressMailingAddress 必需Required OlMailingAddressOlMailingAddress 要检查的地址类型。The type of address to be checked.

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